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Everyone has their own undeniable love for toys and action figures. Growing up, we enjoy having mini tea parties and racing competitions with them. We spent our youth with them and help us shape our personality as a person. Our love for toys has brought us to many places—even in the field of photography.

Yes, toy photography is a real thing. And if you want to know more about them, then you just happen to be in the right place.


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Toy photography tips & tricks you should know to make your photos stand out

Taking figure photography and making them look alive has is quite challenging. There are tons of factors that you have to consider to achieve the shot you’ve been aiming for.

To help you get started, Strikingly listed these steps to get those toy photography toys alive.

Fix your camera settings

Your camera is one of the main characters of the world you are trying to build. It is your primary weapon in shooting the best angles for your toy photography collection. Before you start taking your toy photos, check and prepare your camera first. Since toy photography usually deals with close-up shots for a more alive feel, you have to put high considerations into your camera settings. You could do these steps in fixing your camera settings.

  1. Choose a narrower camera aperture for a more detailed shot

Always remember to choose your camera lens wisely. Choose the best spot that will make your toy photography look more alive and stunning.

  1. Use manual focus to keep an accurate work process

Toy photography deals with small subjects most of the time. To help you avoid having trouble capturing them, using manual focus for your camera is highly recommended.

  1. Lower your camera’s ISO setting to achieve a maximum quality shot

Lowering your camera’s ISO setting allows you to optimize the presence of light in your photos and helps in reducing the noise in each image taken.

Choose appropriate gears

Having the right toy photography gears help in getting only high-quality photos. Toy photography deals with photography subjects that require more adjustments than the usual type of photography. Your subjects are smaller compared to shooting photos of people. This requires you to use more equipment to help you get that shot you’ve been wanting. Among the gears you could look into are the following:

  1. Tripod
  2. Lighting
  3. Backdrops
  4. Stage
  5. Shutter Released Cable

Shoot outdoors

Photos appear more realistic if they are shot outdoors. It gives a more natural feeling as they are being blended with the natural environment. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box and do your photoshoots outside your studio. You can shoot on grasses, pieces of tree branches, beaches, parks, stones, concrete, playgrounds, and even roads. By doing this step, you are not just making your toy photography collection look more aesthetic, but at the same time, saves you from making tons of decorations for a photoshoot background.

Consider emotions

What’s interesting with toy photography, is that you aren’t just taking pictures of toy cars, of dolls, and pictures of action figures, you are telling a story. When taking your photos, always remember to include emotion. You don’t only have to amaze your viewers with how amazing you take photos, but also make them feel something as they lay their eyes on your masterpieces. Include a narrative in your photography by using props, or a significant background. Arranging your toys in a relevant position and pose is also essential in delivering your message. You can make them pose like humans to make it look more realistic. Keep it simple, but meaningful.

Involve kids

If there is someone who will definitely enjoy looking at your photos, it’s the children. Kids with toys are a whole new level of fun and serenity. Backgrounds and props are not only the ones who can help you achieve a realistic and appealing look on your photos. Kids can also make your toy photography more awesome. Try including kids in your toy photography shoot, and witness how things will get more interesting. The precious, raw smiles on children’s faces every single moment they spend with toys are one best elements for toy photography that rocks.


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Shoot in unique angles

Toy photography means a more fun style of photography. Your photos, as much as possible, must have the power to instantly capture the attention of anyone who will see it. It must have its own name and theme which viewers will definitely enjoy. When doing your photoshoots, be out of the ordinary and shoot your photos at different unique angles. Don’t just shoot like the usual eye-level shot. Be dork and playful in capturing photos. It may look weird at first, but once you see the outcome, it’s definitely worth it.

Find an inspiration

Entering the world of toy photography may be complicated for you at first. To avoid getting yourself in a complete mess of confusion, find yourself an inspiration. It can be from movies you’ve watched, favorite cartoon characters, a toy documentary, your memories from your childhood with toys, fairy tales, and even from other toy photographers and their genre.


