Get More Email Subscribers
This post will give you some effective ways to get more email subscribers this year. The strategies in this post have helped thousands of businessmen and marketers grow their email lists exponentially, as the world has taken a drastic shift towards digital marketing.

So if you are looking for tips on getting more email subscribers, make sure you read this post until the end.

8 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

Here are eight methods or strategies on how to get more email subscribers in this highly competitive and digitized world.

1. Create Awesome Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are an incredibly effective means to get more email subscribers. The purpose of creating a lead magnet is to give the audience a real and tangible reason to sign up for your newsletter or emails. The key here is to avoid using lead magnets that are too generic. People have already become used to receiving certain built-in types of marketing emails and avoid opening them because they get annoyed. If you can create creative and appealing lead magnets, which can genuinely attract the audience to your offers, you will be able to get more email subscribers than ever before.

The way to build a good lead magnet is to offer something closely related to the content your visitor is viewing. People do not want to be reading an article on one topic and suddenly being offered a free ebook download in a totally different niche. If you're going to provide value to attract a crowd, you need to see things from their perspective and offer them more content on their research subjects.

web page offering free download of the company's brochure

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For example, in an article about enhancing your search engine rankings, you can insert a link or subscription form to offer the readers to download a free SEO checklist ebook. Since this will be directly related to what they already read, they are more likely to fall for this lead magnet. As a result, you will get more email subscribers.

2. Pitch Your Newsletters on Social Media Sites

Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful means of marketing and promoting your brand or business. It is also a great channel to get more email subscribers. You first need to figure out which social media platform is the most relevant to the products or services that you offer. Then create an account or business page on that platform. Start promoting your offers and giving brand updates there.

Once you can build a crowd or followership on your page, you can start pitching your newsletter there to get more email subscribers. The catch here is that you cannot just show the link to your newsletter and leave it there. You will have to specifically ask the audience to sign up for your newsletter. This might come across as a bit spammy to some. Thus it is important to do this strategically.

One way of making this work is to ask people to sign up to your email list after providing great value in your post. For example, you can give them a glimpse of your last month’s newsletter in the post and then link your subscription form at the end of the post. If people like what they see in the newsletter content that you share, there’s a high chance they will sign up for it. This is how to get more email subscribers from social media.

3. Use Exit Intent Popups

Using exit intent popups to get more email subscribers is a relatively new technique that can literally get you thousands of new people opting for your newsletter. These pop-ups are usually huge and take up the entire screen on the site visitor’s screen. They show up on the user’s screen right before leaving your website. Yet, marketers receive very few complaints about these.

a subscription form at the end of a web page

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In fact, if you add a pop-up to your website that opens when someone just visits your site, it might annoy your site visitors. They might feel like you are blocking them from seeing your homepage for a few seconds when they open your site’s URL. But if you add a pop-up just before they leave your site, they will pretty much be done viewing everything that they want to view on your site by that time. They are thus more likely to sign up at this point to get more email subscribers.

Since exit intent popups do not bug anyone reading something, they are among the most effective ways to get more email subscribers. What you pitch in these pop-ups depends on the content on your website. Your offer should be relevant to what you are promoting, and what the visitors came to your site for. For instance, if your website is a blog, you might want to offer a free case study or tutorial video on the subject matter that you write about in your blog posts.

4. Add Gated Content

This is among the most creative ways to get more email subscribers. Gated content refers to exclusive content only accessible to your email subscribers. If you have a crowd of people who visit your blog regularly, you can hide some of your blog posts or content behind a gate, meaning lock it for all your blog visitors unless they subscribe to your list.

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Gated content could include an exclusive interview, a newly released video, a detailed research report, a checklist on a commonly discussed topic, or anything else that would entice your audience to sign up. This is one of the most effective ways to get more email subscribers for a blog. Once you get more email subscribers for your blog, you can use the email list to market any other paid products or services that you offer through your content.

5. Create a Dedicated Page for Newsletter Sign Up

If you are one of those who are willing to take an extra step to get more email subscribers, you can create a dedicated newsletter sign-up page for your audience. There are tons of open-source tools and platforms available that provide ready-to-use templates to serve this purpose.

If your website is built on a user-friendly website builder, such as Strikingly, it is just a matter of a few minutes to create an extra page dedicated to this goal. The editor of Strikingly provides a drag and drop interface, whereby you can add and upload content without writing any code. You can also rearrange your content elements and customize the page layout that comes with your selected website template.

Try to make the page as attractive as possible, with catchy headlines and enticing statements. Give your audience a strong incentive to sign up. Putting in this effort will allow you to successfully get more email subscribers than you can get through any form inserted in your site’s footer or appearing as a pop-up on one of your pages.

web page offering the audience to sign up for lessons for baseball and softball players

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6. Split Test the Landing Page

If you are up for adopting more effective ways to get more email subscribers, create two dedicated pages for newsletter signup instead of one. You can then run split testing to see which pages can get more email subscribers within a specified period than the other. This is a technique used by professional marketers to test the effectiveness of almost all digital marketing strategies.

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Split testing is not so difficult when you do not have to pay extra for creating an extra page on your site. You can use two different templates for the two pages and write slightly differing headlines and body content. Even though the incentive you offer for signing up can be the same on both pages, your site visitors will perceive both types of content differently. The page that can get more email subscribers to your list will be the more effective and should be maintained.

7. Use Social Proof

Using social proof is a superb strategy for all types of marketing. Whether your goal is to get more email subscribers, generate more leads, or increase online sales, you can use social proof in several ways to get your audience’s attention.

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You can use social proof to highlight how many email subscribers and followers you already have. Secondly, you can highlight specific brands or individuals that have joined your list. Having popular brands or big companies in your existing subscriber list can help you influence more and more people to sign up. This will help you get more email subscribers and enhance your brand image and loyalty.

8. Build on Website on a Trustworthy Platform

You need to know how to get more email subscribers, sustain them and retain their interest in your brand. This is why your brand website must be functioning properly and smoothly at all times. After all, when your subscribers open your newsletters, they will come to your website if they like what they read. Whether you are selling products through your site or simply promoting them on your landing page, your website needs to be updated and easy to navigate at all times. This will help you generate leads and sales through your email list.

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