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Blogging is a writer’s ticket to generate a good stream of income. On top of that, they also get the chance to showcase their writing talent to the world. In a way, they become their own bosses, producing ideas and showing them in the digital realm. However, not all types of blogs can make you rich overnight.

All blog types cater to a specific niche of readers. Each blog becomes tailored to meet the demands of its target audience. Some blog types target a small set of audience, thus, making them more obscure than the rest. If you want to make money off of blogging, you must target popular types of blogs and start from there.

If you’ve been writing under a specific type of blog, it’s time to expand your horizons and broaden your perspective. Start by adapting to a versatile writing style. Then move on to absorb the communicative language of your audience. Through this, writing for different kinds of blogs is much easier to accomplish.

Here are the most popular types of blogs that will make you money as an online writer:

  1. Niche Blog

Niche blogs cover different kinds of blogs. But the major idea is that it caters to a very specific group of people. For example, you can write a niche blog for fans of Taylor Swift or supporters of lesser-known authors.

Many categories fall under niche blogs as well. It can include fashion stories, lifestyle blogs, and travel articles. But those types of blogs have grown into broader concepts that they already need a category of their own.

  1. Personal Blog

Whether you’re a freelancer or a professional writer, personal blogs are a wonderful category to get into. Among other types of blogs, a personal blog is far more revelatory, and one must possess a great level of confidence and courage to tell stories.

Personal blogs are a trajectory of one’s personal experiences, thoughts, and creative ideas. It reminds one of the most popular types of blogs today, appealing to a wide demographic of readers. With the advent of website builders today, it’s far easier to set up your own personal blog website. The best part is, most of them are free, like Strikingly.

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  1. Lifestyle Blog

A list of blog types won’t be complete without lifestyle blogs. This kind of blog is dedicated to making life just a bit easier by sharing life hacks or fun stories about living.

Lifestyle blogs are types of blogs wherein many supporting subjects are also involved. For example, you can include beauty and fashion in a lifestyle article. You can also integrate travel stories into a lifestyle blog.

  1. Corporate Blog

Corporate blogs are types of blogs that concentrate on the business core functions and branding. For example, you may write a corporate blog when your company introduces a new product. You can also write corporate blogs when you want to assess the competition with an objective perspective and evaluation.

Corporate blogs are written mostly by writers who were hired by the company to write. But some corporations do allow guest blogs from freelance writers. To target these companies, you can create a personal website and upload samples of your work there. This will serve as your online resume for potential clients.

  1. Professional Services Blog

Do you also offer professional services? If you do, then a professional services blog is right for you. The most popular types of blogs often include services that the writers themselves offer. For example, if you are a virtual tutor, you would write a blog detailing your services and what your student can derive from them.

Writing a professional services blog makes your talent more known to the world. And if many people are interested in your services, you can potentially make more money than you could ever imagine.

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  1. Affiliate Blog

As the name suggests, affiliate blogs involve popular blogs that include affiliate marketing techniques. These are types of blogs that make use of inbound marketing strategies to bring potential customers to the website.

Affiliate blogs often include a set of products and services. Each product and/or service will then be reviewed by the writer. For every review, there would be an affiliate link that the reader can click to buy the product. The writer and/or the website owner then gets a commission if the reader buys the product through the affiliate link.

  1. Travel Blog

If you have a knack for outdoor excursions, travel blogs might be the best category to tap into. Travel blogs are often a chronicle of one adventure to a specific location. The writer outlines the highlights of his or her trip, often mentioning travel tips along the way.

These types of blogs are perfect for those who love the great outdoors. If you’re one of them, you can plan your trips and bring a journal to keep notes of your travels. You can then cover the best moments of your trip so your readers can feel as if they’ve traveled with you.

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  1. Finance Blog

If you want to write blog types that make money, then why not write about money? Financial services websites often include topics that relate to or are about finances. You can talk about how to make money, how to invest it, how to save it, and other facets of financial literacy.

You do need to have a certain level of knowledge in finances to write these types of blogs. As much as possible, you must make yourself familiar with finance and money jargons. Take the time to study business terms as well.

  1. Health and Fitness Blog

There are many different kinds of blogs that deal with health. These blogs often cover tips on how to stay healthy and maintain a great physique. If you have a breadth of knowledge in fitness, health, and nutrition, this is the type of blog for you.

Health and fitness blogs often revolve around the idea of staying in shape by following certain exercise routines and diet plans. You can also write blogs about inspirational weight loss stories to compel your readers to stay healthy.

  1. Fashion Blog

The fashion revolution remains ceaseless throughout history. Fashion blogs are among the most popular blogs today, gaining great readership from various types of readers. This is also great content for clothes websites today.

Fashion blogs are often coupled with stunning photos of outfit samples or modeling photographs. These extra elements complete the overall appeal of fashion blogs, enticing more readers to finish the article and share it with others.

  1. Artist Blog

If you’re an artist, you can unleash your creative power through artist blogs. These types of blogs often involve the writer’s creative process in producing a piece. But a writer can also write on behalf of an artist who struggles to put their thought process into words.

Whether you’re a budding graphic designer, musician, traditional painter, or simply a writer who works for these people, an artist blog can launch your career. It also gives a deeper insight into the woven artistry inside your creative outputs.

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  1. Photography Blog

A picture says a thousand words but sometimes a thousand words aren’t enough. If you’re into any type of photography like model photography or car photography, this blog is for you.

Photography blogs are among the most popular types of blogs out there today. These blogs dive deeper into the craft of photography wherein the writer reveals certain techniques to make photos stand out.

  1. Parenting Blog

New parents always find the first few stages of parenting difficult. This is why most of them resort to parenting blogs to become better fathers and mothers. The best part is, you don’t even have to be a parent to start a parenting blog (though it would be much better if you are). All you need is the ability to research and interview parents.

These types of blogs are very popular among young parents and couples who are just about to plan to have a child. Parenting blogs often include a myriad of topics ranging from baby stroller reviews to tips and practical guides.

  1. Food Blog

Everybody loves food. It’s also no mystery that people love great food photography to satiate their hunger. Due to the emergence of social media sites, food blogs have grown more popular throughout the years, unleashing the “foodie” in everyone. They’re also a popular choice for Instagram ideas to post.

Food blogs often include food reviews from various restaurants. Most writers also write comparisons of the same dishes. You can also write about recipes for certain meals or introduce a new type of cooking technique to your readers.

  1. Book and Writing Blog

Wouldn’t it be fun to write about writing? You can start a blog related to the art of writing and discuss topics that make one a good writer. You can also add tips on how to effectively write better or throw in some writing prompts for your readers.

You can also write blogs about book reviews. These types of blogs often involve the analysis of themes, character development, and literary devices used in the story. You can also share your personal insights about the book.

There you have it! These are the top 15 types of blogs that can make you money as a writer. If you want to get started in any of these categories, you can make your blogging website with Strikingly. Strikingly offers a great selection of features that can launch any blogger’s career. Create your Strikingly account now so you can make money with these blog types!