Creating a beautiful and engaging website is one thing. But website advertising and making your content’s existence known to the world is a totally different animal you must face. For your brand to build its online presence, your website has to stand out and be seen. Attract potential customers and advertise website content with these cost-effective tips.


1. Search engine optimization

You implement an SEO strategy as soon as you start building your website. Creating the content, planning the navigation, selecting a template and website design - these contribute to search engine optimization. As a website advertising strategy, it is mainly focused on ensuring that your website is hitting the right ranking signals important for appearing highly in relevant searches.

Strikingly lets you implement website advertising free of charge through its integrated SEO tool. Edit your website’s metadata, create an optimized website domain and website title, and add alt tags on your images to help improve your site’s search engine results placement. To get started, select a few target keywords and keyphrases that your audience normally use to find your site. Use these keywords all over your content to increase its topic relevance. The more relevant search engines think your website content is, the higher you rank in search results lists.

2. Email marketing


Newsletters are free website advertising tools that you can also use to promote your page. This method is the best way to communicate to current customers and for finding new ones. Collect email addresses by encouraging web visitors to subscribe to your newsletters for promotions, discounts and other updates.

3. Blogging

Blogging is another effective tool on how to advertise your website. By creating information-rich content, you are building your brand as an authority in your industry. Add the Simple Blog section to your Strikingly website to start building content. You can also look towards similar websites or industry-related websites and pitch your blog topics for guest submissions. It’s the best way to get your name out there, target people actively looking for information on your product and direct them to your website. Make sure to provide insightful advice and content - something that your readers will be able to benefit from. Think of your target audience and the kind of challenges that they have related to your product or niche. Answer their questions and write your articles in a tone that addresses them directly. It would also help if this content is also optimized for search engines to improve your online visibility.

4. Social media

Sharing content on social media and participating in online discussions is another way to advertise my website to millions. Leverage on the millions of users that social networks have and share links to your content on your social media pages. It wouldn’t cost you anything to create a business account for advertising sites. Look beyond Facebook although a page on this platform is highly recommended. Check out other social networks and experiment with content sharing for these platforms to implement web site advertisement.

Add links to your social media pages to your website. You can even add a social stream so that your site gets the same updates as your social pages. Participate in discussions on Facebook groups that are related to your product. Aside from forums, these are the best places to advertise my site, talk directly to your target market and understand what types of concerns they might have about your product. Create shareable content on your website and make it a point to cross post to social networks to encourage people to visit your site. This is another effective way on how to advertise your website for free.