Best Free Photo Editor

Gone are the days when we believed that images in photographs attract no manipulation. That simply means how you are captured in how you appear without any amendment, even if need be.

Am I right...?

Hey! We are on the same page. But let’s thank God for the level of advancement that hits technology in our century.

Having discovered the tremendous role of image-use in communicating online customers, here come options to revalidate what could have been less valuable as pictures and fix them in a suitable form to still align with visual needs.

The best thing to have happened to the use of visual elements in every form of online interaction is the evolution of photo editing software.

As important as images are in our day-to-day online businesses, a pile of pictures could have watered down some well-conceived business concepts due to the lack of acceptable photographic features.

Of course, the online deals that are thriving today at a desirable pace have a unique link to the proper use of images on business websites and social media platforms.

This time around, photo editing has become one of the highly demanded skills across the board. This is because it adds life to an array system of effective communication in online terrain.

ECommerce companies, schools, offices, entrepreneurs, and even individuals with personal websites prefer to hire experts who are vast in using the best free photo editor software to propel their marketing activities.

What is Photo Editor Software?

A basic photo editor is a powerful software tool used by photographers to alter photographs they have already taken. This tool has made the impossible possible as a later amendment can follow by correcting flaws or adding artistic values to an existing picture.

Photo editing software is a means through which the professionals fulfill some corrective tasks on pictures.

It's a kind of encoded computer instruction that speeds up and facilitates photograph correction and manipulates pictures in advanced form.

The best free photo editors are designed with some programs that offer multiple levels of appeal to people across the spectrum.

Photo editing tools can be used to accomplish several goals. This can be to rectify problems with the camera lens, adjust the color of light in the picture, blend the image to the background or remove the scene altogether, crop or resize the photographs, and smoothen out the appearance, commonly called ‘noise reduction.’

The usefulness of the best photo editing software is in manifolds, depending on the versatility of the users. Professionals can twist the tool in a more advanced form to perform complex tasks.

Having known all these, then... “of what benefit do I have one”? Is that not the question that hit your mind?


Well, it isn’t easy to exhaust the benefits of photo editing. One can only discuss it within the purview of what is available to him around the app’s usefulness.

Anyway, consider the following and see how applicable it is to you in your daily endeavors. Here are some of the benefits of using the best free photo editor.

  • It acts as a propeller to business marketing.

Many businesses rely wholly on photo editing to help in their marketing activities. This is because clients and audiences are yielding to visual elements more than textual content.

On that note, professionally edited images are highly needed in fields like food, retail, fashion, real estate, entertainment, and travel industries, to mention but a few.

The usefulness of edited pictures in creating good brands for businesses is noticeable across every sphere. The best photo editing software can provide assistance for the branding through pattern usage, cropping or resizing and shooting style, and color formation.

  • It adds value to your vibes.

Are you saying you aren’t a business person? Don’t worry; you have your share to enjoy the value of this tool. Whether or not you are a social media savvy who only invests the creativity of his ‘know how’ to catch fun on several platforms, photo editing tools recognize your comfort zone.

Some people in this fold are so pleased with the multiple offers in the editing software that can be exploited to give their pictures a sophisticated look before displaying them on social media.

True, because of the available programs in the tools that offer beyond mere correction of colors, including erasing of blemishes and lots more. All these can add untold value to your vibes when you edit photos for your desired use on the internet or social media.

  • It gives artistic value to your work.

As a professional in photography, the accessibility of different programs in editing tools reveals the exact images you have in mind before editing. As such, you’re at liberty to exploit it to the edge of your creativity for the desired result.

Meanwhile, before the advent of this means, a photography expert can conclude on any outcome image given by the camera shoot without an option for an extra touch.

But now, professionals can maximize the use of the basic free photo editor for pc to depict their creativity in picture making, adjusting, and compressing to actualize fast loading on the websites.

  • It acts as a source of credibility.

