For the average person, finding a niche that suits you and brings in the profit you want can be tasking. At some point, you may begin to wonder whether a niche is right for your online business.

As you read, you will learn the simple hacks that can help you discover your unique niche and answer the question: "How do I successfully find a profitable niche?"

But first, we need to understand why it is necessary to position your business in the most profitable niches.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a specialized segment of the market for a given product or service being offered.

Finding the right niche for your business gives your online business a solid foundation and guarantees a sustainable business. This is because, like a good physical environment, the most profitable niche helps your business grow at its pace while ensuring that profit is being maximized.

It is the second most crucial factor after cultivating your business idea. It enables you to commit to a specific area of business that will provide expert solutions to your customer’s problems.

Whatever the niche, be it web design, content creation, UI/UX, digital marketing etc the ultimate aim is to create something you can scale over time and transform into a profitable business.

Before we unravel the most profitable niche ideas, let us share some tips to help you find profitable niches.

How to Find a Profitable Niche

  • Discover your Passion
  • Identify your Skills
  • Determine your Sub-niche
  • Research Niche Profitability


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Discover Your Passion

When choosing your niche ideas, ensure you know what you are most passionate about and what industry you will enjoy working in. It's always best to figure out what you are passionate about because passion drives commitment. If you lack passion for your chosen niche, you will have difficulty managing your business because you have no genuine interest in it. It is always easier and better when your business is built along the lines of your interest and passion. In choosing a niche for your business, the question should always be, 'what would I do the whole day, without pay, and yet not feel like I have wasted time?'. Think about it.

Identify Your Skills

Knowing what you have a flair for is an advantage when choosing the most profitable niche for your business. However, it's equally important that you can identify your business skills, whether they are natural or acquired. Identifying what skills you have and polishing those skills will take you a step further toward finding a profitable niche.

What skills have you acquired? What are you really good at? It could be web designing, coding, singing, fashion, and trends. It could be anything! Focus on your skill set, improve it, and leverage it in choosing that perfect niche for your business.

Determine Your Sub-niche

You probably have heard the saying 'Jack of all trades, master of none, ' right? Well, it applies here too! Most niches are divided into smaller segments known as sub-niches. A sub-niche is a niche within a niche. A niche could have about five other sub-niches, and it is these sub-niches that most successful individual brands specialize in. For example, a broad niche such as fitness could have a keto diet, yoga, weight loss, vegan recipes, and cross fits as sub-niches. Often, most broad niches are crowded out by top businesses that had started out long before you even had your business idea, making the niches highly competitive, and scaling becomes increasingly difficult for new businesses in those niches. Building your new business in a sub-niche with less competition and better chances of scaling your new business is advisable.

When looking for a profitable niche, find a less competitive and yet popular fragment of a large industry to focus on.

Research Niche Profitability

It is crucial to conduct market research to find out if your niche ideas are profitable and if there is a need for your service.

Below are four (4) free tools that can help you carry out market research and also aid you in your quest to find a profitable niche.

4 Tools to Help You Find Your Profitable Niche


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1. Google Trends: it helps you discover what is trending around your interested niche.

2. Quora: This is a lucrative platform for questions and answers. It helps you see the most popular demand in your segmented market.

3. Answer The Public: It helps you discover what people are looking for in real-time.

4. Google Search: It helps you discover searches related to your target market and suggests ideas to help you identify your niche.

Before getting to know the top niche ideas dominating the industries now, it is necessary to highlight a few mistakes that will deter the finding of a profitable niche.

Most Common Niche Mistakes You Must Avoid

  • Generalization
  • Choosing a popular niche
  • Being too specific


Never assume that your business is for everybody. You must identify your target customer and learn how to communicate with them. The most profitable online niches identify their target audience and focus on meeting the business needs of a specific segment of society.

Choosing an Over-crowded Niche

As stated earlier, most very popular niches are overcrowded by businesses, making them highly competitive. You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you have to choose a niche that everyone else is involved with. Although a 'market want' is necessary, it is equally essential that your business is in a less crowded and less competitive niche. If you must choose a popular niche, then you must choose a good sub-niche that will allow your business to grow and maximize profit.

