In this consumer-driven digital environment, creating a musician website and implementing digital marketing strategies are important to art distribution and consumption. If you want your music to be heard, you must leverage on the power of the internet to bring your work to your listeners. The best musician websites are not just online portfolios and homes for the artist’s songs. They also serve as advertising and marketing tools. With that said, here are some tips on how you can create a website that can successfully build your online presence.


Whether you’re a part of a band, a solo artist, or an independent producer, building websites for musicians is an essential component of promoting your music online. Some musicians argue that they are better off creating accounts in music streaming websites rather than build one of their own. However, in an oversaturated independent music market, you want to make sure your label stands out. Making your music available on these platforms is good but you are competing with thousands of other talents for attention so you want to branch out by creating your own corner of the internet to house your work.

1. Select a good musician website builder

You don’t need web development know how to build your own website these days. A good website builder can help you set up your site without the need to code. In fact, most of the better platforms feature a selection of musician website templates that are already pre-designed to accommodate your specific content requirements.

Strikingly is a website builder for musicians that also allows you to add different multimedia files to your site. You can connect your Soundcloud account to add your playlist to your website or add your music videos to further engage your audience.

2. Add an electronic press kit

An electronic press kit is pretty much like the paper press kit that you send to producers and talent scouts to introduce yourself and your songs. Nowadays, even talent scouts are actively looking around at the best musician websites to search for new faces. You want to make sure you have a press kit that they can download and keep in their files. The EPK is also a handy material for media professionals who might want to include your bio or a quote from you when they cover your gigs or concerts.

Your EPK should contain the following items:

  • Your bio - it doesn’t have to be a novel but you want to make it interesting
  • Photos - professional looking headshots and even images of you on your gigs are good to have
  • Media coverage - if you have been interviewed in the media recently or any press coverage you might have received should go into your press kit
  • Social media and website links

3. Keep your website updated

One of the best things about building a website for musicians with Strikingly is that you get a lot of room to customize your website and let your personality shine through. With its intuitive website editor, you can also update your website easily, anytime, anywhere.


The best websites for musicians are living documents, constantly updated with the latest about the artist. Keep creating new content for your visitors to consume. You can also use it to post upcoming concerts and gigs, and even link it to an event management app where your fans can get tickets to your shows. Add your social media pages to your website to create a cohesive online presence. Keep your gallery updated with new images and videos. If you have a knack for writing, you can even add a blog section to your Strikingly musician website to talk to your audience directly about your music and your inspirations.