There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts proliferating the web so you want to make sure yours gets the attention it deserves. Podcast websites give your followers an insight into what your show is about and serve as an official online home for your ideas. You can read more on how to start your plus design inspiration here. You probably have your podcast playing on iTunes, social media platforms and other podcast sites but having a dedicated website for it sets it apart from all other similar shows and gives it a distinct personality.

designing podcast websites

Strikingly simplifies podcast site development by providing a growing collection of modern website templates that are great for virtually every industry you can think of. Its integrated app store lets you embed your Soundcloud podcast so your followers can listen to your latest episodes from your site.

Create an engaging homepage

The best podcast websites feature an engaging homepage that visually represents their podcast’s theme. One pro tip is to keep your landing page simple but keep your unique branding consistent all throughout the site. It would be good if you can also implement the same custom fonts or logos on the best podcast hosting sites and outlets where your podcast sits. Customize your Strikingly website with color schemes and fonts from the site editor. You can also upload your own font to use on the website.

A strong header image to engage your audience is a must-have. When your followers land on your site, you want to make sure that your visuals and your text content are enough to reel them in. Don’t make visitors guess what you want them to do on the website. Communicate it clearly with your call to action.

Tell your visitors your story

The About section of your Strikingly podcasts website should contain a description of what your podcast is about and the story behind its inception. You can also add a short bio of the host and a timeline of how it got started and related press and media coverage if any.

While visitors love a good story, try not to make your content too long, however. Make it brief but interesting. Highlight content by using image backgrounds.

Repurpose your content

podcast site content

Podcasts sites do not have to contain just your podcast episodes. You can repurpose your episodes and create content on your website. For instance, every time you come out with a new episode, write a short introduction to that episode or add your notes for that show. Create a blog talking about episode notes or write articles related to your episode topic. Search engines like fresh content and this can improve your online visibility thereby attracting new followers.

Make it user friendly

The best podcast sites are user-friendly. They don’t make visitors wonder where to find the information they want. When designing a podcast website, keep your target audience in mind. What is it that they expect to find on your site? Make this information readily available for them. For instance, some users may want to go back to your podcasts. Display a list of your previous episodes available for them to listen to at their convenience. Create a loyal following by encouraging them to sign up for updates. Some podcasts sites provide access to old episodes in exchange for email addresses. Build a mailing list and implement newsletter campaigns to keep your fans engaged.

Add an online store

Once your podcast has attracted a huge following, you can also expand your Strikingly podcast website to include an online store. All you need to do is add the Simple Store section on your site, select a payment gateway so you can receive credit card payments online and you’re set.