Anyone managing a website knows that when it comes to managing your online space, Google can be your best friend. The search engine aims to empower website owners and developers with valuable tools for maintaining and improving their websites. The best part is that these Google website tools are available free of charge so they are totally worth trying especially if you are new to website management.


Here are some of the best free website tools that you should check out this coming year.

1. Google Analytics

Data is a crucial driving force of successful digital marketing campaigns. Without proper website traffic information, a business is literally flying blind, unable to create website content and messages that will resonate with its target audience. Strikingly websites come with integrated free website tools but if you want a more granular look into your site’s performance, we definitely recommend adding your site to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports your site’s traffic. You can use this tool to create goals, track conversions and collate data that can help you improve your website content, design and user experience.

You can enable Google Analytics to track your website performance by adding a tracking ID into your Strikingly website.

2. Google Data Studio

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking site performance but because of the wealth of information it churns out, beginners can get really lost in all that data. To process the information from these website tools Google offers the Google Data Studio - a reporting tool that processes data into informative and easy to understand reports using data visualization. This tool allows you to create customizable reports according to your goals and key performance indicators. Website managers and digital marketers use this tool to generate charts and reports for their clients as well.

3. Google Search Console

Search engine optimization is an important component of digital marketing. For web developers and webmasters, Google Search Console is of the best website tools free of charge. It lets them check indexing status and provides helpful information for optimizing your website’s online visibility.


Google Search Console is one of the best website tools for SEO because it lets you view organic search performance alongside the most popular queries visitors use to get to your website. This helps you plan paid text ads and identify keywords and keyphrases to use all over your content. Many SEO experts also use this tool to find new and popular search queries that have low organic traffic volume.

4. Google My Business

If you’re running a local business and you have a physical address that customers can visit, you can use this website tool free of charge. Google My Business lets local businesses manage their online presence across various platforms such as Google Maps, and Google Search. With many customers opting to search for local companies and services through their mobile, ensuring that your brand is literally on the map is important to business success.

Make sure that your contact information is updated on Google My Business because this tool enables users to call you directly from the platform. Google My Business can also provide driving and walking directions to your physical premises so you risk losing potential customers if you still have your old address added on your account.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Finally, there’s Google Keyword Planner that can help you identify the keyphrases and keywords to use on your website content. This tool lets you search for relevant search queries according to your niche to ensure that your content stays visible to your target audience. Keyword planner shows such information as keyword search volume, historical statistics on keyword performance and even bid costs if you’re running paid ads on Google.