Writing Blogs

If you write blogs in today’s day and age, you evolve with the world. Writing blogs is classified as one of the most common ways of communicating through the internet today. Even though blogging has been introduced for quite a long time now, it started getting the spotlight in the past few years. People worldwide use blogs to let the world know about their experiences and views. Regardless of your age and occupation, starting a blog has become quite common.

No matter what you are from or what experience you have, you are completely eligible to start a blog in today’s day and age. If you are unaware of blogging, you miss out on a huge opportunity. Having your blog can create a pathway to achieve so many goals that would prove difficult otherwise. Many businesses have started using blogs to promote their brand and services. When a company has a blog, it is seen as authoritative in this field.

What is a Blog?

Regardless of whether you are a businessman or want to achieve a personal milestone, you must have an idea about the best writing blogs. A blog is a source of personal information, experiences, and opinions. Blog posts across many personal websites are in reverse chronological order. When you head over to the blog section, you will see that the newest ones appear at the top, whereas the oldest ones appear at the bottom.

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Strikingly gives you the authority to add blogs to your website. Regardless of what website you have, you can include a blogging section as part of your website. In that, you can add your blogs simultaneously. In the blogging section, it isn’t just about the number of blogs you publish. It is also about making sure that your blogs are relevant to your niche idea. For example, you can establish an esports website and talk about its household products. You must also have a certain blogging structure to ensure visitors enjoy reading your blogs. You can create paragraphs, include headings, and add videos and images to make your blog ideal.

Basics of Blogging

1. Attractive Titles and Subheadings

If you look at the creative writing blogs on Strikingly, all of them have one thing in common i.e. attractive titles and subheadings. If you are a beginner, you must understand the importance of blog titles. If you have mundane titles as part of your blog section, you are doing no favors to your conversion rate. For example, if you are writing a blog about the best strategies for writing a blog, you cannot have a title like “Best Blog Strategies”.

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A title of three words will create a bad reputation for your blog within the visitors’ eyes even if they haven’t read a single word. The best titles are those based on a question. For example, if we talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, a title such as “Which sectors suffered the most in the COVID-19 pandemic?”, can be ideal. This will catch the attention of your visitors straight away. They can think about some of the answers themselves before going into your blog. Similarly, make sure that you add subheadings consistently so that the readers know what to expect from every section of your blog.

2. Meta-Descriptions

If you look at the top writing blogs, you will understand that meta-descriptions also carry a lot of importance. For those who don’t know, meta-descriptions are the small snippets of your blog posts. Google shows them to the visitors before they click on your blog post. This part is very important because if the visitors do not find your meta-descriptions valuable, it is likely that they won’t consider your blog. Many bloggers neglect the importance of meta-descriptions, but it makes a larger impact than what you may assume. Therefore, you must have done your homework while writing an effective meta-description for your blog.

3. Regular Posts

At the end of the day, it is all about writing blogs consistently. The more you write blogs, the more you give your chance not just to get recognized by a wider audience but also by the Google search engine. Many blog writers tend to include blogs on their websites daily. If you look at the Strikingly websites, you will see that many of the written blogs aren’t that old. Some people even write and publish more than one article per day.

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It is not just about writing as many articles as possible. It is also about writing quality blogs. You don't need to publish three blogs daily and live in this imaginary world where you will surely get recognized by the audience. If your content isn’t articulate or interesting, you won’t get people to recognize your hard work. More importantly, you must ensure that your content isn’t plagiarized, further damaging your credibility.

Write Blogs on Strikingly

1. Blogging Platform

If you want to consider a platform that is a strong advocate of blogs, it is Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that supports the usage of blogging to convey a message. If you look at many of the established websites on Strikingly, you will realize that we have given users the authority to write their blogs and writing blogs for authors. Many personal websites have a blogging section, which allows the user to showcase his/her experience in the specified niche.

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The best part is that we don’t create any problems for our users while building a blogging website. You can create the web designs on Strikingly without writing a single line of code. You need to customize one of the website templates that we have provided in our collection. Our website templates are user-friendly and easy to use, allowing visitors to access them across any portable device.

2. Blog Niche Idea

After choosing Strikingly or any top-class platform for writing blogs, make sure that you start your preparation. When you write blogs, the blog idea is the first and most important thing to consider. When we talk about the blog idea, you shouldn’t just choose the idea related to your liking. You should also think as part of the audience. The audience always likes that website content that is about a recent happening. For example, if you talk about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, people will be interested in reading about it.

3. Improve Readability

As discussed before, you cannot expect to attract a wide range of audiences if your written content isn’t attractive. If you consider the best writing blogs on Strikingly, you will understand that most people strive to improve the readability of their content. They try to implement the best search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure that their blog section gets recognized by Google and other search engines.

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Users tend to create a structure for paragraphs, allowing readers to understand what they will get from each of those paragraphs. They include subheadings for each of those paragraphs to make life easy for the readers. Strikingly provides its users with an SEO checklist, which helps implement SEO strategies. Users can look into the main aspects of the blog section, such as the title tag, subheadings, and meta-descriptions.

4. Promotion

If you want to promote your website content, you must implement the best and latest SEO strategies. For those who don’t know, SEO is a technique that enables the users to get their website or web pages in the high rankings of Google. If Google recognizes your blogging section, you have no better feeling than that as a blogger. If you consider the top writing blogs globally, all of them strive to implement innovative SEO strategies on their blogging site.

When you write a blog post, it is important to have a formal language. However, don’t become extremely formal i.e. write the way you talk. If you have yet to decide about your blog, make sure that you save your blog in draft form.


Blogging has become not just a profession but also a habit for many marketing people around the world. If you don’t know the importance of creative writing blogs, you are doing no favors to your business and your profession. No matter your niche idea, you must understand the basics of blogging and elevate your business.

If you are looking for the best website builders to support you in this regard, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. Strikingly enables you to add a blogging section to your website, where you can add blogs to showcase your experience. If you have an eCommerce website, you can write blogs to tell the audience about your experience using certain products. Contact our Happiness Officers today if you have any trouble creating a blog website on Strikingly. So, make the most out of blog writing today and improve your online conversions.