Being Too Specific

While it is not in your business's best interest to choose a very broad niche, it is also not a good idea for your niche to be too remote. Your business aims to make sales and gain profit. If no one or very few people are searching for what you are selling, you will achieve neither of these. So, in the interest of your business, ensure to choose a niche where you have a ready market. This will also be profitable for SEO and keyword planning when you engage in online marketing.

Have you been struggling to find the most profitable online niches? Do not fret. That is why we are here to give you niche ideas to choose from. You can pick from any of these ideas, develop them, and there, you have a profitable online business.

10 Profitable Niche Ideas to Start an Online Business

  • Beauty
  • Personal/Self Development
  • Financing
  • Real estate
  • Travel
  • Social media marketing
  • Pets
  • Health and Wellness
  • Technology and gadgets
  • Fashion


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Naturally, no one wants to show up looking like something the cat dragged in. Since everyone wants to look good, the beauty industry has a vast market base that cuts across different target market demographics.

With the right skills and the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can birth innovative beauty ideas that may become trends and bring you good money.

Personal/Self Development

This niche has consistently gained increasing interest over the years. In this competitive market, the growing emphasis is on acquiring new skills. These may be soft skills, such as social skills, decision-making skills, leadership skills, and more. They could also be hard business skills, relevant to your desired industry or profession. Ultimately, the goal is that you experience personal growth and development and gain self-recognition. These emphases have become principal factors expected to drive market growth in the industry.


Finance is considered a highly lucrative niche, as the desire for personal wealth and financial security is innately strong. People want more options for accessing, increasing, and sharing their money. This niche includes e-invoicing services, investments, cryptocurrencies, banking innovations, peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, data security, and other such services. Did you know that a Strikingly website allows you to integrate payment gateways into your eCommerce website? Customers can directly pay for a product without needing to contact you. That’s just one of the many blessings of the finance niche, especially FinTech.

Real Estate

Real estate is globally known to be a profitable niche because there will always be a growing need for shelter, one of human’s basic needs. You can tap from this highly profitable niche by working as a real estate agent/realtor (displaying property ads on websites, earning commission from making sales, and many more) or purchasing and developing properties if you have the financial capability. If you are branching into real estate, you need a website. Here are Real Estate website ideas we curated for you.


Another very profitable niche idea is lifestyle. If you are a passionate traveler who loves making new friends and memories, then the travel sub-niche is the best fit for you. Likewise, recreation and housing can also be a profitable sub-niche if you love creating comfort for others. There are several ways to milk profits from this venture - you could start by writing a travel blog and sharing inspiring travel tips and pictures from every trip of yours. There's a whole lot to be done under this niche.

Social Media Marketing

You can capitalize on social media marketing by offering marketing services to a specific market segment. Make it your mission to help businesses achieve their marketing goals and objectives and get paid handsomely for your service.


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The pet sector has experienced tremendous growth and has continued growing over the years. This category includes specialty pet foods, grooming products, pet clothing, therapy pets, service dogs, and more. The estimated expenditure on pet food in the U.S was about $126 billion in 2021. This is predicted to experience exponential growth in the coming years.

Health and Wellness

It is said that health is wealth, and this narrative still governs the health and wellness sector. Our bodies require adequate nurturing. If we lose our health, we lose everything. People want to live a prolonged, healthy, and accomplished life, and this need has opened the doors to profitable ventures in this sector. These ventures include; diet, nutrition and supplements, exercise products and services, skincare, traditional medicine, herbal remedies, personal trainers, and more.

Technology and Gadgets

Technology has become our lifeline, and we cannot imagine life daily without our tech gadgets. As technology continues to break new ground, buying and selling tech gadgets can be a profitable niche for your business. This includes mobile devices, phone cases, laptops, and more.


It is popularly said that looking good is good business, and indeed it is. Humans, since time immemorial, have always had that innate desire to have great clothing and, above all, an admirable fashion sense. People invest a lot of money to look good, so you might want to consider the clothing niche among your list of profitable niches.

The aim of a business is to make a profit, and finding a profitable niche is only your first step towards guaranteeing maximal profit in your business. We have built amazing features into each of our website templates, to help your business maximize profit. A Strikingly website allows you to integrate a payment gateway, so customers can easily transact without need for your active involvement. Our websites also provide monthly records and analysis of your business activities. That way, you can track the cash flow in your business.