Grow Your Email List And Build Up Your Business

Growing your email list is serious business. There are many businesses nowadays that neglect this type of content marketing, most of which would eventually realize why that is a mistake. If business owners would do their research, they’d discover that email marketing is one of the most effective and prevalent ways to grow your business. This article will help you understand why it is important to grow your email list and give you ten ways on how to go about doing that.

Why Do You Have To Build Your Email List?

Growing your email list is important because it also translates into the actual growth of your business. Email marketing precedes all other forms of communication and marketing. Businesses have used it for generations, way before social media came into existence. Using emails has thus been a proven and tested effective method of conversion and marketing. It’s simple, if you have a long email list, then that means you have a long list of people who subscribed to you or are following you. When you have a long list of subscribers, then that means you have a wide range of audiences that you can specifically target and convert. In the long run, you also have a wide reach of customers to send updates, promos, and deals to, which translates that even after some time, you have potential customers already lined up in your pocket. Therefore, growing your email list is a must.

How to Build Your Email List in Ten Ways?

1. Write Up Unique Email Content

Help your customers be more interested in what you have to say. Don’t just send out emails for the sake of sending them out. This won’t help you grow your email list. You need to ensure that your email content is relevant and helpful. Your customers and subscribers will be more inclined to interact with your email and continue to be part of your community if you offer informative and engaging content. Note also that long emails are discouraging to read, so try to get your point across in a concise yet creative way.

2. Put Sign Up Forms on Banner or Headers

We Are Superheroes Homepage

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you want to grow your email list, it doesn’t hurt to have an email sign-up form on your banner images or headers. This is the most seen part of your business website. If it encouraged your site visitors early on to be part of your mailing list, then they are more likely to submit their emails. You can put the sign-up sheet right after your headline and your subtitle, as you can see on the screenshot of the website above. Make sure these statements are encouraging and they justify to your site visitors why they should sign up. You can also install a Hello Bar on top of your website to collect email addresses for you.

3. Enable Premium Pages or Content

As much as people appreciate inclusivity, they take pride in having the exclusive in some things. Online content is usually one of those things. Another sure-fire way that you can grow your email list is to enable premium content or pages for subscribed members. You only allow access to site visitors once they have given you their email addresses and have subscribed to your newsletter. You can build your email list easily when you collect email addresses for multiple pages and content on your website. Now, similar to our first tip, make sure that this exclusive content of yours would satisfy your subscribers and not make them regret signing up.

4. Put Lead Magnets on Your Website

Lead magnets refer to access to certain features and/or downloadable content that your site visitors or customers can use after they have given you their email address. There are some similarities that lead magnets and premium content has. They are both exclusive to your subscribers and they are both helpful in growing your email list. The difference is that lead magnets are usually not just content to your website. It can be an ebook, a downloadable guide, a list, a cheat sheet, tutorials, and the likes. These are things that people usually have to pay for that you are offering only in an exchange for their email address, which ultimately helps you grow your email list.

5. Encourage with Discounts, Deals, and Prizes

Inspire Organics Pop-up

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Who doesn’t like promos, right? Another sure-fire way to build your email list is to attach your sign-up forms with promos and discounts. It is encouraging to your site visitors or customers if they can get something out of you by growing your email list. The deals and discounts need not even be that extravagant or big, customers take advantage of what they can get. You just have to be smart in knowing where to put them. Use pop-ups or advertise them at checkout or display it directly on your website. Whichever way you choose, make sure that they are visible and inviting so that you can easily grow your email list with them.

6. Use Social Media to Advertise

While your website is a suitable home for your business, you cannot argue with the fact that social media integration plays a big role in building your business. One of its many benefits is that you can use it to share more information. You can bring information from your website on other social media platforms and add links leading back to your site. In addition, you can also put links to sign-up forms on any of your social media posts or stories. Your social media followers can easily help you grow your email list by also being subscribed to you. Spreading sign-up links on social media increases the chances of growing your email list.

7. Use Contact and Sign Up Forms

Sow Body Fitness Sign up Form

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Besides ensuring high-quality and SEO-rich content on your website, you also have to be aware of how your website content speaks to your audience. You cannot grow your email list without attracting the attention of your site visitors and customers. Your content should be promising and so when you put up contact and sign-up forms, it would encourage them to fill it out. Ask them to subscribe directly or you can capture their email addresses via a feedback or question form. Similar to the screenshot of your Strikingly user’s website above, you can encourage them to have a conversation with you via email. This way, you are instantly growing your email list.

8. Insert Links to Sign-Ups in Blogs and Other Content

Your content is valuable and leading. Meaning, whether your customers or site visitors know it, you intend your content to lead them to a specific action or actions. While that is usually to purchase your products or avail of your services, you can also incorporate email sign-ups on them. You can grow your email list by inserting links within or at the end of your blogs and other similar content. Because besides being inspired to be one of your customers, it may also compel them to read more of your blogs. Thus, you can invite them to sign up for newsletters and updates. You hit two birds with one stone, not only by converting them into customers but also by growing your email list and eventually turning them into loyal subscribers.

9. Get Your Contacts to Share

The very first thing on this list of how to grow your email list emphasizes the importance of your email content. Besides what we have already talked about, having high-quality email content may encourage your subscribers to keep on reading what you have to say, and it may also incline them to share it. This is another way of growing your email list. You can encourage your subscribers to share it with their friends. You can put in a call to action button in the emails you send to your subscribers, which would enable them to forward it to their own contacts. Once their friends receive it, this call to action button can become a “Subscribe” button for your new and potential subscribers.

10. Let Them Contact You

Let Them Contact You

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Another way to grow your email list is to put your email address on your website. Website builders like Strikingly allow you to put icons with links to your social media accounts and your email. Instead of asking them to give you their own email address, you can opt to give them yours and hope that they would contact you. You increase the chances of actually growing your email list by tailoring your content to urge them to contact you. This is encouraging to various site visitors and customers because it makes them feel like they have control and authority.

Growing Your Email List with Strikingly

Strikingly is a website builder that has many features that can help you grow your email list and, ultimately, your business. In any of the website templates that Strikingly offers, you can customize and add one or more contact and sign-up forms sections. You have four different types to choose from. All of which allows you to collect email addresses from your customers or site visitors. You can even customize how they will look and what other text or elements they would display.

Strikingly Contact forms Section

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Once people submit their email addresses on the website, you can keep track of how fast you are growing your email list using the Audience list feature of Strikingly. You can access this via your dashboard or your site editor. This will let you send emails and newsletters to your mailing list. Therefore, it would assist to grow your email list.

Strikingly Audience List

Image taken from Strikingly Product

You can also use the Newsletter feature of Strikingly. This allows you to send out a newsletter to everyone on your email list. This is a way for you to grow your email list and/or ensure that your email list is still intact. You send out a message to your subscribers asking them how they are and reassuring them you still have a lot to offer.

Strikingly Newsletter Feature

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Your email list is a vital part of your business and your marketing initiatives. Don’t be complacent and overconfident that your other endeavors would be enough, don’t neglect growing your email list. In the long run, having a long email list would benefit your business more than you can imagine. Sign up with Strikingly and grow your email list with all of their wonderful features!