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Unsubscribers will always be an issue, no matter how fantastic your marketing emails are. This is not something to take personally. Remember that pleasing everyone is impossible. If you observe a spike in the amount of people unsubscribing, this could suggest an issue with your email marketing plan. To be effective, you must increase email opt-ins and also retain email subscribers. If your main goal is to increase your subscriber base without a plan to keep them as interested readers in the long run, you're doing the equivalent of attempting to carry water in a leaky bucket. No matter how much water you try to pour in, the volume will continue to decrease.

This essay will highlight the different ways to retain email subscribers.

What is the Point of Email Marketing?

retain email subscribers

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Before we go into how to keep and retain email subscribers, let's talk about why we're bothering in the first place.

  • Because email marketing is extremely effective for customer retention, upselling, and any other type of communication that relies on current contacts, interested parties, and prior customers.
  • As any salesperson knows, selling to an existing customer is substantially easier and significantly less expensive than acquiring a new customer.
  • Email inboxes and social media news feeds aren't the same things. At the absolute least, everyone who has opted into your email marketing will receive your targeted emails. You rely on the platforms' engagement algorithms to get it to your followers' news feeds on social media.

This is why email marketing is still relevant and valuable. For example, if you have a special or offer, sending it directly to a former consumer who spent money on similar things will be significantly more beneficial than, say, popping up an ad. Email is also a terrific approach to keep loyal customers up to date on your company's progress.

Why do People choose to Unsubscribe?

retain email subscribers

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Finding out why people depart is one of the questions you must answer to reduce your desertion rate. It is difficult to retain email subscribers that can guarantee your success. People unsubscribe from your newsletter or email list for a variety of reasons. Some of the more prevalent explanations to gain email subscribers are as follows.

  1. Too many emails– Receiving too many emails is one of the most common reasons individuals cancel their email membership. The emails they receive may appear excessively sales-oriented, or they may simply be sent too frequently. If you receive unsubscribe notices, you should pay close attention to why the person abandoned your list if they provide you with this information. This will provide you with a lot of information on why so many people unsubscribe from your list.
  2. Disinterest in your brand– If consumers are unsubscribing from your email list, it could indicate a general disinterest in your brand. If this occurs, it is conceivable that they have simply lost interest in what you are offering. People that buy only one product from you but do not connect with your brand may fall into this category.
  3. Poor product experience– Some consumers who unsubscribe from your email marketing list may have had a negative experience with your items. If this is the case, you may need to put some measures to improve your customer service or develop an operating plan that will satisfy customers after a sale.
  4. Cleaning out your email box– Some people delete or unsubscribe from email lists simply to purge the clutter from their inbox. If people unsubscribe from your newsletter, it suggests they didn't think it was significant enough to keep sending emails. As a result, to retain email subscribers, you must devise strategies for improving the perceived worth of your content.
  5. Failure to connect with your brand– If customers do not connect with your brand, they may unsubscribe from your email newsletter due to a lack of interest. People loyal to a brand will continue to subscribe to your email because they are interested in what you will do in the future. To keep these customers, you must continue to provide them with something of value that goes beyond a single sale.

How to Retain Email Subscribers?

Follow along and start implementing these next few suggestions for long-term engagement with your subscribers to keep your readers interested.

1. Ensure that Your Emails are Relevant

These days, consumers are inundated with email. Consider this: according to a recent DMR survey, the average office worker receives 121 emails each day, and the desktop click-to-open rate for marketing emails in the US is only 18%. However, when done correctly, the effects are spectacular. According to Campaign Monitor, email generates $44 for every $1 spent. Your success rate makes a difference in giving relevant material based on your subscribers’ interests and specifics when they joined.

2. Identify the Inactive Ones

Before we can do anything to retain email subscribers, we must define what constitutes an inactive lead on our list. Inactives are defined by most marketers as anyone who has not reacted, opened, clicked, or acted on any email received in the last 6-12 months.

This is a major issue in email marketing because the average list has an inactive rate of roughly 60%. This suggests that out of a list of 10,000, only 4,000 are actual subscribers reading the posts.

Given the amount of effort online marketers spend creating their lists, having 60% of the list not reply after signing up is a significant loss in engagement and income.

3. Pare Down Your Email List

Carol Tice of the Freelance Writers Den is an exceptional email marketer. She sends out amazing emails regularly as a member of her Den. However, not all of her subscribers are as enthusiastic about her show. That implies she's squandering money and resources on people who'll never convert. Those who do not participate are removed from her list. These statistics conceal a critical component in re-engaging dormant leads. You will not be able to re-capture all of your prospects, which is a good thing. Those that do not answer are not worth your time and effort. Instead, the bank can now concentrate on the 10% who care.

4. Reestablish the Friendship

For his internet marketing business, Sotiris Bassakaropoulos follows a similar concept to Dean DeLisle. He is continuously re-engaging different lists because he has multiple lists for different firms.

What he did was to retain email subscribers with World Internet School, his new website. He re-engaged three lists with 4,000, 3,000, and 3,700 subscribers, respectively. On average, Bassakaropoulos has 20-30 people attend the webinar, and 100 people watch it during the next three days, with a 5% conversion rate for the products and/or services he pitches.

5. Incorporate Calls to Action

retain email subscribers

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There are several strategies you can use here to retain email subscribers. You can send emails that allow them to adjust their email choices or require them to click a link to continue receiving emails. It's always crucial to have a call to action in your emails, but it's more vital in re-engagement emails since you want to ensure that you can distinguish between those who are still interested and those who have checked out."

6. Provide Subscribers with Options

"Give them two choices. One alternative is to avoid missing out on breaking news given to people's email inboxes every day. The second is for technology reviews and new products that hit the market. The majority of the clicks came from that section of the email."

7. Use Facebook Custom Audiences to Your Advantage

You may upload your whole list to Facebook and have a campaign directly targeted to your email list using the new Facebook custom ad structure in the Ads Editor. This is an excellent approach to retain email subscribers that is on Facebook but not on your list.

8. Slow Down

As email marketers, we may sometimes assault email so hard, with so much material, that customers become numb, like deer in the forest being stalked by a tiger. They freeze and do not respond to your advertisements because they are afraid of getting picked up. If this is the case, you may want to slow down on email.

9. Request that Customers Update their Email Addresses

retain email address

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"Requesting that clients update their email addresses can result in unanticipated levels of engagement."This strategy allows the client to input a new email address if hers has changed, tweak her email settings, and sign up for mobile or social media updates if that's how she likes to interact."

10. If a Subscriber Opts Out, Offer to Adjust the Frequency

Your subscriber will eventually tire of your emails. Make it simple for her to unsubscribe, but when she gets to your unsubscribe page, give her the option to adjust the frequency from weekly to monthly. Offer her the option of subscribing to a more "select" or segmented newsletter. Give people one last chance to stay involved.


Unfortunately, most of the email marketers did not even have a strategy to retain email subscribers in place. Because most subscribers are interested in how your services will benefit them, the basic procedures outlined above can significantly impact your organization. They merely need to be reminded of your company's existence regularly. Take advantage of that chance by sending them an email, requesting them to complete a survey, or offering a free webinar so they can reconnect with your company. Find out what they are interested in, and then supply the resources they require to assist them.

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