Mastering the art of digital marketing is a powerful tool for becoming a successful entrepreneur. It is among the best weapons you can use to get an online audience and, most importantly, showcase your brand’s awesomeness. Digital marketing is a bridge for online audiences to get to the right path and meet the best business that can give them what they need. With competition continuously becoming more potent in the world of e-commerce, it is only a must that an online business knows how to use the best marketing styles it could have.

Digital marketing has been massive over the past years. And as an entrepreneur, you must be updated on the latest marketing trends to help your business improve more. There have been tons of marketing styles that companies have implemented in their business. From using online advertisements, offering promos, partnering with influencers, email marketing, social media engagements, etc., the growth of these famous digital marketing styles is undeniable.

However, did you know that there is another easy yet effective marketing style you can use for your business? This style is known as an emotional marketing strategy.


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What Are Emotional Triggers for Marketing?

Emotional marketing can be described as a marketing tactic using emotional triggers to create sales and conversions. It is an advertising effort that targets the emotions of potential buyers to make them remember, share, notice and even purchase a product with you. Using emotional triggers to influence customers typically pinpoints a single emotion, including happiness, guilt, sadness, excitement, fear, or even anger, and uses it to entice a response from consumers.

Why Use Powerful Emotional Triggers for Your Online Business?

Before we get into the best emotional triggers you could use for your business, let’s first understand their importance. Learning emotional triggers for marketing is surprisingly an exciting way you use to capture your online audience. Many companies that use such methods have noticed a difference in their online audience’s behavior. Some even have successfully increased their sales and even made conversions. With all these praises, what makes emotional triggers become such a powerful weapon in gaining attention?


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First impressions are crucial in establishing a name in the e-Commerce industry. You must have a striking characteristic that no one could resist to get noticed. It may seem not to like it, but some consumers genuinely aren’t as easy to please. If you aim to capture people's hearts, you must exert extra effort to make yourself and your business unique. You must create a powerful impression that potential customers could see with just a glimpse of their eyes. By learning how emotional triggers for marketing work, you can easily understand who your audience is and what they specifically look for and figure out what tactics you can use to pursue them smoothly.

For example, if you sell beauty products, you can use emotional triggers to get your target audience's attention, primarily women. You can create an advertisement showing how women these days are fond of using beauty products as a part of their daily routine. If you want it to appear more impactful and relatable, you can hire a famous vlogger who does make-up tutorials and has a large audience following. Doing so can immediately trigger curiosity and excitement from your target audience. Their buying decisions can be highly influenced by how you team up with someone indulged in the same niche to market and sell your product.

Using these powerful emotional triggers for marketing, you can smoothly tell your audience that you care for the things they love. You can also create that impression that you can help them do what they love by purchasing your products. With powerful emotional triggers, you instantly have another smart way to market your product online flawlessly.

Effective Emotional Triggers to Influence Customers

Understanding what specific emotional triggers is best for your business is vital. It is not enough that you only know what they are and what they do. Finding the most effective emotional triggers is essential to ensure you are doing it right.

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Now, for the highlight of this fun and enlightening journey, we listed today’s top five powerful emotional triggers and their descriptions below. Take a deeper understanding of these effective emotional triggers, and who knows, one of them can help you capture that attention you’ve always wanted.

1. Trust

Trust is the number one emotion every business wants to get from their online audience. It is considered one of the hottest emotional triggers companies use to drive attention to their online store. As an entrepreneur who seeks to establish a trustworthy impression from your audience, learning how to properly trigger purchase activity through emotional triggers like trust is an advantage.

When a consumer trusts you, transactions are highly possible. Getting an online audience who trusts you to purchase products and services from your online business is more manageable. Once you capture their trust, you can even use them to spread the good word about you and your business through word of mouth or social media sharing. Businesses that mastered the art of effective emotional triggers often used leading messages like “no hidden fees” and “no additional charges.”

2. Fear

Who says emotional triggers are only about positive emotions? Mastering the best emotional triggers for marketing also includes using negative emotions like fear as a positive weapon. Unknown to many, fear is one emotion that can be used to send a marketing message.

Most insurance companies use this emotional trigger to capture a potential audience. They use words like “Don’t get caught up,” “Save yourself,” “Don’t let yourself suffer in the future,” and “Don’t miss the opportunity.” Once their target audience sees these slogans, they’ll immediately get anxious and overthink what could happen to them if they don’t have insurance, eventually making them get one.


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3. Belonging

The best business makes its online customers feel they belong. One thing about consumers is that they don’t only look for companies that have what they need. They also fall in love with businesses which is true to their word. Consumers seek companies that can be with them every time they need something. They want a community that does not only give the best products but also makes them feel loved and not alone. This is one of the main points involved in using emotional triggers like belonging. By creating a marketing strategy infused with the emotion of feeling belonging to a group, businesses can easily capture hearts in a short period. When potential buyers feel that you make them feel accepted and a part of your online business family, you can quickly turn them into loyal customers.

4. Trend-setting

One of the reasons why people shop is to feel trendy. We might not notice it, but most online businesses are starting to adopt this trend. It is honestly a good thing because people do not only purchase things they think they need. They also buy products which they can be seen everywhere with anyone. Consumers are fond of using products they often see on television, in various print ads, on social media, and even on their workmates. They have this mindset: "because everyone has it, then I should too.” You should grab this opportunity and use these powerful emotional triggers as an entrepreneur. By doing so, you are more likely to increase your sales and even build a foundation of loyal customers.

Companies who use these kinds of practical emotional triggers for advertising often use taglines such as “be the first one,” “be like me,” “get it now,” and “limited slots available” to stir people’s emotions and make them make the purchase immediately.

5. Time

Time is among the practical emotional triggers to influence customers. It is another one of the all-powerful emotional triggers you can’t ignore. One fun fact about consumers is that they tend to get noticeably excited whenever they see advertisements for online promos and discounts.

Every time a consumer sees business ads with limited-time offers, they have this mindset that they have to make their purchase before it is sold out. This is one of the common emotional triggers malls, and supermarkets commonly use. During holidays, they’ll create massive advertisements about their 3-day sale with up to 50% discount. When people see this, they’ll immediately get curious and even speed up their buying decisions to ensure they experience the promo. These powerful emotional triggers can help you smoothly influence your target audience’s buying behavior. In the first place, who doesn’t like discounts and sales, right?


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As an entrepreneur, you must be updated on the latest online marketing trends. You have to know what keeps people coming back to you as well as to your competitors. It is also a must for you to learn tactics on how to capture more attention from those who don’t know your existence yet. It is not enough that you get purchases on your online products. Why? Because if you truly want to stay longer in your e-Commerce niche, you must know how to play the game right.

If you want to know more about digital marketing styles and e-Commerce, chat with us today and we’ll get you started.