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You’ve definitely seen it everywhere: from websites to posters and even at your desktop wallpaper. Landscape pictures have always been a staple when it comes to photography and website building.

Landscape images are made to capture the essence of nature uniquely and artistically. Formerly, landscape pictures can be recognized if it presented in an artistic setting of what we call “still life”. Other times, landscape pictures can be captured in the wilderness when animals and landscapes are the primary elements of the photo.

Today, landscape photos do not only settle on sceneries from the outside world. This kind of photography now includes man-made structures that blend along with the forces of nature. An example of that is capturing an array of towering skyscrapers, architecture, and even microscopic elements that fit into the category as well.

A part of the power that landscape photography possesses is that this kind of photo captures something beyond human capabilities and interference. Through landscape pictures, we can encase a dreamscape that only nature can make—a form of majestic scenery too good to not share with the world in the form of pictures.

That is also a reason why people tend to dive into landscape photography. Natural features of the sky, land, and water forms at a certain distance give off a different level of satisfaction and amazement to both photographers and viewers alike.

Why use landscape photos for websites?

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A picture embodies a thousand words. It can inspire, grab attention, and even simplify complex ideas and concepts. To support that, our brains are wired to be drawn to images first since we are visual creatures. With pictures, it gives us a quick summary of what an article is all about and processes the necessary details you are expecting to gain—an overview of some sort to get a hand of what’s coming to you the moment your eyes are laid on the picture.

When you are just starting on building your website, a hi resolution landscape can do the job since there’s nothing more enticing than a beautifully snapped landscape to lure in viewers and catch their attention.

Landscape pictures bring a different kind of aesthetic to the table. Now that we are stranded at our homes, our thirst for the outside world has become greater and greater—, and this is where landscape photography comes in, somewhat comforting us in ways we didn’t know were possible.

You may think that capturing landscape pictures is pretty easy—but only expert photographers can bend perspectives and points when taking the best landscape photo.

Is landscape photography easy?

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Having an eye for photography is a gift, but executing and capturing the best possible angles as well as working along with the dynamics of nature is another.

Landscape photography is commonly the first choice of people when venturing into the art of photography. To say, landscape photos are much more accessible than other types of photography since the world is their playground. Best of all, you don’t need lightings and other tools to accentuate your subject since you try to capture the true beauty of the vast scenery. Unlike portrait images where you control the whole environment, you get to face spontaneity which makes landscape photography more thrilling and challenging. In some cases, a few editing tricks might do the job of enhancing the intensity and purity of an image, but no one can ever change the perspective and overall view and feel of the image.

Where can I find free landscape pictures?

There are tons of landscape images far and wide on the internet. For instance, you might even have a couple on your laptop or computer saved as wallpaper or screensaver.

With a variety of content creators on the web with different specializations in photography, it’s safe to say that it may be overwhelming to look for the best websites that offer free landscape pictures. But fret not, here are five websites where you can get landscape images, and best of all, these websites are all free.

1. Pixabay

Landscape Photo of Railway

2. Pexels

Landscape Photo of Bridge

3. Unsplash

Landscape Photo of Forest Mountain

4. Life of Pix

Landscape Photo of Lake


Landscape Photo of Sunset

Tips on how to capture landscape pictures

Photographs are there to capture the very moments that eyes cannot simply convert into something tangible to share. Capturing landscapes through the lens requires specific tips & tricks for you.

If you plan on taking landscape pictures all by yourself and experience nature first hand, you should always remember that braving the wilderness is not an easy feat. Certain factors like the weather, sunlight, etc. can greatly affect the overall result of your photo. So, here are some landscape photography tips that you need to follow so your venture out to the wilderness would be a definite success.

1. Do your research

Not every day is a sunny day. So, before planning that photography session of yours with nature, you should first know the weather of the place at your time of visit. Try to search for some potential spots if your new to the place so you don’t have to wander for hours just looking for the perfect or right place to take a landscape picture. As well all know, it is also best to make a Plan B, and eventually, a Plan C if the second plan is still not enforceable. Everything changes by the second so it’s best to plan ahead of time to achieve the best out of your landscape photographs.

2. Try different angles

No one wants to buy the same photo twice, and if a lot of photographers were there to capture the same subject as you, it’s an advantage if you already have a good point of view on the said spot. Try using different lenses, better yet, try changing your perspective on the view. Having a great vantage point where you can see everything can be your start of analyzing the best place to take the shot. Everybody sees that majestic mountain standing tall in the middle of a green pasture where animals roam and wander. Now, it’s up to you how you would spice things up by approaching a different perspective and focusing on elements that people tend to miss, so you can show them that there’s more to see than what meets the eye.

3. Apply photography rules

Having the best set of lenses and a high-quality camera is a plus, but not applying the techniques borne for photography itself can still break your chance to capture the best landscape picture. Brush up with some photography composition rules like the rule of thirds, symmetry, minimalism, etc. But do remember that you don’t need to confine yourself to these techniques, especially when your ideas can bring up you’re A-game. If you are just starting on landscape photography, try applying these tips so you can pull out the best photo from the scenery.

4. Always try for another shot

Still, life outdoors is not motionless. The wind may interfere with the grass, or the rain can destroy the beautiful scenery you had in mind. That’s part of life, and the real thing is that no photographer catches the perfect shot in one go. Patience is a virtue, as they say; that’s why you always need to find the silver lining in every situation since you don’t want to go home empty-handed. When things all fail, always opt to take another shot. Who knows, you might have taken an incredibly perfect shot during the worst of the situation.

How to sell landscape pictures online

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You’re all set! You have tons of photos taken from your trip outdoors and ready to post on your social media sites. But instead of just posting them on your feed for free, why not try selling landscape pictures on the web?

Selling landscape photography is a thing, and people buy this kind of stuff. After all, you don’t want your patience and work to go to waste, so the best way to make up for it is to turn a hobby into a money-generating career.

Selling landscape photography is not easy if it’s paired with a boring site. But with Strikingly, you can make your personal portfolio and sell photographs easily with its user- and mobile-friendly features.

With Strikingly’s digital product feature, you can start selling your landscape pictures by following these steps:

1. Connect your Custom Domain and Payments

Before uploading your landscape photos on Strikingly, you first need to set up your Custom Domain on the said site. Then, connect your PayPal or Stripe since they are the only payment systems Strikingly has for the moment. Make sure that your domain has already been connected. If not, buyers will not be able to request links from your website after their purchase.

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2. Select the Product Type

When you finally set up your Custom Domain and a payment method, you can now choose the product type. Set the product type to “Digital Download” located at the upper right corner of your screen.

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3. Upload a File for Digital Product

After selecting what Product Type you are selling, the file that you will upload should have a maximum files size of 500MB, with these set of accepted formats only:

  • Image : .png, .jpg, .gif
  • Audio: .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .flac, .m4a
  • Document: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .odp, .epub, txt, key, numbers, wps
  • Zip Files: .zip, .zipx, .7z, .rar

4. Manage Orders and Generate New Download Link

If your buyer has already made a payment on their purchase, the order will be “Completed” automatically. Easy as that. On a side note, buyers cannot cancel once the transaction is completed but they can always opt for a refund. You may also generate a new link for the buyer after the 72-hour expiration by clicking “Generate new link download” on the order details list, and manually send it to the consumer.

Worried about not having the right platform to collate your landscape pictures? Fear no more because Strikingly is here to save your day.

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