Benefits of Business SMS Messaging

There have been many innovations on how to do business. Business text messaging is one of those innovations that has proven itself to be very helpful for business owners. In this article, we will talk about business messaging, the benefits of business sms messaging, and some tips on how to properly use it for your business.

Text Messaging Service for Business

Business sms messaging refers to the marketing and customer service tool that involves using text messaging for business. It is the process wherein businesses send updates, promotions, new launches, sales, and other information through business text messaging. Conversely, it also allows these businesses to receive responses or questions from their customers. While there are many online platforms that you can use for advertising your business, using text messaging services for business also has many advantages.

10 Benefits of Using Text Messaging for Business

1. Targeted Audience

Business SMS messaging allows businesses like you to target a specific audience. Because you only rely on the list of contacts you have and have given permission to your business, each business text that you sent can be tailored to the current contacts that you have. Having their contact information and other personal information can help you in customer segmentation so that you can be specific and relevant to each and everyone of your customers. Having a targeted audience can help you be certain of the content you want to put out. And in the long run, this marketing strategy will really help you improve your business’ relationships with your customers.

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2. Surely Seen and Read

Unlike posts or stories in any of the social media platforms, using business SMS messaging ensures that the content you put out has been seen and read. Using text messaging for business means that you communicate with your customers one-on-one. It won’t be affected by any type of algorithm and it is less likely to get lost in the millions of posts and stories that come out every day. Because business texts are specific to contact numbers of your business, they will receive these messages on their phone wherever they are. With little effort, you make it 100% certain that your message to them has been received and read.

3. Encourage Engagement

Because of its personal nature, business SMS messaging really encourages engagement. If done right, your customers won’t hesitate to answer back and send back a business text to you. They won’t see it as much of a hassle because it is fairly easy and convenient to do so. You can easily start a conversation and sustain that conversation with them. They won’t be discouraged to get the conversation going with you because it doesn’t require them to do much or go to complicated sites - they can just enjoy a delightful conversation with your business.

4. Quick Responses

In connection to the previous benefit of business text messaging that was mentioned, you or your customers can get the conversation going because this platform allows for quick responses. There is no load time, no errors in sending the business text and it can be done easily. Also, unlike conversations online or in social media, business SMS messaging is truly not likely to get lost and caught up with everything else that everyone else is putting out. Because you are talking with a specific person or target audience, what you send out is tailored to them and, thus, you are expecting responses accordingly. It goes both ways as your customers also expect an immediate response from you since this business messaging promises that their inquiries and concerns will not be lost somewhere in the online world.

5. Improved Customer Service

It also helps you make your customers feel they are being listened to. You can make them feel your concern about them and that you truly want to help with any particular issues they may have. Because of the capacity of business SMS messaging to cater to quick responses, you can immediately address their concerns or satisfy a wish/request from them. This can significantly increase your customer service rating. You can even ask them through business text message their customer feedback and really have them get the message that they are your priority.

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6. Promotes Trust and Confidence

Business SMS messaging allows you to target a specific customer base. Thus, with each business text that you send to them, you build trust and confidence. This is because you are cultivating a growing relationship with your customers. You are showing transparency and authenticity. You are promoting your business in a way that is not as redundant as other platforms. And because you are making your customers feel really valued, you are establishing in their minds that they can trust you. You are practically convincing them they will truly benefit from giving your brand loyalty. With each business text you send, you build that trust, loyalty, and confidence.

7. Sure-fire Way of Connecting with Customers

Because of the many attributes of business SMS messaging, you can be certain that you are reaching your customers. This way, you increase the chances of them reading about your sales and promotions, decrease the number of no-shows for appointments, events, and the likes, and increase the opportunities of hyping up your sales. Using text messaging services for business is a good way to have a direct line with your customers. And when you need it, you know you can always count on business SMS messaging to do the job of sending your customers the message that you want sent. If done correctly (that is with the consent and permission), you can always trust that your customers are waiting for what you have to say.

8. Convenient for Customers

While social media platforms are easy to use and present minor problems for anyone using it, business SMS messaging is a unique but effective way to get your message and other marketing strategies to your customers. This is true with customers who are old or those that are not very fond of social media. Virtually everyone has a smartphone and a phone number you can send a business text to. This means that your customers need not to get on the internet, check their email or create an account, etc. You make it more convenient for them by sending them a personal message.

9. Efficient for You and Your Team

Similarly, as it is convenient for your customers, so is it very much convenient for you and your team. With just one group text, you can easily send your whole team a message or a reminder. Using text messaging for business gives you the opportunity to contact your team easily. You can be more certain that they would have received and read your message through business SMS messaging than through emails or other social media platforms. Much like the benefit to your customers, business text geared towards your team is also less likely to be lost in the beautiful chaos of the online industry.

10. Auto-reply

While this requires particular attention to set up, it will make your marketing life easier. Setting up auto-replies for your business, SMS messaging will allow your business to respond to your customers instantaneously. You wouldn’t need to type in specific responses to answer commonly asked questions or address common concerns. You can have an automated response to them and allow the system to send them to a representative if need be. Just be careful in setting this up because you don’t want to make the mistake of alienating your customers.

Tips on How to Engage in Business Messaging

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Only a percentage of businesses use business SMS messaging because either they don’t see the potential advantages of them, or they don’t believe that they can deliver and sustain it. Here are some tips on how to use a text messaging service for business that you can put into use when you engage in it.

1. Don’t Spam

Don’t make the mistake of overdoing it. Business SMS messaging is fairly easy to use and some businesses go a little overboard and enjoy it so much that they end up spamming their customers’ inboxes. You don’t want to be doing this because it will really push away your customers rather than actually pull them in to be your loyal customers. No one likes receiving too many reminders and promotional advertisements.

2. Be Genuine

When you construct your business text, try not to be too robotic and formal. Unless you are sending a business text to your team, remember that you would want to appear more like a friend to your customers rather than some automated machine. While business SMS messaging is indeed still about business, it would serve you well to construct and send a message that is more personal and authentic, rather than professional and formal.

3. Ask for an Opt-in

Now asking for an opt-in is a legal requirement. You have to appreciate that business SMS messaging gives you a direct line of communication with your customers. It, thus, should just feel right to make sure that they are okay with that direct line. Asking for their permission and consent would also increase their confidence in business. Everyone appreciates anyone that respects their boundaries.

4. Respect Time

While it can be tempting to use business SMS messaging whenever you feel like it, remember that you also don’t want to discourage your customers from engaging with you by sending a business text during an inappropriate time. Remember that your customers are human beings and that they will not appreciate a promotional text or a sale update from you in the middle of the night or very early on in the morning.

5. Make It Short And Sweet

Your business text should not be exhausting to read. Like other promotional and marketing messages, being concise with what you are trying to say also applies to business SMS messaging. You want to encourage your customers to actually read your message but they won’t do that if the business text you sent appears like a paragraph from some book or news article.

Few businesses know about these advantages and are furthermore, a bit clueless about using text messaging for business. Don’t be afraid to stray away from that majority. Now you know the bits and pieces of advantages that come with business SMS messaging, so do yourself a favor and set one up for your business.

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