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It is very much likely that you have opened your email account and checked some of your inbox messages. When creating a professional email address for your online business, checking all these email updates becomes more critical. If you increase email engagement for your business, you will get a better chance to reach out to new customers and prospects.

Email marketing is a better and improved tactic to focus on rather than the outdated search marketing methods. There is a huge chance that when you send emails to your recipients, they will definitely have a look. If the customers don’t go through the email entirely, they will look at the email notification. After reading your email, the actions they take depend on how you interact and engage with them.

Best Strategies for Engagements via Email

Emails are crucial for business and professional purposes. We refer to professional email addresses if we talk about an online business. Even if you are a freelancer, your portfolio platform must have a professional email address displayed on it. We have shared an overview of the best strategies below to increase customer engagement via emails.

1. Subject Line

Around 33% of the recipients only engage with a particular email through its subject line. This shows that creating an effective subject line is one of the biggest email engagement tips that you can think of. To be a successful businessman, you should always think like a customer. In this regard, you must consider the subject lines that would make you open an email straight away. The best subject lines could be a question, a hype, or a quote relating to a sense of urgency. Make sure that your subject line is short and has lower case letters.

2. Social Sharing Options

Involving social sharing buttons in your strategy is one of the best ways to increase email engagement. It is said that by including the social sharing options, your clickthrough rate increases by 158%. Even if your subscribers aren’t interested in your email, they tend to share it with their friends, relatives, or somebody they think would be interested in it.

It is critical for your brand management strategies as your social sharing buttons will let people follow your brand and get to know it deeply. If required, you can also send email campaigns to maximize its reach. Strikingly is a valuable website builder for such brand management strategies. We always believe in maximizing your post’s reach and benefits, which is why we utilize the most innovative strategies regarding its promotion.

3. Segmentation

Segmenting emails is one of the best ways to increase email engagement. This strategy can eradicate all unnecessary or malicious emails and improve your engagement rates. Once you create unique groups based on demographics, engagement, and behavior, it will further improve the brand image of your business.

The marketers who segment their list enjoy more revenue and transactions. Once you have done the segmentation, you will consider the kind of content that your contacts are out for. You can speak directly to the recipient to understand their needs.

4. No Interferences

When you send an email, you must also know its objective. It is not just about the recipient acquiring everything from the sender to improve the email engagement status. The sender also wants some of their demands to be fulfilled. For example, if the objective is to make money on Instagram, your goal must revolve around it. Apart from that, call-to-action (CTA) must be easy to recognize. A simple call-out box, such as a colored box with a link, can improve your engagement rates. Similarly, high-contrast buttons and high-quality images will also improve your online reputation.

5. Best Frequency and Timing

One of the best email engagement tips is when the recipients will open your email. You can do that by keeping track of all of their previous openings. Once you track their openings, you can segment them before applying geographical location data. By adopting this strategy and getting notified about your audience’s behavior, you can identify your openings’ best frequency and timing. For example, if you are sending emails to business-minded people, you must send them during regular working hours. If they are sent during any informal time, the businessman will likely ignore it. This can also be regarded as one of the crucial aspects of brand monitoring.

6. Different Types of Emails

If you have heard the phrase “square pegs in round holes”, you would know exactly where we’re going with this strategy. One kind of email does not tick all the boxes for email engagement best practices. When you create a custom email address, you can mix up the type of emails that you want to deliver. Firstly, you can create a welcome email to send good vibes to your email subscriber. If you give gifts or coupons to your email subscribers, it increases their engagement with your brand.

Secondly, you can also use trigger-based emails to give a big boost to your engagement rates. Trigger messages are not sent manually, as they get delivered on important or timely events in association with the subscriber’s actions. A trigger-based message can also be a welcome email, but it can also remind a new product entering the market. Whatever the reason is behind the trigger email, it makes the customer feel valued.

7. Check Results

Once you have done everything regarding your email engagements, it is vital to analyze your results. For any marketing strategy that you implement, it is essential to consider whether your hard work has paid off or not. To check the results, you can look into the email metrics, which will help you determine the impact of communications and use them to improve efficiency. In the email metrics, you can visualize the following data:

  • Messages sent
  • Messages received
  • Hard/Soft bounces
  • Open rate
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Subscription rate

So let’s look into the aspects that the email metrics provide us. Apart from the number of sent messages and hard/soft bounces, they tell whether our list is healthy and the way in our email delivery management is performing.

Create and Send Emails on Strikingly

Creating personalized email addresses on Strikingly will take your campaign to a whole new level. For creating an email address, you need to get a custom domain from Strikingly. Once you have registered your domain, you can log into your account and follow the steps below.

  1. Move to the dashboard.

my email accounts

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Click on “Emails” and click on the button “Add Email Account”.
  2. Fill in all the required information that comes on your display. In the “email address” portion, only letters, numbers, hyphens, and periods are accepted. You can use any other special character in this portion.

strikingly email details

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Once you click on “Purchase Email Account”, your billing process will automatically start.
  2. Initially, your email will have a pending status until the system creates your email address completely.
  3. After a little while, the email building will be completed, and the login details will be delivered to your email address.
  4. In the registration process, fill the details (login, email, and password) to complete your process.

By sending emails, you will have the chance to increase email engagement on your platform. This feature is only associated with the VIP and Audience Plans. If you tend to use neither of those plans, you can send up to 100 emails per month as a trial policy of the Newsletter system. To send emails via Strikingly, make sure that you go through the following steps:

send emails to audience

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Head over to the contact name to whom you want to send an email
  2. Once you click on it, the pop-up window will share your message history with that contact. You can type the message below the history portion.

strikingly recipient details

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Once you have written your message, you can click on “Send via Email”


Nowadays, emails are making huge strides from desktops to mobile phones. Therefore, it has become more of a personal communication channel. It also means that you have to optimize your email designs as per the requirement of the mobile screens. If the mobile users see the text overlapping or your design not coming completely on the screen, it can create a bad reputation for your brand.

email important tool

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Even though a selected portion of experts does not even include it in their marketing plan, you must never forget what is email engagement. Strikingly will help you maintain the standards of your online business professionally through email marketing. Get to know about your clients and hear their opinion.