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How to take the best shots for each kind of toy

Toy photography is more fun if you know how to shoot the right angle for each kind of toy. Different toys mean different approaches to where they would look best. There are a lot of ways for you to make that more possible. Among them are the ones Strikingly listed down below.

Doll Photography Tips

Dolls are one of the most famous toys kids love to play with. Its almost-alive look makes it more interesting for many toy photographers. Their facial features which almost resemble a human, hair color, physique, and clothes all make them more deserving of the spotlight.

To make dolls for photography toys alive, good lighting is a must-have. One toy tip you could use in taking doll photos is to avoid too many close-up shots, specifically for large dolls. Pick a toy photography shoot theme that goes well with how the doll looks like. You can search for toy stores for old dolls and ask for help in restyling them. Experiment with your toys and do not be afraid to try new fields.

Action Figure Photography Tips

Action figure photography is among the widely known type of toy photography. Pictures of action figures allow you to showcase more sense of humor in your toy photography and unique combinations.

Some action figure photography tips you could do is to position your toys on an area at a unique posing style. Place superheroes hanging to make them look like the real characters in a movie. You could put soldiers on tree barks or grasses and make them look like they are on a current mission. You can even repaint and restyle them to look more realistic in your viewer’s eyes.

action figure photography

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Lego Photography Tips

Legos are also one of the first toys most of us had as a kid. Besides the fact that it is fun to play with, it is also very educational.

When doing Lego toy photography, having a great camera lens is a must. This is because Legos are usually in small sizes which will require more close-up shots for a better view of its details.

One of the most effective toy tips you could also do is to keep each one of your Lego pieces at a similar distance from your camera lens when shooting. This way, they will all be captured in the camera’s focus.

lego toy photography website

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Toy Car Photography Tips

Pictures of toy cars are also one best item to include in your toy photography collection. Many experts who engage in toy photography find toy cars as a great subject for a toy photography collection. This is because, toy cars are usually stable, and possess beautiful geometrical elements like lines and curves.

Some toy tips you could use in taking toy car photos is to put them inroads. They are meant to be in there anyway right? When choosing the road, choose the one which has a smooth surface of the concrete. This way, the scale will not be appearing as too unbelievable from your customer’s perspective.

pictures of toy cars

Why put your toy photography masterpieces in an online portfolio?

Photos are more meaningful if they are being shared with an audience— specifically photos under toy photography. Many people enjoy looking at toy photography images for it not only entertains them but also brings back the memories of their youth. It gives them back the feeling of being carefree as a kid and got nothing to worry about rather than playing with toys.

Putting your toy photographs on your own website portfolio also opens more opportunities for you as a professional photographer. It can give you a stable job and partnerships from many companies and businessperson who finds toy photography an essential weapon for their business. Most companies nowadays usually go and visit online portfolios in finding the right candidate for their company. By uploading your works on your toy photography website, you won’t just get yourself a stable source of income and share your passion and love for photography with the world.

Build a toy photography website with Strikingly

Toy photography websites are more fun to create with the right website template. If you are looking for one that will best suit your taste, you can check this toy photography website template that Moja used.


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This template is perfect for toy photographers who seek toy photos and the things they can do. If you took toy photography to sell your toy products, using this template is best for you. You can share photos of your toys from different angles, video demonstrations, and post them on your website gallery. You can even create sections where the toy’s amazing features will be posted. Using this type of layout for your toy photography is also one helpful way of marketing your toy products aesthetically and effectively.


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If you happen to be looking for the best partner to start making your toy photography website, Strikingly is definitely a must-try. Why? It has tons to offer you from the basics, up to the most advanced in website building. From free templates to the most amazing set of features, Strikingly surely got you covered.

If you’re curious for more about the world of e-commerce, website design, and building, talk to us, and let’s make your toy photography more fun and exciting.