Art Gallery Website

Art gallery websites have become extremely common in the digital world these days. As the pandemic has resulted in minimal face-to-face interactions and more exposure to the internet, these websites have become more frequent in building an online presence. In today’s digital world, it is easier for artists to publish their best work and ensure that they get displayed to their website visitors. By doing this, it adds to their reputation and marketing through the internet.

Nowadays, art galleries have more vibrancy than ever before. Many immersive environments can be replicated in physical exhibits in the same manner as they are replicated on the internet. By putting all the experience on a single-page website, numerous art lovers can discover and purchase the work of deserving artists. Apart from displaying their portfolios, artists earn money by selling their products and services. Regardless of being a beginner or a professional, you must invest in your online presence continuously.

Elements of an Art Website

1. Appealing Background

The equation is very simple, there is no complete art gallery website design without an appealing background. An appealing background isn’t just about showing website content to the visitors, it must bring a feeling that allows them to go through the rest of your website. No matter how good your website content or images are, a poor background image would waste all of your hard work.

An attractive background makes an impact on your website straight away. It must make a point to your visitors and convey a deep meaning. If you are willing to do a business out of your art, you must create a strong impression within your visitors’ eyes exactly when they land on your website. Apart from creating a good impression, it should give more reasons to your visitors to stay on your website for longer. However, to maintain a consistent user experience, you must ensure that your background coincides with your theme.

2. Navigation Controls

Apart from the visual aesthetics, you can improve the quality of your art gallery website via navigation controls. The navigation elements are one of the first things that help the guests interact with the website maker. Strikingly believes in a good website navigation system to improve your Google ranking. As the readers go through the website content from left to right, it is better that you include all of your navigation elements on the left and your website logo on the right. Most importantly, make sure that the text of your navigation elements is brief, which makes it easy for the visitors to understand.

3. Online Exhibitions

It is very common to create an online gallery via an art gallery website. Nowadays, most users prefer to transact online. You would find many online artists who would prefer to go through your published tasks and inspect them before considering making a purchase. They should access it via the internet to compare it with their choices initially. If your resources allow you, you can build 3D gallery sites to make your customers understand your artworks in a better way.

Best Examples of an Art Website

1. TJ Maher

TJ Maher is the name of the website owner who owns the Teejay Art website. On his art gallery website, he doesn’t only displays artworks and designs but also provides reasons for that. This is one of the best websites for artists because it includes the website owner’s inspiration. If you are in the process of making one for yourself, you can easily get inspired by him as well. TJ Maher believes in innovativeness and believes that he should do something new consistently to add to his online presence.

tj maher website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website.

If you think that you have achieved your objective by publishing artworks and designs, you need to rethink your strategy. If you don’t have an ideal online presence, you will lose out on your prospects and potential customers. Some artists may have a strong following on social media but fail to bring them to their respective websites. They must implement effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and improve their Google ranking for this to happen.

2. Leo Liu

Leo Liu on Strikingly is just a form of concept art. If you want to follow a personal website related to artwork, this is one of the best websites for artists on Strikingly. Leo Liu has published works related to digital painting, character design, sketches, and illustrations on this art gallery website. These aspects have become very popular in recent weeks, especially with the inclusion of mobile games.

leo liu website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Massive credit goes to the creative skills of Leo Liu, whose creative concept is displayed wonderfully on Strikingly. If you want to create a gallery website, this website can also be inspirational for you. You can go through all the strategies used by Leo and use them for your own website’s benefit. For example, you can upload digital images on your website using Strikingly’s innovative features.

3. Drawing Experience

Drawing Experience on Strikingly contains one of the platform's best art gallery website designs. One of the reasons this website has become a source of attraction for its visitors is the landing page. When you land on this website, you will see an attractive background video. In that video, you will see the website's name written in bold letters.

welcome to drawing experience

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Unlike many other art websites, this website contains some iconic YouTube videos. In those videos, there are tutorials for the users which will help them in creating certain designs according to their niche. There is a blog link shared after each video in case the visitors want to go through written content instead of a video. After those videos comes the main point i.e. the sketches and drawings. Wonderful drawings, illustrations, and sketches enable the visitors to stay on this website for longer. In the end, you can see the social media icons, which will allow the visitors to move from the website to their social media accounts.

4. Scarfig Arts

Rather than going for the ready-made design elements, sometimes, it is important for the website makers to go with customized elements. The website, Scarfig Arts, is one of the best art gallery websites out there in this regard. It encourages the users to create and use customized design elements, such as website logos, to distinguish themselves. To ensure that the website stands out from the rest of its competitors, the website maker has created a simple and unique gallery website design.

scarfig arts website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you want to learn further about the artists on Scarfig Arts, there is a portion of the artist bio on the website. Strikingly encourages using a website logo in creating an online presence for a business. We believe that your website logo is part of the brand identity and is one of the factors through which your visitors recognize your platform. Usually, the website makers tend to include the logo at the top left of the website. However, it all depends upon how they have customized their website template.

Upload Images on Strikingly

It is common sense that no art gallery website can function properly without compelling website images at its disposal. For example, if you publish low-quality images that are blurry or don’t have a background, you will be expected to see a high bounce rate, resulting in low website traffic. Apart from the quality of website images, you must also add relevant images to your context. You can easily add images using big media by following these steps:

  1. On your Strikingly website editor, click on “Add New Section” before clicking on “Big Media”
  2. Click the “Edit” option before clicking on “Replace”

uploaded website image

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. You can either upload your image from your system or Strikingly’s library
  2. After uploading the image, click on “Publish” so that the final effects can be displayed on your live site


On Strikingly, you will find it easy to be inspired and learn about creating an art gallery website. You can draw inspiration from the examples on Strikingly to see which format allowed our users to attract visitors.

You will also know how they have captured users’ attention and apply those strategies for your website’s benefit. Apart from Strikingly, you can find many art websites on Google for inspiration.

To create the best possible art website, you must associate yourself with the best possible subscription plan. If you want to upgrade your subscription plan, make sure to register for Strikingly’s pro payment plan. In today's digital world, signing up with our pro payment plan will do a lot for your art gallery sites. It will provide you with a wide range of benefits, which will help you in realizing your vision and long-term objectives. So, create your account on Strikingly today and let the world know about your artwork.