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With most people spending a huge amount of time online, the internet remains one of the most effective vehicles for promoting products, services, and events. People rely on the web for information on virtually everything so if your event website does not provide visitors what they need to know, you will not be able to generate excitement and hype around your upcoming event.

In the past, building an event website was a complicated activity that requires technical expertise and the assistance of a professional web deve loper. Nowadays, however, it’s possible to create your own event website design with a bit of creativity and the help of a reliable events website builder like Strikingly.

To build your own event website, you start with one of Strikingly’s growing collection of free event website templates. These templates are customizable so you can create a unique site that represents your brand and personality. Your event website template will serve as the foundation where you can put relevant information about what attendees will expect from the event. With the help of an intuitive website editor and numerous app integrations, anyone can set up a full-featured website in no time. No coding required.

How Websites for Events Work

Think of your event website as your online agent in that it serves as a bridge between you and your customers. For potential clients, your online presence is the deciding factor whether they would choose to hire you or not. In short, the way you present your brand through your website has more impact than you think. Those who design their site strategically can reap rewards and build a loyal following. Consequently, a poorly designed event website can be the deal-breaker for your business, especially when you’re just starting out and you don’t have a great reputation yet.

Your target audience might want to check the quality and standard and see what it is they’re signing up for. For those who are already registered, they might want answers to further questions they may have regarding your event. Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran in the industry, know that events or conferences websites are built upon great designs. Written below are some conference design inspiration, tips and sections to consider when creating your event website.

How to Design an Event Website

There are a few key things that you should keep in mind when creating event websites.

1. Straight to the point

Visitors tend to spend only a few seconds looking at a webpage. Because of this, an event website should feature brief but punchy website copy. The site should be able to communicate what event it is promoting and entice the user to stick around within those few seconds. Vital information such as date, time, venue, and the event description should be located within the upper fold of the webpage. Also, do not forget a call to action button in this area so people can easily register.

2. Communicate the main selling points of the event

The best event planner websites are able to grab a user’s attention and convince them to sign up. You should be able to put the focus on what makes your event so great and worth attending. Are you featuring a popular speaker or a celebrity guest perhaps? Is it because the event will take place in a beautiful venue? You need to get people excited about your event by painting a picture in their minds about what they should expect when they attend.

3. Strong visuals that reinforce your message

Using high-quality images and videos will help get your message across. People are more drawn to visual cues and are more likely to get engaged by images, videos, and graphics than text content.

4. Simple registration process

Even a free event website can attract attendees by having a simple registration process. Keeping your forms short and clean is key to getting people to come to your event. Visitors do not have the time, nor do they want to waste whatever precious time they have filling up forms. The more clicks and steps you put towards closing a transaction, the higher the chances of your attendees walking away without completing it.

5. Mobile responsive

Fortunately, Strikingly can help you with this detail because by building your event website on this platform, you’re automatically starting with a mobile responsive event website template. There’s no need for you to do any additional coding to make your website look great on smaller screens. With more and more people using their mobile devices to get on the web, you want to make sure that your site is accessible on these devices.

After knowing how to design an event website, let’s kick it up a notch and tackle what elements, exactly, your website would need.

Which Sections Does an Event Website Need?

Le Young Brigade Website
Image taken from Le Young Brigade’s website

To have an event website that is engaging, put these components like in the website example above:

  • About us page: Write a brief background about what your event is all about. Include how your event differs from others. For example, Le Young Brigade explains how their trip provides body and soul healing for those who want to explore Huadong China. Customers who choose to avail of their service will be in for a unique sensational experience wherein they will be experiencing local life in the province as opposed to the normal tourist spots.
  • Itinerary information: Perhaps the most crucial information your clients would want to know is where exactly you would take them. As a traveller, you’d want to know what it is you’re signing up for. In Le Young Brigade’s website, they enumerated how customers will experience an aromatic essential oil healing workshop, a tarot night, a yoga session, and breathing homestay. Under these are also brief descriptions of each, all serving to entice tourists to try out their service.

Young Brigade Itinerary
Image taken from Le Young Brigade’s website

Strikingly Process Section
Image taken from Strikingly’s website

As seen in the images, Le Young Brigade’s itinerary was created using Strikingly’s Process section. This section allows users to edit a flowchart and works best for information that needs to be explained step by step.

  • Registration information: This section includes the dates of departure and arrival, whether there are age restrictions, and most importantly, the fees for registration. Like anyone interested in attending an event or taking a trip, they would want to know where they would be living while away from home, whether there are discounts available, and how many people one trip can accommodate. A safety and prevention section explaining how travellers can protect their health during the pandemic is also stated.

Strikingly Form Section
Image taken from Strikingly’s website

By using Strikingly’s Custom Form section, your customers will be able to find the answers to questions they may have regarding your event. The good thing about this section is it’s customizable and you can also connect external services such as Mailchimp to send regular updates and promotions to your clients.

  • Social proof - Aside from pertinent information such as what the trip is all about and the itinerary and how to register, listing passenger feedback from past attendees is also a good idea to include in your event website. Gathering sincere comments from former travellers strengthens your website’s influence to website visitors. This, along with media reports that feature the event, will build credibility for your event and attract onlookers to give your service a shot. Sometimes when potential clients are still on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge, a bit of encouragement from other people can make them really decide to try the experience for themselves after all.

Strikingly Columns Section
Image taken from Strikingly’s website

You can add social proof and customer feedback using Strikingly’s Columns section. Just edit the icon to satisfied customer’s photo and input their feedback in the description.

  • Contact us page - Lastly, don’t forget to include your contact details such as your phone number or email address where site visitors can reach out to you should they have further inquiries or if they would want to book an event. Make it easy for them to connect with you or your staff who’s managing the bookings.

Strikingly Contact Section
Image taken from Strikingly’s website

To let site visitors drop their name, email, and message, don’t forget to input Strikingly’s Contact Us section. This also allows you to show a map for your event’s location and add additional business information.

Event Website Examples Powered by Strikingly

If the tips and techniques mentioned above piqued your interest, then you would enjoy looking at these event website examples that are exquisitely designed. Are you looking for design inspiration? Check out some of the best event websites created on this platform.

  1. Beyond Paradigms

Beyond Paradigms Website
Image taken from Beyond Paradigms’s website

  1. Exquisite Weddings & Events

Exquisite Events Website

Image taken from Exquisite Weddings & Events’s website

  1. The Jesuit Leadership Seminar

esuit Leadership Website
Image taken from The Jesuit Leadership Seminar’s website

  1. Codomo

Codomo Website
Image taken from Codomo’s website

  1. McMaster Public Health Student-Led Conference

McMaster University Website
Image taken from McMaster Public Health Student-Led Conference’s website

  1. Space Forum

Space Forum Website
Image taken from Space Forum’s website

  1. Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance

WCC Website
Image taken from Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance’s website


Fossil Conference Website
Image taken from FOSSIL’s website

  1. Student in Mind

Students In Mind Website
Image taken from Students in Mind’s website

  1. British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies

British Postgraduate Website
Image taken from British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies’s website

If you’re an events planner, then you’d know how important it is to market your event. You may have the best experience to provide, but if no one knows about it, then it will just be a waste. Even if you book the best venues, caterers, tourist guides, or musicians, no one will register. But don’t you worry, don’t limit yourself to physical events only. These days, conferences can be attended online, so it’s all the more reason to have an event website. This way, you will be able to extend your reach and increase your sales tenfold. Which among the beautifully designed examples inspired you the most? Let us know. Better yet, start your own event website today.