Are you a bride who is looking to shoot for stunning boudoir photography? Or are you just someone who is looking to express the sexy sides of their selves? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s discuss boudoir photography, some boudoir photography tips, and boudoir photography poses for you to let the most beautiful version of you out! Let’s begin!

What is Boudoir Photography?

To some, this may be their first time hearing about this niche of photography. Boudoir Photography is a form of intimate photography shot by professional photographers in which a bride or a man’s female significant other poses whilst wearing revealing clothing or clothing that implies nudity. They are typically for couples who want to get a shot of their significant others’ best angles and version, and may also be used for brides’ pre-wedding preparation and sessions.

While not exclusively done in grayscale or black and white, most photographers and editors will suggest that the color scheme adds to the sexiness or “sexy factor” of the photo. It removes other art elements and makes the viewers focus on the subject only - which is the woman (or bride, if for wedding purposes).

Why should I consider getting a photo of me with Boudoir Photography?

Again, this niche of photography may come as an odd form of art or photography, but it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your body and appreciate yourself. Here are six reasons why you should consider shooting for a Boudoir Photography for your wedding, or for casual reasons!

  1. To appreciate and celebrate you.

Like we have mentioned earlier, a boudoir shoot is a perfect opportunity for you to celebrate and appreciate yourself. In our time where self-love is seldom observed, it’s nice to appreciate our looks, body, and selves once in a while. Book for a boudoir shoot, and don’t be ashamed of yourself! After the shoot, reflect on just how incredible and amazing of a person you are. It’s easy to get carried away from all the stress and work and life, that we often forget that we are people who need to appreciate ourselves.

There’s also the luxury of being able to look back 30, 40, or even 50 years from now and drool over our glorious times in life. It’s just cool to be able to see yourself in the most beautiful manner there is, and also a great self-esteem booster while you’re at it!

And of course, they are also the best set of photos you can show off on your special day. Imagine hundreds of guests, which also consists of the closest people in your lives, witnessing your sexy boudoir photo shoot!

  1. The perfect excuse to visit the lingerie shop.

It should come as no surprise that planning weddings and talking to many people to get things done comes with a lot of stress. Visiting the mall for lingerie is the perfect excuse for a break from everything. It’s not bad to relax once in a while. Go out with your friends and celebrate your pre-wedding achievements, or bring your significant other with you and let him pick the sexiest outfits for you! After all, he’s going to be the one seeing you after your wedding and on the honeymoon. Wink wink!

  1. It’s also the perfect gift for your significant other!

Ran out of gift ideas for your girlfriend? Then look no further to give them the best gift they can receive, a boudoir photography shoot! It’s the perfect gift as they will appreciate you for gifting them something sweet and appreciate themselves in the process. Bridal Boudoirs are also one of the more popular choices for a wedding gift, besides the wedding itself of course!

  1. To make you feel empowered.

This ties in closely with number one. While you celebrate you, you can also boost your self-confidence before your special day. It’s one of the most important aspects that need to be improved before a wedding.


You will be showing up to hundreds of people and your closest friends who will expect the most beautiful and confident version of you on that day. So needless to say, it’s great to have a boudoir photo shoot before big occasions (not only weddings) for that last push in self-confidence boost.

  1. To keep you comfortable in front of an audience and the camera.

Your wedding day will have a lot of eyes and cameras pointed at you. At that point, you should be prepared for any camera shyness or fear of crowds you might have. While a boudoir shoot may not carry the same magnitude of a wedding in terms of crowd and cameras, it’s still a good practice as you will be exposed to an ample amount.

The photographers and your significant other who will be watching you while you pose will keep you comfortable in front of an audience. And all the cameras pointed at you should keep you used to the cameras that you are about to face on your wedding day.

  1. To celebrate a big or special occasion.

Lastly, a boudoir photography shoot can take place to celebrate any big or special occasion you may have. Whether it may be a wedding, a celebration for a successful business opening, or for valentines, it’s the perfect way to celebrate achievements! You don’t have to be with someone to shoot a boudoir photo. If you feel like celebrating your life and you alone, then don’t be shy to do so. You are, after all, a powerful and independent individual! Go love yourself!

Boudoir Photography Tips and Ideas


With Boudoir Photography on the rise, it’s time to start giving out some tips to make it easier for both the photographer and the client. If you are a photographer who is looking for a guide to make the process go smoothly, then this is the perfect guide for you. However, if you are a client who is also looking for a guide that will serve the same purpose, then don’t go! These steps will help aspiring photographers and clients alike! Let’s start:

  1. Get to know your photographer/client before you commence the shoot.

Boudoir shoots can be tense as you, the client, will need to show parts of you that you don’t usually let strangers, like your boudoir photographer, see. In the business and niche of boudoir photography, it’s common for photographers to send out a series of questionnaires before the session. These questions should cover hair, makeup, music, where they would like to do the session, the reason why they want to do a boudoir session, and which poses they would be comfortable to do. There are more areas that you can cover, like if it’s their first time and would like a rundown of the specifics, but it’s up to you if you want to ask.

This series of questions aim to capture and paint an idea of who your client is going to be and how she will fit for certain poses and circumstances. As the photographer, you are also free to send them your work portfolio or blogs.

  1. Take some face-to-face time to get to know your photographer/client more before the shoot.

Emails won’t be enough to get comfortable around the people you’ll be spending the day with. An alternative would be to use video call platforms like Skype or Zoom where you can set up an ala meet-n-greet with your client. If you are the client, then there’s no harm in inviting the photographers for the virtual meeting first.

If you are able to meet face-to-face, then get comfy around them. Tell a thing or two about your career, and why you booked for a boudoir photo shoot. If you have a significant other or a close friend, then don’t hesitate to tag them along. There are no rules that you can’t bring anyone with you in a shoot! It’ll help you settle and get comfortable too.

  1. As a photographer, communicate to your clients about the boudoir poses.

One of the core factors that make a great boudoir photo shoot is the poses. As the photographer, be sure to talk to your clients about the poses. While they can be confident that they can pull off decent poses, it’s never harmful to show them your portfolio of boudoir photographs and let them practice with it. It’s also a good idea to send them your portfolio before meeting so that they can get to practice on their own.

There is no loss in making sure your clients are prepped before the shoot so that during the shoot, everything will go smoothly and according to plan!

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