Happiness and good vibes are what most of us seek. Specifically, during these times where various issues and conflicts continuously arise, all we need is one good laugh to remove all the negativity away.

Comedians have been one of the most loved professions. Even before the pandemic started, people have been notoriously visiting comedy bars to watch various stand-up acts. Well, you can’t really blame them. Who wouldn’t want to have some fun after a very tiring and stressful day, right?

Now that we are living in a more advanced life, everything can be achieved in just one click on the internet. You can now order food online, shop online, sell online attend your class online, and even have fun online! How? Simple, by simply visiting a comedian website.

Comedy sites have been a great help not just for comedians in building an online presence but also for clients who need their services. Various comedian websites continuously emerge, specifically nowadays where walk-ins are hard to do due to strict quarantine protocols.

If you are a comedian looking for tips and ideas on how to start your comedian website, then coming here is the best answer for you. We in Strikingly collected and made these galleries of some of the top comedy sites which are truly worth visiting. Get your inspiration from them, and who knows, you and your comedian website will be among the next best comedy websites, which everyone is jealous of. Sounds fun, right?

The Best Comedy Websites to Make You Create Your Own

1. Trevor Noah


Image taken from Trevor Noah

It may seem not to like it, but comedians also need to have a strong online presence to help them gather more audiences. Digital marketing is one effective way to achieve career advancement. Trevor Noah’s comedian website is here to give comedians inspiration in creating a clean and minimalist comedian website. Noah is one of the most successful comedians who is currently based in Africa. He is among dedicated comedians who have a passion for sharing his skills in comedy on his comedy website. Upon visiting his comedian website, a hero header comes will welcome you along with various comedian website features like descriptive CTAs. Menu titles are also added to it, such as “buy the book”, “watch on Netflix”, “listen now” and “buy tickets” to give comedian website viewers an immediate view of what they can expect on a usual stand up comedy websites. Social media icons on the comedy website header are also provided to make it easier for clients to reach him through his

2. JBS Moove


Image taken from JBS Moove

This comedian website will definitely grab your attention upon visiting it. Smoove is a writer, a comedian, and an actor who made his comedian website filled with exceptional design. He has the passion and style of capturing audiences in every part of the world with his unique way of comedy acts. His comedian website is primarily designed with exceptional elegance, wittiness, and full of life. Upon visiting his comedian website, one can instantly notice a smooth parallax effect enveloping his welcome page. Other comedian website features like a cool word rotator effect, smooth hover effects, and other amazing features present in this comedian website is one best inspiration to help you start your own. On his comedy website, one can also enjoy his gallery of various videos of all his previous shows made. Social media icons are also displayed on this comedian website through a slider.

3. Joel Creasey


Image taken from Joel Creasey

Joel Creasey is one of the most popular and attractively controversial stand-up comedians in Australia. He is one unstoppable comedian and is considered a crown prince in the field of Aussie comedy. His comedian website is as wonderful as his comedic personality. Once visiting his comedian website, you will be welcomed by a striking smooth slider on the comedian website header. This feature makes a great introduction to the comedian’s personality and gives an instant impact on anyone who lays their eyes on it. The comedy website also offers soft copies of Creasey’s latest ebook collection along with hard copies too. This comedian website also embraces social media integration. It has linked social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. Other parts of his comedian website also contain amazing content including galleries of performance videos, photos, previous shows, personal bio, and written books.

4. Daniel Connell


Image taken from Daniel Connell

Humor can break any type of tension and boredom, especially in this type of new normal. It is even considered one best stress reliever too. If you are someone who’d love to be in this profession, good comedy websites will be interesting to delve into. Among them is Daniel Connel’s comedian website. Daniel Connel is an Australian comedian with a strong passion for comedy and sharing it with an audience makes him create his own comedy website. His comedian website showcases a simple design that is definitely worth checking if you want a minimalistic approach to your comedian website. The main page has a full-screen website design where essential comedian website features are all visible. It displays Daniel’s photo which instantly gives a strong impact on a website viewer. Other comedy website elements are also present like a simple menu, a tagline, and social media icons to easily connect with Daniel. The other pages on his comedian website are well-structured showing menus like his gigs, posted podcasts, performance videos, bio, customer reviews, and many more.

