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Quality business email service providers bring features and resources that you will not find in a personalized email offering. However, you might think that what are the ways to pick the best email service for your respective needs. With many email providers working hard for your business and the free offerings, the users with custom email addresses usually have to choose whether to look for the free email route or not.

When you associate an email with a business, costs should not be the only driving factor in this regard. There can be financial benefits if you opt for a cheap or free email plan. However, you may also face problems with the cheap option, such as storage issues, risk of spa, and blocking for undelivered emails.

Before going for the best business email services, make sure that you have a complete understanding of the current situation and the long-term goals regarding your business. For example, if your business shows positivity, look into the additional emails you may require, and whether a personal email can be beneficial for branding and marketing efforts.

There are many options for you on the table while selecting the best email plan, and it can be quite complicated to choose for experienced email users. However, you should not panic when deciding, as you have various platforms to help you out.

Best Email Plan

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To find the best email service, there are four main types of email plans for you to study. We have discussed all of email plan types below:

1. Free Email

A free email account is something that you can get from anywhere around the world. However, you must consider whether you can use it as a business email service and ensure its growth with your objectives. If you just want an email for filling out certain applications or having occasional communications with clients, this option can be viable for you.

However, if there is something more to the table, such as regular communication with friends, family, or entrepreneurs, there is a possibility that a free email service may not be the best choice for you.

2. Personalized Email

Considering it's not that expensive, a personalized email is the best form of a business email service. Usually, you can get an email account worth $25 per year after registering your domain or get an account for email hosting services. Many organizations in the market use a small personalized email account when they acquire other business services. Through a personalized email, you can create your email address and use your domain name.

For example, if your domain name is, your email address can be This is usually beneficial if your domain name is the same as your brand name.

Strikingly is a well-established platform that enables you to create personalized emails, which helps you look more professional and take your email campaign to further heights. With a personalized address, you will have your own business email service. Therefore, you will not be worrying about the incoming or existing customers, site visitors, and potential leads receiving random emails from your email, or other business email providers.

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If you want to create an email address, you must purchase a custom domain from Strikingly. Once you get the domain, you can open your account and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Strikingly dashboard
  2. Head over to the "Email" section and click ‘Add Email Account’
  3. Fill in all the required details. (On the account details, you can only include letters, numbers, periods, and hyphens in an email. Other characters will not be eligible)
  4. Click on ‘Purchase Email Account’. You will eventually get the payment bill.
  5. Your email will eventually be on a pending status, as we would ensure that our operating system recognizes your email address.
  6. After the approval, your email account will be ready to log in and the information will be sent to your email account.
  7. Head over to the email address that you entered during the registration procedure. Your email will contain the URL, username, and password. You can also find the Login URL from the Email Dashboard.

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3. Business Email

Even though a personalized account can be used for business, you must start looking at a business-class email account as your business progresses. This business email service will enable you to get additional email addresses you can use for employees and many departments of your company. For example, you can have email addresses for,, and With a business email account, you can also draw a line between your personal interactions and your business interactions.

4. Hosted Exchange Email

If you feel that a business email service isn’t enough, there are hosted exchange emails to look after your needs. A hosted exchange email is made for business and it enables the employees to interact, communicate, and cooperate. Hosted exchange is not just associated with business email hosting, it also has a calendar and online technological tools. Even though it is a little expensive, the benefits and increased productivity provided by the hosted exchange will outweigh the financial consequences. Therefore, people take the gamble with it to ensure that their respective business improves.

Importance of Email in Business

Since the evolution of the Internet in the mid-’90s, email has been pretty much the common denominator in terms of communication and collaboration in businesses. One technological aspect that all the email users welcomed with open arms is the enhanced broadband speed and a Wi-Fi facility.

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A lot of things have been said about ‘the death of business emails’, but it has come to no fruition. Business email service is here and doesn’t look like diminishing anytime soon. With how the world is evolving and how the business email providers continue to find innovative marketing strategies, there is no better asset to have than an everyday email facility.

∙ Important Part of Your Business Module

There are still many clients around the world that do not pay attention to the importance of business emails. For the growth of their business, it is essential for them to know its significance and about the fact that how important it is to have professional email communications. These communications can have a massive impact on the welfare of your business.

Email marketing is an important part of your business marketing module and you need to understand its role in the growth of your business. A healthy email service is ideal for communication with clients, possible customers, business email service providers, staff, and industries across the world. Due to language barriers, the difference in time zones, and record purposes, a telephone is not an ideal way to interact with consumers.

∙ Connect with People

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An email is a professional and cost-effective way of communicating with the ability to talk to multiple people at the same time. The best email hosting services enable a business owner to interact with people around the world. Most importantly, you do not need to integrate people in your team to make use of a business email service as a medium. Nowadays, every employee, regardless of him being a freelance photographer or a receptionist, is accessing the email services.

For example, there can be a situation that every email sent by you or your company contains your brand and a marketing message. Regarding the building of your brand, make sure that every single one of your emails counts when you share brand messages to the current or potential customers.

Everyday email can be the most prolific and cost-effective marketing strategy that your business cannot afford to ignore. It is statistically the best form of business marketing in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones, which is beneficial for the growth of your business. According to the marketing statistics,80% of companies use emails as a powerful tool to keep their existing customers.


Around 85% of the retailers in the United States consider a professional business email service the most effective way of doing marketing. In numerous ways, emails have shown success, cost-effectiveness, and increase in customer purchases as compared to social media campaigns.

Usually, an email service enables you to have a direct confrontation with the customers on a personalized, individual, and approval basis. Customers tend to communicate via emails rather than investing time in improper and impersonal types of marketing strategies.

When you run a top-quality business in a highly competitive world, it is important more than ever to make every penny of your income count. Make sure that you have all the details surrounding your business email hosting services. If you can take advantage of a marketing opportunity, at no cost to the organization while interacting with consumers in the normal course of events, is an opportunity of a lifetime.

You can rely on an effective operating panel like Strikingly for the growth of your business. Our marketing experts provide innovative strategies for you to transform every email into a realistic marketing opportunity and ensure that every penny that you make from your business counts.