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If you are learning how to write a blog post, it can be quite challenging. Sometimes, even the best blog writers in the world find it challenging to get through the blogging procedure. After writing on so many innovative ideas, it may come to a point when they exhaust all of their possible blogging concepts. It is appropriate for the writers to consider the best blog templates to clear their thought processes.

If you have a great passion for writing articles or blogs and want to improve your reputation in the online working community, you came to the right place. This article will look at different blog templates and the strategies you may require for writing a good article.

Blog Templates

It is essential to consider a blog template before you start writing. Writing an excellent article is perfect for your skills, but it may come to no fruition if you don’t have the representation to match it. Your blog template, structure, and tone all depend on the selected niche and targeted audience. Below, we have mentioned some of the most basic blog templates to get your writing up and running.

1. Lists

As the name implies, a list post is the kind of blog post comprised of several items on a list. For example, when you write a blog post of this type, you can write on niches, such as how-tos, strategies, tactics, tips, tricks, etc. This format enables you to break down a massive chunk of information into small components, making it easier for the readers to understand the context.

A list post must always have a set of actions to be implemented, making it beneficial from an SEO perspective. Your blog title must have a particular benefit along with a timeframe. For example, your blog title can be ‘15 Ways to Get Ready for a Job Interview’.

Once done with the title, you must also ensure that you create a catchy introduction that grabs your audience’s attention right from the start. Moreover, it should have an equally good conclusion with a great call to action (CTA) so that the readers know how to get in touch with you regarding the content.

2. Guide Post

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, blog format examples is the beginner’s guide blog. This comprehensive article enables you to guide the beginners for them to understand all the talking points of a specific topic before they learn more about it. There could be so many talking points in this regard, such as coding and web development.

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The title must show that it is specifically recommended for beginners. Regardless of the selected topic, it must have a certain distinction so that the content meets the demands of the respective reader. For example, the subject can be ‘A beginner’s guide to writing blogs’ or ‘A beginner’s guide to playing tennis’. In the blog, you should give reasons why the beginners must go through your content. You must inform them about what they will learn so that they do not lose their focus.

Strategies for a Blog Post

As you have checked the best blog templates for your writing, you need to integrate them into your working plans. If you are in the process of starting blog writing, you may have to invest a lot of time to establish your blog site. When you invest, you may have to look after the structure, animations, and event promotions. However, if you don’t want to indulge in that, you can rely on an effective website builder, such as Strikingly. Strikingly provides a wide range of website templates for different websites, which you can customize as per your needs. By doing that, you can just focus on the aspects of writing a blog post. Now, let’s visualize the strategies through which you can start your blog and improve website traffic.

1. Consider a Blog Template

A blog template isn’t just about the representation of your blog. It must have a personality that distinguishes your blog from the rest of the pieces on your Blogspot website. Your template usually depends upon the niche that you have selected alongside your targeted audience. For example, you can write on business or trade or write more travel or informative blogs.

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To make it easy for your understanding, you can visualize the blog template above from Strikingly. The blog format looks more personalized, whereas you can use this template to write a blog post on temporary stories. As you can see from the image above, you can add multiple features within your written blog through Strikingly. The features include layout, buttons, and background. It is all about giving a unique identity to your blog so that it remains a standout from the rest of your website content.

2. Create Blog Categories

One of the most critical steps in writing a blog post is creating blog categories. It is also one of the most overlooked steps while writing a blog. Even though you are writing on a specific niche or a topic, it is essential to categorize them so that the readers can visualize them without wasting any time.

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When you write a blog post, Strikingly provides you with a function to add categories to your blogs. This will enable the readers to filter out their required content, which they can read without having any problems. Make sure that you click on ‘Blog’ and then click on ‘Categories’. Once you go to ‘Categories’, you will see an image appearing in front of you, where you can click on ‘Add New Categories’.

Many blog writers ask the question if the blog categories are important or not. For example, if you own a food blog, a few business blogs will be written about various meals, whereas other blogs will feature some high-quality restaurants and chefs. You cannot just mix them up and leave it to your readers to select their preferred content. You have to categorize them, which makes it easy for you and the reader.

3. Create a Blog Post

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When you write a blog post, there are a few steps that you have to administer regardless of the blog template you consider. We have shared a list below to make it easy for you to write a high-quality blog.

  • Do customer research and understand the interest of your audience/readers
  • Do brainstorming of different topics or niches before selecting one
  • Consider the purpose behind the niche you have selected for your blog
  • Give a complete outline of your blog structure, alongside your subheadings
  • Write a high-quality introduction to catch your audience’s attention straight away
  • Write high-quality body content
  • Conclude your blog properly

Once you have identified the layout template, make sure to provide the list of steps we have shared above before publishing your blog on your Strikingly website. On your Strikingly blog section, make sure to select ‘Blog’, then ‘Blog Posts’, and then ‘Write New Post’ to get to the new document for your blog. Moreover, you can write your blog directly through the Strikingly website editor.

4. Use Additional Resources

It isn’t just about the writing skills when you write a blog post. It is also about the additional resources you use to match it. In the blog section of Strikingly, you can also use certain animations to create an identity for your content. For example, you can add GIFs to your blog to make it look unique and creative.

When you head over to the blog section of Strikingly, you will see settings for the background. You can customize the color, background, and images to enhance your content. Moreover, you can add a quote, a separator, and an HTML Link to go with your content.

5. Publish Blog Post

It may take a lot of time and hard work for you to write a blog post. However, some people just think that they are at the end of the cycle after writing it. They forget that once they write great website content, they also have to publish it and make it live on the Blogspot website. Therefore, once you are done with a compelling blog post, make sure to click on “Publish” to complete the lifecycle of a blog.

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When you head over to the blog section of Strikingly, you will see two options i.e. ‘Publish Now’ and ‘Schedule For Later’. If you click on ‘Publish Now’, it will update your written blog to your Blogspot website, whereas clicking on ‘Schedule for Later’ will enable you to select a date for publishing the blog.


Successfully writing a blog post is all down to hard work and passion. Once you establish a Blogspot website, it’s all about you understanding the key aspects of writing a blog post and keeping your audience engaged. After writing a blog, you need to optimize it for search engine optimization (SEO), and share it on your blog section and social media channels. You must be aware of every step you take while writing a blog and make sure that you do not lose the trust of your visitors.

Are you eager to kickstart your blog career today? Head over to Strikingly today, get yourself registered, and attract visitors to your blogs through innovative writing skills.