The fact that customers and audiences attach some levels of trust to companies and personalities that display actual photos on their websites and platforms is enough to see the relevance of the best free photo editor in every field.

The impact of credibility on business patronage is immeasurable. And this trust can be earned through the portrayals that represent the firm. Thus, there is no doubt that the company brand, which can be a product of edited photos, represents the whole business.

On the above note, you can agree that beautifully edited photos paired with word art can provoke a sense of trustworthiness that pulls likes and followers on social media and, more importantly, boost marketing efforts for your online businesses.

  • It provokes inspirational thought.

Photo editing can transform an ordinary image into something unique. This can be the result of likely derived inspiration that springs up in the process of editing.

To achieve this, you need to get familiar with the best free photo editor.

A common attempt to beautify personal photos of family gatherings, vacations, weddings, graduations, and other remarkable events in a frame to keep the memory alive can end up in multiple features.

Yes, of course, the beautiful outcome can inspire the editor to avail the same set of pictures for the homepage on the websites, social media posting, and even billboard advertising. This depends on the richness of the inspiration gathered in the editing process.

Improve Your Website User Experience with Our New Image Editor Function

Adding images to your website is one of the great ways to attract visitors to your website. However, you won’t just add images to your website; it is of high quality. While you might need to edit your pictures before uploading them on your website, Strikingly offers an in-built image editor feature that you can use to edit your images without breaking any sweat. Additionally, the image editor allows you to perform some functions. In this guide, we’ll walk you through our best free photo editor functions. And of course, you need to be on a PRO account before you can access these features. Let’s get started!

  1. Resize Your Image

Resize Your Image

Image from Strikingly

Resizing an image is one of the functions of the best free photo editor. Through this function, you can give your picture the desired size to fit in for your needs. As you know, the negative effect of images taken in Large size on the overall performance of your website isn’t hidden. Therefore, strikingly you are safe. You only need to hit the highlighted bar and make wise use of the tool. Then you are good to go.

  1. Crop Your Image

Crop Your Image

Image from Strikingly

This best free photo editor function is so friendly as it gives you so much confidence to play around with your image the way you wish particularly when you need to crop your pictures to give you a normal shape. You know it isn’t professional to use images of any shape on the websites, that is the best reason while you must be a good user of the highlighted function on the dashboard to a desirable length. With this, you can turn a portrait into a landscape and vice versa.

  1. Filter Your Image

Filter Your Image

Image from Strikingly

With the best free photo editor filter tool, you have several actions to perform. This is where you can increase and reduce the brightness of the image, saturation, contrast, threshold, and distance. Plus, the advantage to remove the white background in the photo if need be. All you need to do is pick up the tool you need and make your desired effect without breaking a sweat.

  1. Rotate Your Image

Rotate Your Image

Image from Strikingly

The rotation option is very important in photo editing. And it’s one of the features you should consider when choosing the best free photo editor. As such, you can exploit the available function on our photo editing tool to fulfill that goal. You can leverage this feature to turn your picture around as you wish.

  1. Draw on Your Image

Draw on Your Image

Image from Strikingly

Highlighted here is a writing tool that can be used to create a drawing on your image. This can give your photo an aesthetic feature. You can customize your appearance with this best free photo editor function as well.

  1. Adding Text to Your Image

Adding Text to Your Image

Image from Strikingly

Here, you can add text to your image. This can give your picture beautiful customization or a professional signature. Appropriate use of this feature will increase your level of credibility in the sight of people because your signature represents you just like your profile.

  1. Adding Color to Your Text

Adding Color to Your Image

Image from Strikingly

As you can see here on the toolbar, different color types are available for you to beautify your text in an acceptable form. Just highlight the text and click on the color menu to select your favorite among the varieties.

Seeing the sophisticated functions of our best free photo editor available in 2021, the next step that can keep you going with the modern trend is to adopt the use of Strikingly newly created photo editing software. Ready to improve your website user’s experience? Create an account with Strikingly!