importance of branded email to your business

When you come to the world of business, there are many things that people seem to neglect. When people think about starting a business, they feel that money is the most crucial factor for its maintenance. According to their understanding, successful companies are only based on the amount of money invested. Even though it is not wrong, it is just one of the factors in making a business a success. In today’s digitized world, emails are critical.

With the evolution of social media, many people feel that branded emails are no longer relevant in today’s digitized world. However, the fact is that email branding is highly influential to your small business. It removes any doubts about your business’ authenticity and provides quality services. If you intend to create a reasonable structure for your business, it is important to have a professional email address in your working plans. For example, if you own a medical billing company, it is better to have an email like “” rather than “”.

What is Branded Email?

If you want to create a brand personality for your company, you must understand a branded email. It is any kind of email that ends with a custom address, such as rather than,,, or any platform that provides email services without cost. If you look at all the authentic companies not just in your country but the entire world, they are going for this kind of email rather than approaching a free email service provider. To maintain a brand image, every professional company must have a professional email address.

branded email example

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

As you can see from the example above of the Strikingly website, it has a custom address of “” In other words, we can say that the email is branded rather than being created by a free email service provider. Even though these emails are complex, they can be significant from a business point of view. It will help you in communication purposes and create a good working environment.

Importance of Branded Email

1) More Professional Look

To maintain professional integrity, you must be getting your own branded email. If you have business software to take care of everything related to your work, you shouldn’t hesitate to integrate a professional email address alongside it. It will message your target audience that you are not just here to make up the marketing numbers but are in the market to do something massive with your business plan. Even though customers tend to focus on how good your social media accounts look, the impact of emails is pretty much visible in the market even in 2022.

professional email address

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Even though emails have become old-school in today’s market, many clients prefer to communicate through emails as they believe it is a formal approach compared to social media. In today’s technological world with extreme competition, there are always a group of scammers trying to outdo everything good that the marketing people do. Your responsibility is to convince your target audience that you are not under the same umbrella, and a professional email address could be pivotal.

2) No Misunderstanding With Senders

In the guide to email branding, there will be many occasions in which the importance of an opened email will be discussed. If you have a branded email, it could be the difference between your recipients opening or ignoring your emails. For example, “” doesn’t look like a professional email address, so your recipients will think a thousand times before opening your email. According to an article from Adoric, 44% of the customers prefer to open emails that are sent from a professional email address.

email enquiry section

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Moreover, 60% of the customers prefer to receive promotional content through professional emails rather than SMS or social media. These statistics prove that people find it easy to communicate with you once you have branded your email. If your recipients come across an email that they are not familiar with, they will never look into your emails. They will skip the content even if they have opened your email because you haven’t attained their trust badges.

3) Brand Promotion

When you brand your email, your emails will be highly regarded by your recipients. They will not just go through your email content but also demand more from you as a business. When the recipients recognize your branded email, the brand itself will be visible on the body of your email and the email address. Consequently, a professional email address plays a role in maintaining a brand image for your business. An exquisite business plan will always consider long-term success and maintaining professional integrity.

email brand promotion

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

By having a professional address, your business name will not just be limited to your neighborhood. It will be visible to all social media audiences. Your email address will be a huge talking point for not just your recipients but for many other workplaces. If you have commented on a blog and added the email address in the directory field, everybody will be able to recognize it.

4) Allocation of Work

In many cases, you will see that people tend to mix professional contacts and personal contacts. This happens when you conduct your professional and personal work with the same email address. To maintain your work's professional integrity, having two different email addresses is important. You must be getting your own branded email for your online business. On the other hand, you can store all your contacts on an email created by a free email service provider, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

If you mix up both sides of things, you will likely skip some of the business emails you may have forgotten about in your inbox. There could also be a chance that you would skip some emails because you would have assumed that they belong to your work. As a result, neither of your tasks would be conducted properly, and the loss is only at your end.

Strategies to Create a Branded Email

1) Invest in a Web Host

If you have a business website, you are almost on your way to achieving your business objectives. If you are yet to develop one, you shouldn’t hesitate and integrate your branded email as part of your site. If you want to brand your email, you don’t need to look at any other website builder than Strikingly. Despite having no coding experience, you can create the website of your dreams and have a professional email alongside it.

strikingly website host

Image taken from Strikingly

Once you have landed on our landing page, make sure that you go through the following steps to complete the process

  1. Complete the registration process, which will bring you to the bracket of free plan users
  2. Make sure that you choose a mobile-friendly website template out of our provided collection and customize it
  3. Add all the relevant content of your brand and convey your marketing message to your target audience
  4. Once you have published your website on Strikingly, web hosting will also be live. Strikingly holds full responsibility for your web hosting services

2) Decide the Name

When you are going through the guide to email branding, there will be an occasion in which you will come across individual businesses and businesses conducted by multiple people. If your business model is limited to you, a branded email won’t be the most important thing as you are your boss and control everything regarding your brand.

However, if you have a business owned by multiple people, you would need these emails to guarantee the long-term growth of your brand. We have shared some examples that you can consider for your business




Regardless of which format you prefer, we can guarantee that you will see a huge number of people willing to contact you, your employees, or your partners.

3) Decide on Your Email Client

By having a branded email, you won’t necessarily be guaranteed all the necessary features required for a particular email address. Usually, the features include delivering or receiving emails, email signatures, automated emails, or making folders within your inbox to maintain transparency within your communication channel.

You must select an effective email client to have all of these features at your disposal. If you are unaware of it, you would have an idea about Gmail, McMail, Thunderbird, etc. Even though many email service providers make life easy for marketing people through innovative features, Gmail is the platform where you should be for business reasons.


Despite the popularity and influence of social media across the digital world, email marketing remains relevant in 2022. If your company doesn’t have a branded email, your audience won’t recognize you regardless of your work and credibility on social media. Even if the social media users have a positive image of you, the marketing people will doubt you because of not having a professional email address.

If you have started doing entrepreneurship, communication through professional emails gains even more important for you. Strikingly will help you to maintain a good reputation through email marketing. Therefore, it is vital to have a professional email address today so you can get recognized by your clients instantly.