The internet has an amazing ability to turn any style item into a runaway hit. Everyday, we see new fashion and style-related content coming up, ready to influence style-conscious individuals. With that said, a fashion website is now an important component of any fashion business. It can bring your creations to the forefront of the latest fashion trends and make your brand one of the most sought-after names in the business. When done right, fashion design websites can be the best way to expand your clientele and grow your business.

As a leading internet company, Strikingly features a collection of fashion website templates to help you get your site up in a few minutes. We take away the need for you to learn web development so you can focus on creating content that will attract your target market. In this article, let’s take a look at the most important elements of the best fashion websites and how you can recreate them in your own Strikingly fashion site.

1. Right choice of template


Yuko Koike

Fashion designer Yuko Koike’s website is a good example of how the right choice of template can help build fashion designing websites that effectively showcases your content. Her site is very simple yet meaty - providing a great deal of information about the designer’s brand and products. With Strikingly, you can create fashion blog websites of this calibre for free. You only need to play around with various layout and customization options on our website editor to be able to build a unique and professional site.

2. Consistent and powerful branding

Fashion stylist websites serve as online business cards. The look and feel of your website should reflect your brand. Start by uploading your logo to your Strikingly website and add a custom favicon to reinforce brand recall. Experiment on various color schemes and font combinations to create a look that will make it easy for users to associate your website with your fashion design business.

3. Well-written website copy

As a reliable website builder, Strikingly ensures that all technical components of website building are covered so you can focus on creating engaging website copy. Content is an important component of a website. Understand your target audience and create copy that is tailored to this audience demographic. Use crisp and clean product shots and, if you have the budget for it, professionally done images.


Urbane Conviction

4. Email sign-up features

Keep your customers engaged and build relationships with them through newsletter campaigns. Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter to keep them updated with the latest about your brand. Remember that creating relationships lead to sales. Take care of your current followers by providing them with timely content and helpful information through your newsletter campaigns.

5. Mobile responsiveness

Nothing ruins the user experience than a website that doesn’t look good on mobile. With most users searching through their mobile devices, you want to make sure that your website renders well on smaller screens. Make sure to consistently test accessibility on these devices and that your buttons and content are spaced out appropriately. Fortunately, Strikingly’s fashion website templates are already designed to load well on mobile devices so you don’t need to write additional code to adapt.

6. Search optimized

Finally, your website should be searchable. You rely on search engines to help you build your online visibility. People who are actively searching for your services should be able to find you on Google and other major search engines so make sure you optimize your content. Edit your website title and meta descriptions. Use your target keywords on your content and build quality links with reputable websites within the same industry.