People of all ages are taking more photos and sharing them online. From capturing the beautiful sunset from their rooms on a quiet afternoon to taking candid shots of the people they love, photography can surely be healing for them.

For the past years, many people have started to fall in love more with the beauty of photography. Many individuals have developed a special attachment towards such activity and started to use it as a hobby. People who love photography will find a way to enjoy their time while capturing different angles using their cameras and even their smartphones.


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Getting a career in photography is one of the top trends today. With people finding ways to explore and save things in their minds, more and more are developing an interest in photography. By learning photography, people can capture the best moments and share their skills with others online.

The world of an amateur photographer is easier than it sounds. If you are planning to become an amateur photographer right now, coming here to Strikingly is one of the best things you've done today. This blog will introduce you to the wondrous world of amateur photographers and how you can quickly become one.

What is an Amateur Photographer?

One of the easiest ways to describe an amateur photographer is through their purpose. Amateur photographers are the kind of photographers who does photography for pleasure. Those who learn the best tips for amateur photographers understand the process to enjoy. When you look up its meaning in the dictionary, amateur photographers are described as "people who engage in photography for pleasure rather than getting financial benefits."

Amateur photographers mostly have excellent skills in photography. Because of their love and passion for what they do, their artistic and technical skills in capturing the best images come naturally. Though having a degree in photography isn't required for you to be an amateur photographer, you can always enhance your skills by searching for the best tips for amateur photographers. By doing this step, aspiring amateur photographers will have the sufficient knowledge they need to be among the best. You can easily create an amateur photographer's online portfolio and establish an online presence to help you reach your goals.

Amateur Photographer vs. Professional Photographer,

One thing about amateur photography is that it is often mistaken for professional photography. While both are great branches of photography, these two have their unique differences from each other.

An amateur photographer is described as people who takes photos professionally or for a hobby but is still somewhat new to the photography world. They learn helpful tips for amateur photographers and start to take pictures without the primary goal of financial gain. Amateur photographers still gain money, but only small enough compared to what a professional photographer earns. Most amateur photographers make money by selling their prints or stock images.


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Simply put, amateur photographers have different, deeper intentions with their photography rather than just getting money.

A professional photographer has keen eyes for composition, knows how networking works, and is highly self-motivated. Professional photographers generate income mainly from getting professional services for their target market. A professional photographer usually works with clients and sells their prints, licensed images, or stock photos.

Levels of Amateur Photographers

Learning to become an amateur photographer includes understanding the different levels of amateur photographers. Understanding these amateur photographers' stages must help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.

One thing about photography is that your skills and passion are always your best weapon. To succeed in your amateur photography career, you must know what makes you unique from your competitors and use it to gather more attention. Once you have mastered what level of amateur photographer you are currently at, it will be easier to enhance your skills to jump onto the next one.


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You have different levels of amateur photographers, additional skills, and characters you need to understand. Learning these tips for amateur photographers will make you outstanding in a potential client's eyes and help you keep the passion burning.

1. The Blind Amateur Photographer,

The first level of amateur photographers is the 'blind.' At this level, an amateur photographer is referred to as someone fresh in the industry or a newbie. Most amateur photographer at this level is still determining how things exactly work.

In some cases, blind amateur photographers are described as "not that good."

You spend your time capturing on full-auto mode and only use some of the common presets like "portrait." Amateur photographers at this level bought their cameras years ago but still need to learn how to use them properly. In worse cases, blind amateur photographer does not even remember using their camera once.

2. The Confused Amateur Photographer

The next level of amateur photographer you need to know is the 'confused.' When you are at this level as an amateur photographer, you are described as someone who already knows how not to use full auto mode all the time. The tips for amateur photographers, you know, are still minimal.

You tried to learn how to use the aperture properly once, but you need help figuring out whether a high aperture number gives you more or less light for your photos. Also, you need help remembering what a shallower or deeper DoF is about.

You want to learn more but need help finding where to start.

A confused amateur photographer has already decided to stop using pop-up flash because you discovered you are not into flash photography. This makes you miss the chance to learn one of the best tips for amateur photographers—there is much more you can do in exploring the function of the right gear.

3. The Promising Amateur Photographer

A promising amateur photographer is someone who has already fully understood how camera exposure works. Most of the time, you go and explore outside with the primary aim of capturing photos, nothing else. You have also managed to capture the most incredible images you have since you started your journey how to become an amateur photographer. Unlike before, you like the photos you took now very much.

