Affordable Web Design

Since the pandemic, the importance of the business budget has increased significantly. The business owners are paying a lot of attention to their budget to figure out the best formulae to make their business run better. One of the ways to do that is by creating an affordable web design for your business. Ever since the evolution of web designs and their impact on businesses in the past 12 months, we are looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings to website development.

Nowadays, the digital industry is enriched with information and innovative marketing strategies. The business websites must be professional and unique to convey their business objectives to their visitors properly. After learning web designing, you should market your products efficiently. This will enable you to expand your content ideas and boost your conversion rate. Are you looking for the most affordable website design ideas in 2022? You couldn’t have come to a better article than this.

Best Ideas for an Affordable Website Design

1. Quality Fonts

In 2020 and 2021, bold typography got a lot of attention and praise within the digital industry, especially in clarity. One of the affordable web design options to consider is to do precisely what the users have been doing over the past few years i.e. including bold fonts in your web design. These fonts will result in attention from the visitors. You can also choose to play with the font of your logo or blog content. If you have just started with your website design, this technique is very easy to implement.

quality font typography

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Huge fonts are recommended for the critical information (potential breaking news or warnings), which will derive attention from the visitors. This will also create interest from the visitors related to your products, services, or your website in general. Usually, visitors tend to remember what was written in huge or oversized fonts rather than the thin font. Therefore, you can choose to play with different fonts to elevate your website design.

2. Split-Screen Content

If you are willing to convey your message related to multiple ideas on your website but don’t want to make it informal, you can choose to have a split-screen website layout to make your mark. This is one of the best tips for an affordable web design because it is notably more friendly for visitors. It allows them to select from two things rather than looking at two different website template layouts.

split-screen website content

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Apart from that, split-screen content helps to improve visual flow and provides the user with a theme that shows the values upon which your website stands. This format is crucial for both desktop and mobile versions. The level of compliance with mobile phones is extremely lethal as it enables the users to rest calmly, knowing that they haven’t missed out on any important information. Similarly, split-screen content also enables the users to remove unnecessary content on the website.

3. Whitespaces

The idea to have whitespaces as one of your affordable web design options comes intending to enable visitors to navigate through your entire web page. The initial reaction created by your website would be so powerful that they would be inclined to learn more about your products and services. The negative spaces weaken the influence of your logo. You will brighten up your web pages and make your content noticeable by adding colors to your web design.

Additionally, having constant blank spaces may create a minimalistic feeling within the visitors. Even though adding unnecessary content to fill the empty spaces is wrong, it is also not a great strategy to have so many blank spaces on your website. Having meaningful negative space around your website elements will substantially improve your design features.

4. Videos

When you create an affordable web design for your business, you can choose to add video content to your website. In 2022, the importance of videos cannot be disregarded for any website. If you have a resume or an eCommerce website, videos are crucial for all categories. For example, if you own an eCommerce website, you can create a video to showcase the functionality of a particular eCommerce product.

add video content

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High-quality video content will not just deliver your message to your visitors but can also prove to be highly engaging. For example, if the video is related to new educational reforms, it may attract a wide range of visitors. Similarly, if a new eCommerce product has come into the market, visitors would be willing to see what the user displays in his/her video related to that product. Strikingly helps you with the video content by helping you add videos from YouTube to your website.

5. Quality and Customized Images

The objective behind using high-quality website images as part of your affordable web design goes beyond attracting visitors to your website. Its objective is to bolster your website status by providing your visitors with complete information about the products you are willing to sell or offer. Despite having an inexpensive web design, this technique will give a unique identity to it. When you customize your images and the icons corresponding with your business brand, it will gain a lot of attraction from your respective visitors.

New Strikingly Features for Web Designing

1. SEO Support

Let’s be honest, you create an affordable web design to ensure that the entire world recognizes your hard work. There is no point in investing so much time in your web design when you have nothing to show for it. Regardless of you have an expensive or a cheap web design, all of them require SEO practices. SEO practices will not just bring a wide range of audiences to your website but will also improve your search engine rankings. This will increase your website’s exposure.


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SEO is extremely important for website ranking, and Strikingly fully understands that. To make things easy for our users, we provide them with an SEO checklist. You will enjoy more control over SEO through this feature. You can add, edit or remove meta-titles and meta-descriptions related to your web page. Strikingly has also made a few developments related to on-site SEO. You can find all of the updates in the settings of the Strikingly website editor.

2. Blog Section

When you create an affordable web design, one of the things to monitor is to create the kind of content that matches its quality. Therefore, you can add blog sections to your website to inform the audience about your products and services. Strikingly enables you to add a blog section, which will allow you to start blogging immediately after creating an inexpensive web design. If you have a free plan of Strikingly, you can easily access “Simple Blog” by logging into your account. To add a blog section on your website, ensure that you go through the following steps:

  1. Check your Strikingly website editor on the left-hand side
  2. Click on “Add New Section”
  3. You will see an option for adding a blog section. Click on it
  4. After adding the section, you can choose to “Manage Blog Posts”
  5. Click on “Write New Post”
  6. Make sure that you start writing your first blog post. You can choose to click the + sign to add other forms of content that you would like to add, such as images and videos

3. Form Section

Forms can turn out to be one of the most important components of your website after you create a cheap web design. When you create an affordable web design, you run the risk of having likes and dislikes from your customers related to it. Forms enable you to obtain all the information from your visitors. If they have complaints about your web design, they will let you know about it. Forms help the users understand the customer demands to give them better customer service. Strikingly enables customers to upload files for users’ better understanding.


Depending upon your budget, you can create an affordable web design for your business. Once you create your desired web design, you can implement search engine optimization (SEO) practices on it so that you can attract wider audiences to your platform. All websites must have a custom domain, quick updates, and a mobile-responsive design. To establish a high-quality web design for your website, you need to rely on an effective website builder, such as Strikingly.

strikingly premium plans

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As soon as you get yourself registered on Strikingly, you will get yourself a free plan. The free plan enables you to access the basic features required to create a website design. In the free plan, you will get a bandwidth of 5 GB with several websites having basic functionality. You don’t need to go through a vast knowledgebase page to learn about web designing here on Strikingly. All you need to do is select a website template and edit it as per your creativity skills. Make sure that your design is mobile-friendly so that you can welcome a considerable number of visitors to your platform.