Blog niche ideas

Blogging is a modern craft of transforming ideas into readable content. Apart from talking about what's important, blogging also deals with things that are interesting. However, people are different, making it difficult to find what truly fascinates everyone.

If you're an aspiring blogger, you need to answer the most fundamental question in your blogging journey: What should I blog about? At first, the answer may seem simple - you can blog about anything under the sun, so there's no way you'd run out of blog ideas. But is it really true?

Blog niche ideas are your pathways toward finding an audience who will listen to your stories. By now, you should know that blogging isn't as simple as practicing the art of effective storytelling. It must serve your readers in a way that would genuinely pique their curiosity.

Are you ready to kickstart your blogging journey? If you have a propensity for creative online blogging, read on to discover blog niche ideas:

What are Blog Niches?

If you've been exposed to the internet for some time, you'll notice a sense of division among people. There will be networks of business professionals who want to read about the stock market. Then there are individuals who love reading about their favorite artists and bands. There will also be readers who love reading about the most recent films and shows.

Blogging niche idea

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A blogging niche is a unique and specific topic where you'll specialize in. It's an area where your writing is concentrated on. Your niche also determines the kinds of readers you'll have. Basically, it's a certain topic that you use to write content for interested readers.

Blog niche ideas can be classified into three major categories. These are:

  • Subject-Based Blogs - These are the kinds of blogs concerned specifically with a certain topic such as books and movies.
  • Audience-Based Blogs - These are blogs designed for a particular group of people.
  • Industry-Based Blogs - These involve blog ideas about a specific industry like a business.

Blog niche ideas can still be narrowed down into more specific ideas. But, with the myriad of concepts produced each minute, how can you find a blog niche to focus on?

How to Find Your Blog Niche

Choosing a blog niche is the initial step to start blogging. Writing a blog is all about sharing your stories with the public. But it's not simple. You must find a niche to cultivate your content.

Here are some tips to help you find your blog niche:

• Find a Blog Niche You're Passionate About

Before collecting blog niche ideas, you must first start with yourself. Think about the stories that make your heart flutter. Think about subjects that grip your attention. Think about stories that matter to you. Simply put, pursue blog niche ideas that you're passionate about.

Why is it necessary to find a blogging niche that personally interests you? Simple. It's because it would be more authentic, honest, and easier to write. When you write about things you're passionate about, the words will come naturally. And if the writing is effortless for you, it would reflect in your blogs.

• Choose a Blog Niche That People Want To Read

Apart from talking about things you like, you must also consider what other people (who are similar to you) want to read about. Blog niche ideas would be meaningless if you only write for the sake of writing. There must be people who would love to share that space with you.

Looking at keyword searches on search engines is a great gauge to know what people want. Others would say that you cannot truly know what people want to read, but that's not entirely true. Even search engine results would tell you that.

• Pick a Blog Niche That Generates Income

Wouldn't it be fun to have blog niche ideas that generate money? First of all, you may be looking at blogging as an outlet or form of expression, but it wouldn't hurt to make money from your hobbies too, right?

Not all niche ideas can bring you money. But there are certain practices you can do, such as search engine optimization to drive more traffic to your sites. Everybody else is already doing it. You don't need to compete hard, but you also shouldn't lag behind other bloggers.

Popular Blog Niche Ideas

If you want to find more ideas, we compiled this niche idea list for you. We know that you're experiencing trouble with choosing a blog niche, so we already selected a few ones for you.

Here is a niche ideas list for some popular ideas you can dive into:

• Money and Finances

Most niche ideas revolve around the concept of money: making it, multiplying it, saving it, investing it, and spending it. People love talking about money, especially when it gives practical and useful tips and ideas. Most blog niche ideas out there leverage people's need for financial literacy. Try it out too.

• Travel and Leisure

Travel and leisure are some of the most popular blog niche ideas out there today. If you have a passion for adventures, basking in the beauty of the world, and uncovering the planet's hidden sanctuaries, this blog idea is fit for you. You can write about a list of places to go during the summer or top things to do in a certain location.

• Entertainment

Entertainment encapsulates the very best of human interest. This can include featuring famous personalities or using popular media topics to drive interest. Under entertainment, blog niche ideas include writing movie or book reviews, creating a personality sketch about actors, and simply sharing humorous and entertaining news.

• Food and Dining

Everybody loves food! If you have a way with words, especially with perfectly describing the taste, aroma, and presentation of dishes, your blogging niche could be food and dining. Blog niche ideas also tap into the inner needs of people, particularly with food. Make them crave for scrumptious meals by describing your dining experience. You can also feature the best restaurants in your area.

• Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle

Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle are a vast blogging niche, but you can definitely narrow it down depending on your taste. For beauty, blog niche ideas could be about makeup lines and collection reviews. For fashion, you can cover fashion exhibits or recommend styling tips for either men, women, or both. Lifestyle can be anything about living a certain type of life like minimalism. If you want, you can merge all these topics into the same niche.

• Personal Fitness

If you have a dream of being a gym buff or simply sharing your journey towards fitness, this blog niche is perfect for you. However, unlike other niches, personal fitness requires a bit of body expertise and science. For example, you cannot simply recommend a meal plan if you're not qualified to do so. You're also not allowed to recommend supplements based only on your personal experience. This niche needs ample research to work.

• Tech and Gaming

Another famous blog niche is about tech and gaming. You can write gadget reviews, device comparisons, and all things tech-related. For gaming, you can watch out for new games on mobile, PC, and console to review them. This niche is also one of the most profitable ones since you can use it for affiliate marketing.

How To Start Your Blogging Journey

Did you know that you can start your blogging journey in just two simple steps? Now that you have a couple of blog niche ideas to work around with, we’ll talk about creating a platform where you can share all your written blogs.

1. Create An Account With Strikingly


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Go to to create your free account. Add your name, email, then create a password to access Strikingly’s features. Once you’re done, go to your dashboard and click “Create New Site”. You will then be asked to select a template

Choosing a blog niche template

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Make sure to select a template that represents your blogging niche. You can also choose a different template. Then, just customize it to fit your niche.

2. Add a Blog Section to Write Your Blogs

Writing blog ideas

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The second step is to add a blog section to your selected template. From the left-side menu, click on “Add New Section”. Then, click on “Blog”. This is the page where all your blog niche ideas can come to life.

Once you’re done, you can start writing blogs and adding them to your website. Don’t forget to use SEO Practices so you can drive more traffic to your blog site. It’s also great so that your target readers can easily find you on the web.

After each blog, make sure to add high-quality banners to engage the readers. Make sure to also write a catchy title to grab their attention. After you’re done, just hit “Publish”, and you’re all set.
The best blog niche is a niche that matters to you and your readers. You need to collect an array of blog niche ideas to truly determine which one you want to write about. Once you’ve found your niche, all that’s left to do is to find a platform to share your stories. Strikingly is a fantastic website builder that allows your blog niche ideas to come true. If you want to kickstart your blogging journey today. Let Strikingly become your blogging partner for life.