Create a Podcast

The concept of podcasts may seem a little outdated; no visual aids, just an audio medium, kind of like the radio. But in recent years, the simple convenience of being able to listen to something of your interest while doing anything else you wish to has been gaining traction. The podcasting business has been getting so much attention because of how busy an average man’s life is in today’s day and age. Everyone would constantly instead multitask than sit and do one thing at a time.

When starting a podcast, people’s primary goal is to make it enjoyable as a sidelined task someone does while getting other work done. People create a podcast to be played in the background to many scenarios like driving, typing, running errands, and the list goes on.

Starting a business podcast is one genre of the podcasting business that is finding its way in the world as of late. It is another marketing channel with a lot of potential to bring in revenue to firms and organizations. So, many businesses now create a podcast, hoping to gain customers and spread their message and purpose across an entirely new medium and audience.

6 Steps On How to Make a Podcast

To create a podcast, you have to follow some procedures and formalities. Below you may find a miniguide that will help you learn the process you need to follow to create a podcast.

1. Pre-planning

Before you make any physical arrangements to create a podcast, you need to plan it out thoroughly in your head. Since the podcasting business uses only an audio medium, you have to make sure you know how to get your message across just by your words. That is why during the pre-planning time of starting a business podcast, we strongly recommend that you practice your vocal clarity and speech.

2. Purchasing the Equipment

To create a podcast, you need to own a particular kind of equipment. You cannot just use any mic that you may have lying around. And the chances of you having all the other required equipment already available at home are also very rare. So, before the first day of starting a podcast, you need to purchase, set up and learn to use the equipment. Purchasing the equipment to create a podcast will also help you figure out whether or not you have the long-run budget for podcasting. How to make a podcast the correct way is to forecast the long-run cost-benefit analysis before your first episode.

equipment required to record a podcast

3. Scripting

Even though you can choose to give your podcast an overall fun and lighthearted persona, scripting will still be necessary to some extent. People only stay engaged if what you speak about is consistent - even if it has a tone of being all fun and games. So, never create a podcast without scripting out what you will be talking about during that episode.

4. Downloading the Recording Software

Besides podcasting equipment, you need to have specific recording software for the podcast to turn out clean. Before you create a podcast, after you have fully set up your equipment, you need to download the recording software. It would be helpful if you had the script ready beforehand as well. This way, you can test out the software and see how it will sound to your audience.

5. Recording an Intro and Outro

Even though you can create a podcast without having an intro and outro, it just looks pretty unprofessional that way. How to start a business podcast correctly means having an official intro and outro from the very first episode. That is why we are including this step in our guide to starting a podcast. The intro and outro will give the audience the general feel of your podcast so that you do not have to awkwardly and explicitly state it during the podcast.

6. Recording and Editing

The very last and, of course, the most crucial step you need to perform is to actually record and then edit your podcast. If you follow the steps mentioned above correctly, this will be the most fun and the easiest step to accomplish. Before you even finish recording your first podcast, you will already have the hang of it!

4 Effective Ways to Promote a Podcast

There is really no point for you to create a podcast if it is not promoted efficiently. If you are looking to create a podcast, you also have to consider the promotional side of the matter. Read ahead to learn a few effective ways to promote your podcast.

1. Through an Emailing List

If scripted accurately, an email can go a long way. Especially if it is sent efficiently through an emailing list. Make sure to avoid odd graphics and links so that your promotional emails regarding your podcast do not end up in the spam folder. But for sure, it is one of the most effective and cost-friendly ways to promote a podcast. When you are ready to create a podcast, create an emailing list of your target audience by gathering information from reliable sources. Later on, you can review and edit this list to add the people who actually end up subscribing.

email subscription form on a website that promotes film direction services

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

2. Create Snippets

Make your podcast easy to share! Someone who knows nothing about your podcast will not be willing to listen to it for an hour just to gauge whether or not they are interested in it. They will, however, most likely listen to a 30-second clip and decide if they are interested in listening to the rest of it or not. That is why it is essential to always promote your podcast by editing out snippets and attention-grabbing quotes to bring in a new audience every time. Some snippets may include:

  • Shocking moments
  • Direct quotations
  • Short games
  • Quizzes
  • Q&A’s

3. Make Full Use of Social Media

This is probably the easiest yet most rewarding way to promote your podcast in today’s day and age. Go crazy posting and engaging on different social media platforms, and there is no doubt that it will bring in a huge amount of audience for your podcast. Just be sure to keep your message consistent on all platforms and know your target audience before you set out to create a social media promotion campaign.

Twitter feed of a public speaker on her personal website

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4. Create a Website

Building a website, or at least laying its foundation, can be a matter of minutes in this digital age. With the help of website building platforms, many individuals and companies create a website on their own even when they don’t know any programming languages. That’s because these platforms provide ready-to-use templates that save the time and cost that otherwise needs to be spent on creating a web design. Most of these platforms require you to do no coding at all. You work on their editor as though you are working on a Microsoft Powerpoint file or a Google Doc.

One of the rising platforms for website development is Strikingly, where we have tons of ready-made templates for you to choose from. The responsive and user-friendly nature of our templates helps build your site’s SEO, which is good for promoting the content you add to the site.

Strikingly signup page

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After you create a podcast, you can promote it easily by writing about it and uploading it on a website that you build on Strikingly. This will give a professional look to your passion. Starting a business podcast is not easy, but once you have a few episodes recorded, you will be proud to promote it through an attractive website.

Strikingly allows you to easily add text, images, audio, and videos to your web pages. Your podcasts can either be uploaded as audio or converted into videos by adding still pictures to them and uploaded to third-party video hosting websites like Youtube or Vimeo. Once you have your podcasts published on a platform like Youtube, you can embed them on your web pages by inserting their links.

Vimeo video embedded on a website

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This method will help you drive traffic to your podcasts from the different platforms back and forth. You can capitalize on your followers or subscribers on each platform. For instance, your website visitors can become your YouTube subscribers, and your YouTube viewers can end up visiting your site. People who use integrated marketing campaigns like this always get their efforts successful.

Concluding Remarks

Promoting a podcast can be a fun experience when you have such effective tools available for you. If you would like to have this exciting experience, create a podcast and then hop on to Strikingly to start promoting it through the features we provide.

When you just want to create a podcast as a hobby or are starting a business podcast to promote your business initiative, the tools and tips discussed in this post will surely benefit you.