Diving into the world of digital commerce and marketing is truly a wonder. Online businesses spend their time finding the best marketing strategy suited for their online company. They took their time analyzing every option laid upon their eyes to satisfy the standards set by their online audience. Among these famous marketing techniques widely used by entrepreneurs to connect with their clients, one remains potent even after so many years in the industry—the email marketing strategy.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing strategy is a marketing strategy that uses emails. An online business that uses an email marketing strategy and tips often gives all its efforts to promote its company's products by sending them informative and compelling emails. Effective email marketing strategy uses digital mail to help a potential buyer make buying decisions and even incentivize a customer's loyalty to an online business. Using a set of email marketing strategies can also mean sending emails to your contacts about brand awareness, discount, and promo offer your company currently has, and even detailed information about a new service you are contributing to the market.


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Why Create an Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing is one of the most famous and effective marketing campaigns online businesses could have. It is among the powerful direct marketing channels that can help you promote your business and avoid spending too much on unnecessary marketing tools.

Learning how to create an email marketing strategy can help you educate your target audience about your business and raise brand awareness. Especially if you are a beginner in your chosen niche, you must exert additional effort for online users to recognize what you do and what you can offer. Implementing an effective email marketing strategy and tips for your online business can turn your "beginner skills" into something more potent through persuasion and hard work.


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Conversions is another essential element you need to learn in digital commerce. With the competition lingering everywhere, you must know how to take every opportunity. You can easily create conversions within your business website by mastering effective email marketing strategy and tips. You can send your potential buyers and subscribers email marketing to help drive sales through personalized coupons or special offers for a special occasion like their birthday or anniversary. Sending them welcome emails right after subscribing to you is another way to help you quickly earn their trust and keep the engagement rolling.

Types of Emails

There are many ways to create an email marketing strategy perfect for your business. One of them is learning the different types of emails that can help you send an appropriate one to your next target.


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1. Welcome Email Marketing

This is one of the most common yet effective email marketing strategies every online entrepreneur should know. A welcome email marketing strategy is created to give businesses the warmest welcome to their new subscribers and customers. Using this effective email marketing strategy can help you put an immediate good impression on your users that you will take care of them properly. You can use this email marketing to offer them free trials, product information, and even your other bonuses.

2. Newsletter Email Marketing

Newsletter email marketing is another popular email marketing strategy. When you create an email marketing strategy like this, you can include articles and blogs before sending them to your customer. You can also have customer reviews and highlight your new products and services to be introduced in the market.

3. Confirmation Email Marketing

Online visitors who just signed up for your online business can get a confirmation email from your website. Upon clicking on "Subscribe," this email marketing will be sent to them to confirm that the information received by your website is correct. This email marketing strategy and tips can help ensure that essential details are received by the website's server, especially during sign-up verification and checkout processes.

4. Invite Email Marketing

Sending invitations for your business's upcoming events, new product launches, online seminars, and other events could also be done through effective email marketing strategies. Online companies nowadays have implemented this type of email marketing to gain more attention from their online audience in a more straightforward process. It helps them quickly raise awareness about the latest updates about their business and promote their brand more towards a target audience group.

5. Promotional Email Marketing

Promotional email marketing strategy is another common and generic way to promote your brand through emails. This type of email marketing lets you introduce your business to a larger audience besides your current niche. Promotional email marketing help enterprises maintain brand awareness. Email marketing under this category can even serve as a weapon to tease new products or services to be introduced in the market.

6. Survey Email Marketing

Feedback and suggestions are among the crucial elements to help businesses see the results of their performance. It is considered one of the best tools every online business could use to improve and keep themselves empowered. Sending survey email marketing to your email contact list can significantly help get feedback from your audience. This email marketing strategy can help show your audience how much you value their views and opinions about your business.

7. Dedicated Email Marketing

Using a dedicated email marketing strategy is the best option if you want to exert more effort in pursuing a specific group within your email list.


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How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

After getting to know some of the most common types of email marketing, it's now time for you to step up the game. For this section, we've provided the best email marketing strategy and tips you can do to capture your audience more. Who says emails are boring? With these tips and tricks, you can now turn your simple email messages into something more fun and engaging for you and your online audience.

1. Segment Subscribers

The first tip you must learn for an effective email marketing strategy is correct email list segmentation. One thing about emails is that they can get too messy or overwhelming as your email list grows. Group your contacts according to their:

  • demographics
  • the engagements they were involved in
  • the current stage of the customer journey
  • the source from which they came

Doing this email marketing strategy can save you not just from confusing yourself with the audience group you have. It can also help you quickly figure out what types of emails to send to the people on your list.

2. Personalize Messages

To get attention, you must work extra. In business, customers tend to get hooked more on companies that know how to "court" them properly. And how's that? Through personalized messages.

It may seem not to like it, but online consumers are sharp regarding customer service. They pay attention to how businesses execute their marketing strategies well. Using personalized emails can help you generate more engagements from your target audience. Once they feel that you are exerting effort to communicate with them, they'll eventually get invested in your online business.

For you to effectively do this, use your website analytics. Creating your business website here in Strikingly gives you the freedom to freely take control of your website analytics. You can use either your website’s Built-in Analytics or Google Analytics to monitor your website activities and engagements. With website analytics, you can get an idea of specific topics, products, and services that generate the highest engagement within your business website.

3. Connect Through Emotions

Communication isn't just about words but feelings and emotions. You must use emotional marketing correctly to connect through your audience's heart. One of the reasons why clients go through business websites is to find the best answer to their problems. As an effective entrepreneur, you must provide customers with what they need.

Email marketing strategy serves as a bridge for you and a struggling consumer. An effective email marketing strategy helps you connect with your audience and identify their stress points. Identify what emotions envelop them and use that as a guide to figure out what they truly want. Once you unravel these through email marketing strategies, you can implement a powerful marketing strategy to persuade them to purchase.

4. Storytell

Email marketing isn't always about advertisements and promoting. Sometimes, it is your best medium to share your story with your people. Creating a solid business-consumer relationship starts with a tale—a story that both parties share and enjoy.

When you create an email marketing strategy, always keep in mind to let people know about your product story. Make their experience with your business worth remembering that they'll immediately want to get back to you. Make your custom email with us here in Strikingly and start sharing your thoughts with your online audience. With a Strikingly account, you can customize your emails to make them more professional and personalized. You can create an email marketing strategy and share a short story about your newest product or service. You can start email marketing and share a brief version of how you reached where you are currently in business. Be creative, and always be brave to share your story. After all, success always starts with a simple act of bravery.


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Online marketing has been upgraded for years. With modern technology and the economy continuously changing, the needs and wants of the general market also change. To meet these needs as an entrepreneur, you must be ready to equip yourself with the best e-commerce weapons you could have. Businesses have established their names in e-commerce through various online marketing techniques. There is still much to discover in digital advertising, from using state-of-the-art digital advertising tricks, running social media pages, hosting events, and partnering with famous influencers.

If you want to know more about the fantastic world of digital commerce, chat with us today, and we'll get you started.