Online gaming was once thought to be nothing more than a waste of time. Parents believe that their children must focus on their studies and physical sports all of the time in order to earn a living, and that they should avoid e-sports as much as possible. However, over time, this niche has evolved into a profitable business. For example, if you look at PUBG, you will see not only tournaments with large prize money, but also teenagers finding jobs in this game.

They use this opportunity to educate their family, friends, and fellow citizens. They fill their pockets quickly by being the frontrunners in these gaming tournaments. After all, there's nothing better than being able to make a living doing something you've been interested in since you were a child. Not only that, but those gamers have created professional gaming websites through which they earn large sums of money.


For those who don’t know what is e-sports, it is a form of gaming based on competition. The gamers create their teams and play games against each other at a professional level. By competing and winning, the teams win highly valuable prizes. The players in this niche are connected with different gaming organizations, just like a professional football player and a basketball player. The teams practice with their different team members just like you see a football player or a basketball player during training sessions.

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These games will guarantee huge sums of money depending on the gaming category they choose, such as Dota, FIFA, or any other game with battle royales. Every year, tournaments and events with thousands of dollars on the line are held. Given the size of the tournament, the prize could be worth millions of dollars.

Features of a Gaming Website

When developing an e-sports website, keep the following features in mind:

  • Visitors must keep a track of match reports
  • Visitors must be able to find the tournament schedules easily
  • The website owners must use the website to display their team members and players
  • Players must find it easy to run or organize their tournaments
  • Leaderboards must be added to ensure that the visitors can compare players of different teams
  • Social media integration is important for a gaming platform. Every gaming website must allow its owners to integrate their social media accounts on their websites. This would allow the visitors to interact with them easily.
  • Visitors must be able to buy the gaming merchandise
  • Last but not the least, your gaming platform must be working on all operating systems. It is not good associating your platforms just for desktop users, especially when more than 50% of the people worldwide are using mobiles.

Importance of a Gaming Website

One of the most significant functions of e-sports websites is to supply users with news and information. If you notice a new game on the roster, you will not immediately begin playing it without first learning all of the details. The gaming websites will supply you with all of the necessary information and requirements for such games. On their YouTube channels, some website owners provide walkthroughs of their games. Others will give a brief overview of what spectators might expect from that particular game.

If you have a website, regardless of it being for personal reasons or for a community, it can also help you in attracting sponsorship deals. When you have sponsors at your disposal, it will not just help you attract worldwide audiences, but also help you in retaining your current followers.

Strategies for Building Gaming Websites

1. Rely on a High-Quality Website Builder

There is no better feeling in the world than having a high-quality website builder for e-sports websites, such as Strikingly. There is no need to be a highly qualified programming or coding expert to design a gaming website on Strikingly because there is no need to integrate any external code to our provided templates. All you have to do now is prioritize the templates we've provided. You can add a custom domain to your website after acquiring a domain from us.

If you've created a gaming website for personal purposes, make sure you invest according to your preferences. Because there are no third parties involved, you should use extra caution when making investments for yourself. You may create a fully working game website without wasting a lot of time in the development phase if you use Strikingly.

2. Gaming Category

After you've decided on a website builder, the gaming category should be the following item on your to-do list. You will find several clan web designs for each online gaming category available on the market, making your life easier after deciding on the type of gaming platform you want to develop.

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Create an e-sports website, for example, where you can broadcast live streaming, news, and information, or simply for personal preferences. Once you've decided on a category, you can move forward with your website's next phases. One of these tasks is to develop a website that is appropriate for the category you have chosen.

3. Get a Domain

It is critical to choose a domain name while creating an e-sports website. It's not simply about whether your domain ends in .net or .com. The extension should be appropriate for the gaming niche you've chosen. When it comes to the most popular gaming websites throughout the world, they are known not only for their excellent user experience, but also for their imaginative domain names. As a result, you should adopt a similar method and choose a domain name that corresponds to your gaming concept. Most importantly, you should choose a domain name that is easy for your visitors to remember.

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If we talk about the registration of domains, you won’t find a better platform than Strikingly in this regard. You can easily purchase your domain and complete its registration at $24.95. The price of the domain may go up depending upon the kind of gaming platform you want to establish. However, you will have a handful of choices regarding the domain names. Unless someone else is using that particular domain, you can easily purchase a domain based on your preferable domain name.

4. Social Media Profiles

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When you create an e-sports website, you shouldn’t just worry about the niche and gaming graphics that you will integrate into it. It's pointless to have extremely valuable information and gaming visuals on your platform if no one appreciates your efforts. As a result, social media marketing is critical for your gaming platform's success. Regardless of the social media platform you use (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), each is critical to your website's success. It is critical to promote and embrace online gaming communities as part of your platform, regardless of the specialty with which you are linked. If you discover that these communities enjoy your platform's games, there's a good possibility they'll share your online places on their own profile walls. This will draw in a larger audience. As a result, it's critical to comprehend the significance of social media marketing in the context of gaming websites.

5. Content

Once you have registered your domain, the ball is in your court. It means that you have the capacity to do whatever you want regarding your e-sports website. As in the case of any personal website, good website content should be your bread and butter. For example, if you have attracted new audiences to your platform and they are unaware of your games, they won’t feel comfortable playing your games if they are unaware of them. Therefore, you should provide adequate information about all the games that are on your platform.

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When we talk about the content, we talk about the following aspects:

  • Favicon Images
  • Logo
  • Gaming Information
  • Specifications
  • Quality Images

The landing page is the first page a visitor sees when they visit a website. This demonstrates that your landing page can influence whether or not your visitors choose to play games on your platform. To demonstrate that you care about your visitors, you may build sections on your landing page with useful call-to-action (CTA) buttons.


Every adolescent nowadays enjoys playing online games. They believe that if they play shooting games like PUBG, they can conquer any region or gang anywhere in the world. If they're playing FIFA, they believe that with their tactical knowledge, they can beat any football team. As a result, it is critical for us, as website owners, to create an e-sports site that is appropriate for them.

Strikingly has a range of high-quality website templates that you can use to create a gaming website. Our templates are mobile-friendly and secure, and they don't require any coding on your part. All you need is a creative mind capable of customizing the gaming template to meet the needs of today's youngsters. Make the most of today's game industry by registering your domain on Strikingly.