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Many people are so focused on marketing and selling physical and tangible products. There has been a rise in the population of business owners and product vendors all over the world. Especially with the growing popularity of eCommerce and digital marketing, more people are starting to see how easy it can be to earn while only using their electronic devices. Ironically, though, even with our great and heavy reliance on technology, not many small-time vendors have taken the risk and started to actually market digital products. Let’s talk about that, the certain beauty and brilliance in marketing your digital product, and how you can do exactly that.

Digital Product Marketing

When you think about it, marketing your digital product should be a no-brainer. We are surrounded by technology all the time. Some of us literally cannot survive a day without our technological devices. However, while we are all reliant and amazed at all of the things we can do with our mobile phones, digital product marketing is not prevalent amongst small business owners because how to handle and promote your digital product is a whole different ball game. This is because digital products bear no resemblance to the usual tangible products that are usually marketed, handled, and sold, except perhaps the fact that you can earn a lot from either kind of product. Talking with us today about how to market digital products is an excellent first step to making a living out of it. Thus, if you are interested in it, you should know that digital product marketing is essential because, unlike tangible products, your customers don’t have much to get information from about your products. You really have to present and give it to them if you want to make a sale.

10 Ways to Market Your Digital Product

1. Product Previews

Before they even launch, marketing your digital product is a good way to get your prospective customers excited about your product. Unlike tangible products, you can market digital product by teasing a part of it. It can be a short excerpt from the ebook, a zoomed-in part of an image, a few seconds cut from a video or song, and the likes. This will pique the interest of anyone who sees it, and you set them up to wait for the actual launch of your product.

2. Pre-launch Promotions

In addition to the previews you did to market digital product, you can also add different promotions. You can take to social media certain clues about what you will be launching. Or you can put in posters and images on your website to help amplify the anticipation of the product preview. With this, you are easily promoting your digital product and getting a sense of how much sales to expect from the interactions that prospective customers are doing with your accounts and your website.

3. Freebies and Discounts

Who doesn’t like bonuses, right? This is perhaps another thing that digital product marketing has in common with the marketing of tangible products. Giving freebies and discounts to your customers when you market digital product can help you encourage more sales. But in contrast to your tangible products, freebies and deals when it comes to promoting your digital product may come as bonus chapters, extended content, discounted sets of digital products, etc. You can also add special digital products for various bulk purchases and essentially help you to sell more.

4. Online Events

Holding online events can help you market digital product since people are almost always interested in interacting. With the pandemic forcing everyone to an online setup, people have been keener in accepting invitations for online events. In these events, you can hold forums and discussions that will emphasize the usefulness of your digital products. You can have experts in different fields talk about different topics that your target audience might be interested in. They can not just promote your digital product but also their own in the process.

5. Online Learning Courses

What better way to market digital products than to hold online learning courses and classes that hold relation to the digital products you are selling, right? Online learning courses will provide them with a more intensive and educational experience because they have instructional resources and people explain them to them. This way, you not only promote your digital product and encourage your students and customers to buy, you also essentially help them in understanding and appreciating more the contents of your digital products and your lessons.

Strikingly Zizzle Online Course

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

6. Influence with Influencers

Influencers are all the rage today. Marketing your digital product with their help will help you broaden your audience. If you can partner with the right influencers and collaborate with them to market digital product of yours, you gain access to their huge following base. You can form a partnership with them and make promotional products (posters, videos, GIFs, etc.) that will help you to encourage more people to purchase your digital products.

7. Online Challenges

Hosting games and challenges online is not just a good way to interact with your customers, but they are also a great way to market digital product from your store. You can set up these games and challenges to be played in a certain amount of time (usually 5 days) and with the use (or encouragement to use) your digital products. This is another level of digital product marketing because you have to set it up to help you upsell the complete editions or full program loads of your digital product in the end.

8. A Landing Page Then A Sales Page

This might be the biggest difference between marketing your digital product and your tangible product. Usually, an online store or business website can directly lead to a sales page where customers can buy the products. However, it is better and smarter to have a landing page to allow prospective customers to get to know and love your product first when you market digital product. This landing page would help you convince them to purchase once they move on to your sales page.

9. Customers’ and Experts’ Reviews

Since you don’t have a tangible product to actually describe and emphasize the form of, you can rely on your customers’s reviews to market digital product from you. Once they purchase, you can get their feedback and ask for permission to display it on your website. This is an excellent way to promote your digital product since customers care about what other customers think. You can also partner with experts in the field of what your digital products are all about. This will help increase your credibility and trustworthiness and will elevate your digital product marketing endeavors.

10. Showcase Your Digital Product

Finally, when you market digital product, much like tangible products, make sure they have the spotlight. Don’t hide them in secluded or exclusive places on your website where your customers might have trouble seeing them. It is an essential part of your digital product marketing.

Promote Your Digital Product with Strikingly

Strikingly is not just a website builder. It is also an eCommerce platform where you can sell and market digital products. You can use it to create landing pages, display reviews from customers and critics, post-announcement videos, exhibit promotional photos and videos, and even connect your social media accounts. But most significantly, with Strikingly, you can add a Simple Store where you can showcase your digital products and allow site visitors and prospective customers to buy them. Here’s how to start marketing your digital product.

  1. Log in or sign up with Strikingly and go to your site editor.
  2. Register and connect your custom domain. This is what the download link of your products will use so make sure that it is properly connected to your website.

Strikingly Custom Domain

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  1. Add a payment gateway. Strikingly offers you to add your Stripe, Paypal, or Square accounts to receive payments from your customers.

Strikingly Payment Gateways

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  1. Add a “Simple Store” section to your site. (You can also add other sections to help promote your digital product.)

Strikingly Add Section

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  1. Click “Add Product”

Strikingly Add New Product

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  1. Select the “Digital Download” for the product type, add a product name and description, upload your digital product, and set a price. Strikingly helps you to market digital product of all kinds. You can upload and sell an image (.jpg, .png, .gif), a video (mp3, .mp4, .wav, .flac, .m4a), a document (pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .odp, .epub, txt, key, numbers, wps), and even a zipped file ( .zip, .zipx, .7z, .rar). You can upload up to 500 mb for each single product.

Strikingly Product Type, Name, Description

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  1. Once your customer pays for their order, it will automatically be marked as “Completed”. The unique download link of your customer can be accessed through the order confirmation page and will also be available in their email for 72 hours.

Digital Product Order Confirmation

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Digital products are not common types of products that are sold. You won’t find many small-time vendors who actually market digital product. Digital product marketing usually starts and adds these downloadable products in the footer menu or other secluded part of a website. And yet, almost everyone consumes and uses digital products daily, so why not try to market digital product and start selling, right?

With the right motivation, digital products, and partners, you can easily earn more than you can imagine by marketing your digital product and selling them. With Strikingly Simple Store and other website sections, you can easily promote your digital product and start earning from them. Sign up now and start reaping the benefits when you market digital product!