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As a business, you’ve thought, ‘how do I get more customers to visit my site while simultaneously increasing the chances of them making a purchase?’ Well, the long answer is to create an awesome ad campaign or provide offers and prizes on purchase. You can make special coupons and member-only vouchers to get your customers excited about the activity on your website.

The short answer? Flash Sales!

I'm sure you’ve come across a flash sale image, say in your local supermarket or mall, where you’d have seen ads that hype up the product and make it irresistible to consumers. The idea is to create an item or product that seems desirable by announcing unmatchable pricing and limited periods of sales to really tingle the shopper’s impulses.

Simply put, when you put up a sign that helps sell your product by providing discounts and offers that are available for a short time or a flash, it’s a flash sale. Flash sales really took off with the internet and social media. It soon became a go-to promotional event for vendors who wanted to sell or something real quick.

There’s more to the flash sale meaning than just this. Flash sales have become an important marketing strategy that businesses use to generate instant revenue.

Now from ‘What is a flash sale?’ to ‘Do I really need to organize a flash sale on my site?’, Strikingly will give you a brief on the whys and hows of your next online flash sale. You will then see how you can use these pointers to build your online retail business.

At this point, you get what a flash sale is but the important question that you need to ask is what's the point of the flash sale for your business. What can it do to your business and most of all does it really work?

List of things a flash sale can do to your online business

- Increase Sales

Not all products sell the same way. Some move fast while others are slower. Flash sales help you really step on the gas by showcasing your products as irresistible must-haves. The ‘Flash’ part of the sale gives the idea that the product may be limited in stock and increase its face value. This helps you move some of that old inventory and make room for newer, in-demand products.

- Customer Loyalty Points

You’re bound to market your flash sale, maybe on your website or by sending private messages. Either way, flash sales at cut prices give the impression of a caring owner who understands the needs of his customers. The sale will go a long way when you consider customer loyalty.

- Create brand awareness

Your product is great but has limited reach and your website doesn't get enough traffic. Well just hold a flash sale and see consumers pouring into your website. Depending on the product, you can become an internet sensation and put your website on the map.

- Increase customers

When you have an ad that's outrageous in the offer that's made, people are bound to want a piece of it. Flash sales are a great way to lure in new customers who’d want to window shop for great deals. The low prices and exciting offers will do the rest.

- Boost Overall Sales

Of course, offers and discounts may burn your pockets a bit cause you might not get the same returns from your product under normal circumstances. But what's lost in size can be gained in number. The sheer number of sales will get you far more than you’d get if the product was lying in the inventory. This can be the difference between being a regular online store and the best online store around.

Flash Sale Website Best Practices

So now that you get why you might want to start a flash sale, maybe to sell off that product that doesn't seem to get audience attention, it's time to check a few pointers to keep you from side-tracking with your flash sale. After going through numerous flash sales best practices and tips from countless websites, we have meticulously made this checklist that’ll help you navigate through your flash sale plan.

1. The Goal

Ask yourself, why exactly do you want to hold a flash sale? Is it to clear out stock? To get new customers? Or just to raise brand awareness?

2. The Target

Choose who you want to target with the flash sale. Determining the target market can narrow your flash sale campaign.

3. The Relevance

This just means that you need to check the relevance of the item of sale to the target market. Get some research done as to what’s trending and what’s not.

4. The Time Frame

Set the right time frame for the flash sale. You want to tickle customer FOMOs by keeping tight timeframes. Also, remember to market the flash sale with enough time for it to reach the target customers.

5. The Highlight

Your flash sale marketing campaign must help you stand out and make consumers leave everything they’re doing and get in line to buy your product. Clearly point out how good a deal this is.

6. The Promotion

Research on the best possible platforms to promote the flash sale and stick to platforms that your target customers generally use. Social media, emails and Message are the best way to reach target customers. This will also help promote your business in return

7. The Impression

Once you're done selling your product, you need to track your customers for feedback and build excellent client relationships.

Until you get a hang of planning campaigns and putting out banners, you can use this checklist to help your flash sale campaign reach its goals.

Website builders provide an option to add buttons for various needs. At Strikingly, the stunning interactive platform allows you to create custom campaigns for your various flash sale needs. Once you decide on who your target market is and how your marketing campaign will work using the checklist given above, Strikingly can help bring your flash sale campaign to life. Strikingly offers great custom options to design outrageous banners and flashcards that’ll attract customers left right and center.

To use these options and more, you’ll need to get signed up at Strikingly and get your site online. This is easy with the range of custom templates that Strikingly has to offer.

Begin your online flash sale at Strikingly

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The templates are custom-built for every type of client requirement.

Once you've planned out your flash sale idea, you can begin designing your flash sale campaign.

Personalize the look and feel of your website.

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With the customizable options available at Strikingly, your flash sale site banner can be made just the way you want it. Input options for images, text, and widgets make it smooth and easy to customize.

Customizing any section is easy with strikingly's website builder

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You can even add buttons and pop-ups from the personalization menu. Once you click the Text plus Button slider or just the Button option. You can change the way the buttons and what it says. You can edit the button if you want to put up a flash sale.

Customizable pop-ups to advertise your online flash sale

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Once you confirm your choice and apply the change, it will reflect on your website as a new section where customers can make purchases just by clicking the button. When you’re done editing the button and the page, you can publish the page to go live online. All you have to do now is wait for those eager customers waiting to get their hands on the priceless product.

Customizable pop-ups to advertise your online flash sale

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Here’s an example of how your flash sale pop-up will appear on your website to notify visitors about your online flash sale.

These tips are sure to help you get your flash sale campaign right. But just in case you're stuck somewhere in the process and are not sure how to go about your flash sale campaign, here is a list of frequently asked questions (faqs) that might come in handy.

Why do I need to organize a flash sale?

A flash sale can boost your company's growth while increasing consumer value. The flash sale can create a positive image for your business as someone who cares for its consumers.

When's the best time to organize a flash sale?

Unlike other promotional offers like launch offers and festive offers, there’s no bad time to start a flash sale. Depending on what you want to sell and how often people would want to buy it, you hold flash sales every other day. Check the best frequency for your product before you go overboard.

How long should I run the flash sale?

Flash sales are most effective when run for a short time. The best sales occur during a window of 2 to 3 hours.

How do I start an online flash sale website?

You can start an online flash sale website just as setting up a normal website. You need to search for a website hosting service provider, like Strikingly, where you'll be able to get a domain and website for your flash sale website.

Will a flash sale really help my online business?

Flash sales have shown to generate revenue, increase site visitors, and increase engagement. It can create rapid brand awareness with positive brand image.

How to make a successful flash sale campaign?

While starting a flash sale campaign, keep in mind that selling your product is not the only intention. Give your customers an experience that makes them come back even in the absence of offers. A successful flash sale campaign is the one that builds your clientele.

Sales is the key to growth and stability in the market. When a product must be sold, you need to come up with innovative ideas to increase its appeal in the market. If you have your own website, it’s easier to access even the most remote client. It's the no-brainer of the century for all those growth seekers out there.

So, what are you waiting for? Put your product on the map right now with Strikingly!