Great talent is no longer enough for musicians to make it in this industry. They need the help of well-built music promotion sites that can showcase their talents to the rest of the world. Because of the digital revolution, access to great sounds is easier on the web but it has also led to tougher competition for artists. Create the best music promotion websites and learn more about marketing strategies to promote your craft with these tips and tricks.


1. Develop a marketing strategy

Creating the right marketing strategy does not only apply to mainstream businesses. As a musician, you are your own brand and your talent is your business. Explore the many possibilities for marketing your craft through third party music promotion websites as well as building your own online space where followers can listen to your work online.

While it’s great to build your online presence through top music promotion sites, creating your own online portfolio is also a good way to market your talent on the internet. With music sites, you are at risk of getting lost in a sea of musicians in the same niche as you. Creating your website and devising ways to promote this website gives you a better opportunity to stand out.

2. Don’t keep your site static

One of the most common mistakes musicians make when it comes to online marketing is creating free music promotion sites, working on them and basically leaving them as they are for a very long time. Top music promotion sites are not one and done online spaces. They are dynamic sites that adapt and change according to the new events in your career. Many music fans stop by these sites as often as they can and you want to encourage repeat visitors by creating new content on your website. Update your website with information on upcoming events, gigs and concerts.

3. Consider starting a blog

If you are new to the music industry, starting a blog is a good way to keep your content fresh. You can create a following by writing about topics you are passionate about. Produce videos playing cover music if you don’t have your own original songs just yet. Share anything that you think your fans might find interesting. For instance, if you are developing a new song, you can enlist the help of your followers for writing the lyrics.


4. Get into social media

You must have created your own pages on social media by now. If you haven’t, now is a good time to do it. Social media is a good way to reach out to a wider audience. Interact with your fans by constantly updating it. Use your pages to direct traffic to your website by adding a social stream to your Strikingly music promotion sites. By connecting your social media pages with your website, you create a cohesive online presence, giving followers and talent scouts a number of ways to reach out to you.

5. Curate your music playlist

Did you know that you can add your playlist to Strikingly free music promotion websites? All you need to do is add a section and integrate your Soundcloud account to share your playlist with your followers. You can also monetize your website by making your original songs available for download for a fee. Add the Simple Store section to provide an online payment option so visitors can make donations or purchase your merchandise through your website.

6. Run regular newsletters

Keep your fans updated with what’s new about you and your career. Collect email addresses by inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter. Create a campaign and keep the conversation going by encouraging fans to react to your latest content. Newsletters can help you create a loyal fanbase for your music.