create a sale newsletter that converts

Since you are an entrepreneur, creating a sale newsletter is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Many entrepreneurs use sale newsletters to boost online sales and increase interaction with subscribers. If you interact with your subscribers regularly, they will be more engaged with your brand. If a visitor feels that a product on your online store is costly, they could be tempted by the discount offer in your sale email.

New customers need to learn more about your company and products before subscribing to your sale newsletters. However, you can recover your lost online sale tomorrow if you create a newsletter that stands out from the rest of your competitors.

What is a Sale Newsletter?

A sale newsletter is an email you send subscribers or customers to update them about your products and services. You can also share valuable insights into your industry and blog posts or update them about your discounts and offers.

Since newsletters are part of your email marketing strategy, they can help you to build long-term relationships with your customers and bring value to them. They provide customers with multiple communication points between themselves and your company. Increased communication or engagement can occur through different marketing channels, such as social media. Companies creating a sale newsletter and delivering them every month link them to their social media pages and brand website.

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If we compare it to other digital marketing strategies, a sale newsletter is unique because it is an owned marketing channel rather than a borrowed one. When you use social media platforms to promote your products and services, you use those platforms to deliver your marketing messages. Therefore, your content is part of the ever-changing algorithms you cannot control.

This type of organic marketing puts your content on display for a fraction of your followers. Since paid marketing strategies, such as Facebook advertising, are getting increasingly expensive, it is unsuitable for promoting small businesses or new startups.

On the other hand, when you use your website to build an email list and send customized sale newsletters, you own a platform that is accustomed to your marketing mechanisms. Although email marketing is an old-school marketing strategy, it is still one of the most potent marketing channels for keeping your brand in the minds of your potential buyers. It is considered one of the most effective ways to drive online sales for your business.

Importance of a Sale Newsletter

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According to the stats posted by Moosend, 59%.%20Also%2C-,59%25,-of%20consumers%20said) of customers believes that emails influence their buying decisions, whereas 50% buy products or services directly from marketing emails at least once a month. The importance of a sale newsletter is enormous, and it can influence your business in the following ways:

  • Generate endless growth: Customers spend approximately 2.5 hours on their emails during weekdays. You can drive your products and services to your customers through targeted newsletters. As we have shared that half of the promotional campaigns lead to purchases, you won’t deny that sale newsletters are an asset.
  • Increase brand awareness: Sale newsletters will allow you to share everything your customers should know about your brand to develop trust. Remember that customers don’t just visit your website because of your features and products. With excellent storytelling and high-quality images, you can catch their attention. If you win their hearts, they will stay around your website longer. Most importantly, they may also tell their relatives and friends about i.e. word of mouth marketing.
  • Boost website traffic: Every newsletter sent to your customers encourages them to complete the desired action through a call to action. The CTA button will bring customers to your website. Eventually, it will boost your online presence and online sales. To check out the status of your traffic numbers on your Strikingly website, you can go to the built-in analytics provided on our platform.

Create a Sale Newsletter on Strikingly

1) Create a Website on Strikingly

To use the feature of sale newsletters on Strikingly, you must build a website. Strikingly is a professional website builder that allows you to create a professional website without breaking a sweat. Once you register on our platform, you will gain access to the dashboard and the website template section.

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Focus on the template section and choose how you want to design your website. Choose a template that serves a purpose for your website and go to the Strikingly website editor.

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When you add content to your website, you can add some basic information about yourself and the inspiration behind your business plans. You can also give information about your company and the business partners.

You can add all your contact details, such as your email address and social media links, in the last section of your website homepage. If you don’t want to put your contact details, you can simply create a contact form that your visitors can fill out and submit.

After building your website, use the Strikingly newsletter feature. Go to our dashboard and click on ‘Newsletters.’ This feature will bring you to the screen, where you can add your sale newsletter content and the respective recipients.

2) Add Newsletter Content

Once you open the newsletter editor, you can start typing your sale email body. Apart from your written content, you can also include visuals, such as images and videos. It is essential to make engaging content because the more elements you include in your sale newsletter, the more chances you will have to engage with your target audience.

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An effective sale newsletter declares its purpose correctly and provides a clear call to action (CTA). CTA is required to direct the recipients to your website. Once the recipients have landed on your website, they can review the remaining information. You can also increase engagement with the audience by adding social media links in the form of icons.

Our website editor helps you easily add relevant content without indulging in any programming or coding practices. You can upload images on your website the same way you upload them on your Google Doc or Microsoft Word file. Try to make your sale newsletter crisp and highlight all the crucial points in bold letters or use proper font sizes.

3) Choose Your Newsletter Recipients

Since your sale email is almost ready, it is time for you to choose your newsletter recipients. First, the website editor will help you check the audience list. These are the website visitors who have joined your mailing list after submitting their details through your contact form. In other cases, they could have purchased a product from your online store or left their details in the checkout process.

This step is critical because you cannot afford to send your sale newsletter to the wrong audience. For example, if your sale email is about a product update, it is better to send these newsletters to the people who have purchased products from your online store. If they haven’t bought any products from your store, they should have some interest in your products to be considered eligible for this case.

If the content is related to your brand and business, you can send it to your subscribers. To build a list of your newsletter recipients, you can choose different email addresses mentioned in your mailing list.

4) Send a Test Sale Email

Before submitting your emails to the recipients, sending a test email is always a good habit. A test email will allow you to preview how your sale newsletter will look once the recipients open it. For example, there can be situations in which you have to work on your text alignment, image resolution, font size, etc.

The Strikingly website editor allows you to send a test newsletter to yourself before delivering it to your respective recipients. By taking this step, you can maintain your professional standards and brand image in the eyes of your target audience.

Once you have gone through the newsletter, you are ready to forward it to your recipients. If you go through this process regularly, you will eventually make your email marketing campaigns a success.


Since you are a business owner, your priority should always be building a sales newsletter to boost sales. An effective sale newsletter doesn’t only help you in engaging your audience but also drives them to purchase from your store. To make your email campaigns attractive, you must develop effective email campaign lines.

If your recipients are not captivated by your subject lines, there are fewer chances that they will open your sale email. As a result, you will waste all your effort to produce an attractive newsletter.

To maintain a high open rate for your sale newsletters, it is crucial to consider your brand personality. Whether it appears on your website, social media platforms, or the previously sent emails, your brand personality is the driving force of your success. When your target audience senses that you are well aligned with your marketing platforms, it builds trust and gives them plenty of reasons to return to your website frequently.