Outsource Content Creation to Lessen Your Your Burden of Marketing

The title of this article says it all! When you outsource content creation, you reduce your marketing team’s burden to produce content internally within your organization.

Many large organizations that are making money through content creation, or enhancing their search engine optimization by creating a lot of content, outsource content creation because they can afford it. It helps in getting their content executed professionally.

Firms that outsource content marketing can focus better on the other aspects of their marketing activities, such as running paid ads, maintaining their website, managing their online orders, and forecasting sales.

However, when you first start a blog, you wouldn’t be getting sufficient income out of it. It is better to keep writing all your content on your own until you can monetize your blog. After monetization, if you observe that producing more content than you possibly can will increase the money you make from your blog, you can also consider outsourcing your content creation.

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In this post, we’ll be discussing 6 benefits of outsourcing your content creation.

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Content Creation

If you can write professionally and produce great content on your own, why outsource content creation? There are certain benefits of outsourcing content marketing, whether you are operating as an individual or as an organization. The benefits outweigh any extra costs that you may incur when you get somebody or some other firm to do the job for you.

Here are 6 key benefits you can enjoy if you choose to outsource your content creation. These will answer the question.

1. More Time for Other Business Activities and Avoid Burnouts

As mentioned above, when companies outsource content creation, they have more time and resources left to pay attention to their business’ other departments and activities. This is one of the main reasons why they consider outsourcing content writing.

Doing research and publishing original content daily or weekly, especially for a blog website, can be very time-consuming. It is a full-time job if you update your blog posts every single day. When someone does it all by themselves, they have no time to pay attention to the social media pages promoting the same blog. They also have no time left to work on their site’s search engine optimization.

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Everyone has a limited number of hours in a day and needs break time to eat food and a few hours of necessary sleep. Let’s say it takes you 2 hours to build an original 1500-word fresh article for your blog and an additional 1 hour to research the topic. If you have a total of 8 working hours in a day, you can only produce a maximum of 2 articles in a day. That is less than the number of blog posts made by successful bloggers in a single day.

Even if you produce and post two new articles a day, soon, you will experience burnout and won’t be able to continue working at the same pace. You will need a helping hand - someone who can back you up in your content writing when you cannot complete it on time.

Blogs that outsource content creation can generate 3-7 articles to publish in a day. These blogs get updated so fast that Google bots also trace them more frequently, enhancing their search rankings to a great extent.

If you want to make it feasible to publish about 5-7 articles on your blog every day, you need to outsource content creation to at least 2 or 3 more people.

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2. Publish More Content More Frequently

Even if you say you can easily update your blog with a single new post every day, and you feel that this pace is good enough to keep your blog going, you might want to consider outsourcing your content creation as your blog traffic grows. More people visiting your blog every day means the demand for your articles in your niche is rising. It is good to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you outsource content creation a little bit, and hire one additional writer in this case and start producing a total of 2 articles per day, the search engines will notice this increase in pace at your end and boost your blog’s position in search results. Your audience will also be happy to see more fresh content to read every day. Thus they will spend more time browsing through your website, which is good for your site’s SEO.

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3. Outsourcing Your Content Creation is Less Costly Than Hiring In-house Writers

Outsourcing your content creation means hiring freelance or remote workers who offer professional content writing services. It is different from hiring full-time content writers who work from your office. The former is a lot cheaper than the latter.

Freelance content writers usually charge for the services based on the number of words or articles they produce in a day. If they cannot write a new post on a particular day, they won’t charge you anything for that day. This way, you can save your cost and only pay for the time and amount based on their work.

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You can find these content writers on freelance platforms or social media communities such as Facebook Groups. These are self-employed individuals or small agencies with cheap rates and are more affordable for businesses looking to outsource content marketing.

4. Outsourcing Your Content Creation is a Flexible Option

When you hire full-time employees to produce content for your blog, you can get stuck with these writers. It is sometimes difficult in this case to adapt to the changing needs or content development over time.

But when you outsource content creation, you can maintain flexibility in the type of content you produce over time. If you notice that your content quality has dipped or the traffic on your blog has suddenly dropped, you can check which of your writers is causing this loss. You can then train the particular writer to produce better content or simply replace him with a new content writer.

Moreover, you might face seasons in your business when it doesn’t make much sense to invest too much in content creation. In such instances, you can cut down on the number of outsourced writers you have and slow down the creation and publishing of content for a while. Later as your business grows, you can scale up your production again in a smooth flow.

5. You Can Get Ideas From Fresh Perspectives

Every content writer has a different or unique perspective of his own for each topic they write on. Thus when you hire remote content writers with diverse backgrounds and from other parts of the world, they will all write from their unique angles. This means you will get a variety of styles of writing for your blog.

This can work out very well for your overall marketing plan. Readers also like to read from varying perspectives and feel encouraged to engage with your content if they see so many viewpoints on a subject on a single platform.

When you outsource content creation, you hire writers from different parts of the world with varying histories of employment and writing exposure. They have all probably worked for various clients in the past and have differing but hopefully high-quality standards. This diversity will add to the variety on your blog and make your posts more attractive. It also helps in emerging the trends of content marketing.

6. You Can Reach a Wider Audience

When you outsource content creation, you have a chance of reaching a wider audience. There are several reasons for this.

  • Outsourcing your content creation helps you update your blog more frequently, causing a boost in its SEO and triggering search engines to enhance its rankings.
  • Different writers write from varying perspectives. This attracts more personality types as readers for your blog.
  • For hiring remote writers, you might have to advertise the vacancy on social media platforms. There is a high chance of getting new site visitors when they read about your blog on these social media sites.
  • The new writers will research your blog to get the feel of it if they are interested in getting hired by you. This will increase the browsing time of your blog articles.

Even if you hire ghostwriters to outsource content creation, they want to insert links into their posts that will serve as backlinks to their website. To do that, they would first be reading the existing articles on your blog to get familiar with your standards, style, and guest posting rules. Then when they create a guest post, the links they insert will help drive traffic back and forth from their blog to yours and vice versa.

At Strikingly, we have our blog, which we use to outsource content marketing. We like to mention our users’ websites in our posts to boost their site’s SEO. If you build a website on Strikingly, you can also add a blog to help your content marketing efforts.