5. StandUp NY


Image taken from Standup NY

If you are searching for effective ways on how to boost your career as a comedian, having your own comedy website will surely help you ensure a pleasing start. Standup NY is one of New York’s leading stand up comedy websites. This comedy club offers an exclusive comedy experience to its audience, which is truly admirable and noticeable on their created comedian website. Once landing on the comedian website homepage, various web elements are amazingly displayed in a clutter-free layout. The hero scene present on the web layout makes a striking presentation. The page is also equipped with sliders containing CTAs, well-designed background images, and striking headlines. This comedian website also enables the customer to get tickets online with a smooth flow of transactions through its featured shows section. Additionally, the testimonials also look fantastic with another cool slider present on it.

6. Dave Hughes


Image taken from Dave Hughes

With the digital advancements enveloping this modern age, reaching a wider range of clients is more possible for a comedian. Dave Hughes is another Australian comedian who is one of the most popular and considered successful stand-up comedians. His comedian website features a comprehensive design that’s ready to capture every potential client who’ll view his website. The comedian website homepage is filled with essential elements a comedy website needs to shine among the other competitors. Aside from that, this comedian website also showcases a GSAP animation as one cool addition to its overall comedian website design. You can also find in the website features like useful CTAs, sliders, clear and properly labeled forms, social media integrations, and many more. Other pages of the comedian website also include a gallery, news section, audio/video, comedian tour dates, and more.

Build Your Comedy Website With Us!

Sharing the fun is more fun if you know how to do it the right way. For you to achieve the best comedian websites you’ve been dreaming of, you must equip yourself with the right tools and weapons that can help you win the game—and one of them is having the best partner.

We in Strikingly not only help make websites but also make them more fun to deal with. We are equipped with the best set of tools and website features you can use in building your comedian website. From templates to a various amazing set of features, up to helping you provide the best customer care for your clients, we can definitely help you get through it, smoothly, without making you break too much sweat.

To help you get started, here’s a quick guide on how to start your comedian website-building journey with us.

How to Start Stand Up Comedy Websites With Strikingly

1. Sign-up for an Account

You can’t get anything started if you don’t have an account. In Strikingly, we offer different subscription plans for every account we offer. You can first start with our free account, and then upgrade to PRO or VIP whenever you want.


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You can start signing up for a free account by simply adding your email and your password. If you want, you can even use your own Facebook account to create one. When you are having troubles, you can simply connect with our Happiness Officers and ask questions, or send us your concerns.


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2. Select Your Comedian Website Template

Once you are done creating your Strikingly account, you will now be directed to our website templates collection. You can choose from our wide collection of amazing website templates and start building your very first comedian website. You don’t have to get worried if it works because all of our templates have been proven effective and working by our website users. What is more amazing is that you can enjoy all these templates for free! Sounds fun, right?


Image taken from Strikingly

3. Start Having Fun!

After choosing your comedian website template, you are now on the highlighted part—customizing! We allow our users to design their own comedian website however they want it to be. You can choose your own website layout color scheme, content fonts, content arrangements, logo displays, and even post your own videos and photos on your own gallery!

For starters, one best layout you can use is this website template used by Andrea Crowley. It is among the best-suggested website template for startups which is truly beginner-friendly yet still classy. You can add your own biography and post your own services by editing it in the Sections editor. You can even share your comedian’s story and be an inspiration to anyone who seeks to be in the same profession. Just amazing right?


Image taken from Strikingly

Creating websites is realistically complicated in some instances. But, if you know where to rely yourself on, everything will flow smoothly. Just focus on finding the best partner for you and in no time, you will finally achieve everything you’ve been dreaming of—to be one of the top comedy sites ever existed!

Still curious for more? Chat with us, and let’s start working together.