Promising amateur photographers also begin to bring their cameras with them more often. Grabbing the opportunity to take pictures whenever they find the inspiration is the highlight of this level of an amateur photographer. Aside from this, you are also starting to invest in the right gear, like high-quality post-processing photography software.

4. The Wise Amateur Photographer

On this level of an amateur photographer, you finally get to know every important idea you need to know about your camera. You become more comfortable and confident in using metering modes and white balance, making you take better photos than before. Wise amateur photographers have also mastered the importance of an external camera flash and use it more often to take intense images.

At this level of an amateur photographer, you are also starting to create a good portfolio that will help you gain more attention from your target market. You finally found the perfect niche that makes you want to learn more about photography. Enjoying what you do in that niche makes you want to leave all the other photography niches behind and focus on one.

This is also where people you know would start telling you more often to bring your camera. Even if it is a huge event or just a simple gathering, people will begin relying on you when taking good photos because they know you're a pro at it. You finally taste how good gears work and are craving more of it.

5. The Obsessive Amateur Photographer

In this last stage of how to become an amateur photographer, an individual finally moves to more advanced techniques and strategies of amateur photography. This is where you start challenging yourself to go further on your journey and improve your skills. You start coaching your friends or colleagues and give them the best tips for amateur photographers you have learned while you are still a newbie. Excelling on your niche also becomes more accessible, making other amateur photographers immediately recognize you and your work.

If you are an amateur photographer who is into fashion, this is the level where you start working with make-up artists and models. If you love taking photos of different landscapes, you start traveling more worldwide to find them. This is also the level where you begin to consider amateur photography as your other source of living seriously. You finally get your first significant offer as an amateur photographer. At this level, your camera has become your extra limb.

How to Become an Amateur Photographer

Learning the best tips for amateur photographers is a must if you want to become one. Though there are many helpful guides online on how to become an amateur photographer quickly, it will take time to find the best and most effective ones.


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To save time and shield you from all the stress, we listed below our top pro tips for amateur photographers. Take introductory notes of the following; you might be the next among top amateur photographers lingering in the photography world.

1. Equip

One thing you need to learn about getting a career as an amateur photographer is equipping yourself. Yes, you have mastered the different tips for amateur photographers, but what will you do with them? As a wise professional, you must know how to expose yourself to a target market. If you want to succeed in the career you want to take, you must learn how to showcase your skills effectively. To do that perfectly, starting an online portfolio is one great idea.

Amateur photography is undoubtedly all about fun and enjoyment. But that does not mean you cannot create something better out of doing the things you love. By equipping yourself with an amateur photographer online portfolio with us, you can secure yourself a brighter future ahead of you. Designing a Strikingly online portfolio can help you establish an online presence to gain the recognition you deserve for all your stunning works. You can use our platform to spread awareness in the online community on how amazing you are when doing what you love, photography.

An amateur photographer's online portfolio helps them have a safe space they can call their own. It is like having your own amateur photographer online gallery where people can visit your works, explore your services, and even connect with the latest updates about you.

2. Promote

Now that you have finally started an online portfolio, the next idea you need to learn is how to promote. Amateur photography is all about passion and dedication. To be successful in your work, you must know how to promote yourself effectively. There are many ways to promote yourself as an amateur photographer successfully. One of them is using social media.

With the continuous development today brought by technology, it is no surprise that an amateur photographer can secure a client in just a few clicks. Once you successfully create an online portfolio with us, you can start gaining an audience by promoting your platform on your social media accounts.

Our Strikingly websites are equipped with powerful website-building tools you can use to showcase your works online. You can link your social media platforms on your amateur photographer's website to let your followers easily visit your website. Adding photos to a gallery is another way to showcase your works to anyone who logs on to your homepage. You can also embed video clips of how you do what you do on your Strikingly online portfolio.

3. Explore

Last but not least, on our top tips for amateur photographers, explore.

The world of photography is massive. Different niches and different powerful lessons you can gain from them. Even though you are only learning to become an amateur photographer for fun or curiosity, do not be scared to try new things. Don't just settle for the things that make you feel comfortable; you will need more than that to help you grow as an amateur photographer. Be bold. Spend your time exploring places you've never seen before. Meet strangers and colleagues from different niches and learn incredible tips from them.


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Starting an online career in photography can help them earn extra income while helping others to save the best moments in life through photography. Aside from this, photography is a vast world where you can express yourself however you want people to understand you. With the proper knowledge of photography and how you can share your works freely online, you can become an amateur photographer that everyone looks up to.

If you want to know more about building a powerful online presence, chat with us today, and we'll get you started in minutes.