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Wedding photos are among the most critical aspects of your wedding day. Everyone wants to have the best wedding photo, and overall the best wedding photography. When someone’s wedding is coming up, they spend time planning for their wedding photo ideas that they don’t want to miss.

Your wedding photography captures the moments and memories that you can cherish forever. You can look back at your wedding photos after a couple of years and feel how time flies. That’s why you have to ensure every wedding photo is properly nailed up, from getting dressed for the event through exiting the wedding hall.

In this post, we will give you some fabulous wedding photo ideas. We highly recommend preparing a wedding photo list so that you don’t miss out on any crucial moments to capture. But even before that, you need to prepare a to-do list, which will start with hiring a professional wedding photographer. You need to get someone who really knows what they’re doing. After all, you don’t want to take risks with your wedding photography.

A professional photographer would already have an idea of the kind of wedding photos he needs to take, as he must have had an experience of taking wedding photos at so many other wedding functions in the past. But it’s still nice to have a little bit of general knowledge about wedding photography yourself so that you can guide your photographer properly and share your list of wedding photo ideas with him.

The 15 Wedding Photos You Must Take

We have put together a wedding photo list to consider for your big day.

1. The Invitation Suite

Some people include shooting their invitation suite on the wedding day, so it officially becomes a part of their wedding photography. Others do it later and separately in a studio. You can discuss this with your photographer and tell him what you want in this photo moment. You can choose the decoration you wish for the photos in the background. If you do this shoot separately in a studio, you might have to set up the background and any surrounding items that you want your photos to show. Any extra decorations you make for this should match with your overall wedding day theme, as these photos will become part of your wedding photo album at the end of the day.

wedding invitation on a website

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2. The Beauty Moment

Your beauty moments are captured when you are all dressed but haven’t come out of your bridal room to go to the wedding hall. The photographer needs to be invited to your bridal suite for this wedding photography section. Let the photographer know of the timeline beforehand. Don’t forget to include your partner’s pictures that capture his getting-ready moments.

3. The Accessories

Every bride spends time handpicking the wedding day accessories. You sure want to make sure that everything you select is special and looks perfect. These accessories must be captured in your wedding photo album. Whether you’re wearing something old, new, or even borrowed, it deserves to be captured properly in your wedding photos. Besides having a photoshoot of yourself wearing all the accessories, you might also want to take an earlier shot of all your accessories laid down on your dressing table, ready to be worn by you.

4. The Getting Ready Moments

These are the moments when you finally reveal your wedding dress. You might want to take shots from different angles, showing the flares and shades of your dress before revealing your face in it and demonstrating how you look in that dress. One of these shots could also become the cover wedding photo.

5. The Wedding Shoes

Now that you have captured your dress and accessories, what about the shoes? Of course, the shoes are also special. Include them in your wedding photography and flaunt them in your wedding photo album.

6. The Bridal Portrait

Your wedding day is the time for you to be in the spotlight. Pose as you like, show off your dress, and get your bridal portrait captured. This is supposed to turn out as your best wedding photo. This is the wedding photo in which you flaunt all your beauty. Look into the camera and get memorable images taken.

7. The Veil

If you think your veil is rocking and pretty, get your photographer to snap a couple of its pictures from different angles to include in your wedding photo album.

8. The Bridal Bouquet

When you have a gorgeous wedding bouquet, why leave it out of your wedding photo album? Hold on to it tight and pose. Let the photographer capture the bouquet in different locations to show different shades of the flowers and with diverse backgrounds. You can also take some pictures with the flowers right next to your face, smiling graciously as a bride.

9. The Bridal Party

Having many natural and candid bridal party pictures taken can build lifelong memories for you. Make sure you take wedding photos where everyone is smiling and laughing. You are going to cherish these shots for years to come. Include all your family members, close friends, and other loved ones in your wedding photography.

10. The Boutonnieres

If you have brilliant and calligraphed name tags, why not shoot these too? Your boutonnieres tell who gets which flower. They definitely make up for a tiny section of your wedding photography session. Don’t forget to include them in your wedding photo list.

11. The Groom

Your wedding photos should not only include you as the bride. Equally important are pictures of the groom. After all, the wedding day is his chance to play a model as well. Tell the groom how dapper and handsome he looks before he gets in front of the camera. Take some dashing pictures of the groom to include in your wedding photo album cover.

12. The First Look

This one is up to you. Some couples prefer taking the first look shot, while others want to wait until the aisle ceremony. If you’re seeing your groom before the actual ceremony, you should preferably document it. It is going to be one of your most memorable moments. You can cherish the moment and your reaction forever by including it in your wedding photography.

13. The Candid Moments

Wedding candids are most people’s favorite moments. These should come out as natural poses that the photographer snaps without being too conscious. The photographer should be alert to capture such candid wedding photo moments.

 candid moments on a wedding website

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14. The Portraits

These are the wedding photos that you actually pose for. They are taken after the aisle ceremony. This is when it’s time to sneak away with your photographer and snap pictures of the two of you as a newly married couple. These are beautiful moments to spend with your partner alone and a perfect slot for the best wedding photos. If you choose to frame a wedding photo to put up on the walls of your home, it should be one of these.

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15. The Wedding Party

At the end of the day, gather up everyone in a big group and snap pictures to show how much fun everybody had at your wedding party. This is also a good chance for the photographer to show his wedding photography skills. Let him capture the background, the facial expressions, the natural smiles and poses, and party decorations in these pictures.

big group photo at the end of a wedding ceremony

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Publish Your Wedding Photos Online

Now that you have taken awesome wedding photos, what’s the safest and most exciting way to keep them and share them with the world?

These were not the old times when you had to prepare a physical wedding photo album, which you could only show to those who were with you in person. These days you can publish your wedding photos online.

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The most convenient way is to create a wedding website on Strikingly and post all your wedding photos on it. Some people develop a wedding website as a wedding day invitation, while others build it to compile and publish their wedding photography.

simple wedding invitation website

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Once the website is ready, you can simply share its URL with all your close and loved ones, and they can browse your wedding photos on their own from the comfort of their homes.

Making a wedding photo website is not as hard as you might think. Register for a free account with Strikingly, and you will be directed to our template selection page. Here, you can select any layout you like, serving as a ready-made website design for you. Once you are in the Strikingly editor, you can upload your wedding photos using our drag and drop interface. You might want to create a complete gallery of your wedding pictures. Select the best wedding photo and use it as the cover photo for your website.

Many of our users use Strikingly to build a website for personal use like this. It is a fantastic feeling to view your wedding photos online any time you like.