Ten Critical Steps for You to Plan a Wedding

Your wedding party will arguably be the greatest day of your life. Initially, figuring out ways for planning a wedding can be quite time-consuming, especially if you are planning during the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, whether you want to organize a simple wedding or a massive affair, steps are the same for both.

In this article, we will break down all the guidelines for you to plan a wedding. We recommend you focus on each guideline individually so that there is no margin for error on your biggest day. If you are following a busy schedule, you can divide your wedding work among your family members and friends. They will undoubtedly be happy to be given the responsibility to navigate this process.

10 Critical Steps for the Planning of Your Wedding

1. Create a Wedding Budget

If you want to know how to plan your wedding, then you must know about a wedding budget. This step is the most significant in a wedding plan. Therefore, it is considered being the first step of the process. Although you may not enjoy undergoing this step, it is a step that you must get done first because it triggers all the rest of the steps.

It will be the worst thing in the world for you if you decide your venue or dress, but then realize that you cannot afford it. Therefore, you must sit with your parents or other family members and give a final verdict on your wedding budget. Afterward, you can divide the budget by the vendors or services accordingly.

The budget conversation may contain aspects of how to start planning a wedding, which can be a little uncomfortable for you. However, it is better to get this conversation out of the way so you have a clear picture of your spending.

2. Get Inspired

inspiration for wedding

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One of the best steps to planning a wedding is gaining inspiration as you are undergoing the wedding procedure. You will create an image in your head about how your wedding will look like. You may have the aim of creating a classic or a simplistic vibe on your biggest day.

Whatever choice you make, you are entitled to your opinion. It is ideal if you look into the recent wedding trends on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. When you start your wedding procedure, it is recommended that you think that way. However, consider upping your gear once you have selected your wedding date and venue.

3. Have a Wedding Vision and Plan Your Guest List

Before you look for any wedding dress or a wedding cake, make sure that you have a clear vision of your big day. For example, you can envision a great family photo on your wedding day. The denominators associated with the vision make it an important step when you plan a wedding.

When you are thinking of a perfect wedding, there are certain questions for you to consider:

  • Will everyone be invited or just your family members?
  • Will the wedding function be outdoors or indoors?
  • Will the wedding happen in your hometown or any other destination?

If you want further help, check out your social media platforms to have a clearer idea. Regardless of your thinking about a wallpaper pattern or a famous movie scene, you must be creative on your biggest day.

4. Narrow Down the Dates

You will not have an estimated date in your mind unless you book your venue. However, we can recommend a few wedding dates before you look at your desired venue. First, decide the season in which you want to plan a wedding. Decide whether you are planning to schedule the wedding on Saturday or any other day.

Once you have ticked these boxes, look at the calendar. Make sure that you take your working hours, holidays, and family events into account when you plan a wedding. This clarification will enable you to narrow down your dates based on a few selections. If you already have a simple idea about your wedding date, it will help select your wedding venue.

5. Complete your Wedding Registry

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Once you get engaged, your neighbors will eventually start asking where you are registered. When you plan a wedding step by step, it is essential to complete your wedding registry early in the procedure. Your family members will opt for you to buy the engagement gifts, and you can make modifications to your wedding registry later on.

6. Create a Wedding Website

wedding website

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Creating a wedding website is the simplest way of keeping your guests aware of your wedding’s developments. Strikingly is a well-acknowledged platform to help you in this matter. If you want to know how to plan a wedding, you must look into the set of guidelines we provide regarding wedding websites.

Our experts will give you guidelines to ensure that you provide all the required information about your wedding day on the website. We will also recommend you the best wedding hashtag for you to use on social media.

7. Appoint Vendors

On average, a wedding couple appoints 13 vendors to help them navigate the wedding process. This could be expensive, but you need to appoint the right vendors so your big day goes through with no negligence.

8. Consider a Wedding Coordinator

If your big day gets hampered by a busy working schedule, make sure that you appoint a proper wedding coordinator that looks after your wedding tasks. The wedding coordinator can help you plan a wedding in your busy routine as he will cover all the events from the engagement party to the honeymoon.

Your wedding coordinator may also look into the crucial factors, such as budget, list of vendors, location, and schedule before you start solo into your wedding plans. You can also hire a coordinator just for your wedding day. He will ensure that everything goes well in the day.

9. Shop Wedding Dresses

One of the most significant steps to planning a wedding is dress shopping. You can look into the best fashion designers to have an idea about your wedding dress. You can read about the best silhouettes, necklines, and hues that may overwhelm you.

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The season will also have a say on your dressing. If you want to plan a wedding in the summer, make sure to consider fabrics such as chiffon and linen. Similarly, if you have a wedding plan in winter, look for fabrics such as brocade and faux fur.

Most importantly, make sure that you start with your dress shopping quickly. A well-created wedding suit may take time to find and get customized. You can look into popular boutiques, departmental stores, or even online businesses. There will be a wide variety of clothes available for you to choose from.

If you are allowed, you can even talk to your partner about the popular wedding day fashion trends. You can find ways in which your suits complement each other. You may also look into the post-wedding wear of any suit that you are willing to buy.

10. Get Your Marriage License

If you are looking into the steps of a wedding plan, you must keep in mind that one of the most important steps is to get a marriage license so you and your partner can be considered legally married.

Every state has different rules and regulations regarding marriage licenses, so make sure that you are aware of the laws before obtaining your license. Ensure that you get your marriage license at the right time.

If there is a waiting period in your state, you can afford to wait. However, that period must not be that long that your marriage license expires before you obtain it. If you want to change your name after the wedding, the marriage license will be an influential factor in this procedure.

How Much Time is Required to Complete the Wedding process?

Honestly, there is no appropriate time limit when you plan a wedding. If you are running out of time, you can also find ways to promote your wedding platform without any investment. You can blend all the above-mentioned guidelines and integrate them into your timeline. There are certain steps which you complete speedily, whereas some others may take time.

The time limit for the completion of your wedding process depends upon two factors:

  • Overall time frame in which you want to get married
  • How long do you want to get engaged?

The average time a person stays engaged is 13 months. This time frame is more than enough to tackle all the guidelines that are mentioned above.


It has to be said that if a person will plan a wedding, there are certain aspects within this process that can be troublesome for him. For example, you can be a fan of decor but find it hard to create a guest list. Or, you can create a wedding website for your wedding announcement to ensure that your guests are kept up to date. Luckily, once you have a team to work with, you can divide the tasks within your family and friends. If you are showing negligence in the planning, you must hire a wedding planner quickly.