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If you think that a good first impression is vital in your modeling career, you’re absolutely right. In a blog by My Model Reality, its introductory part states that modeling is a first-impression business. As a model, you know this for a fact and by experience. Agencies hire models even if they haven’t seen them in person. Just looking at the photos on the model portfolio online, agents can tell who got what it takes. That is why, as a model, you can’t go wrong with this first impression basis. Show what you got with the photographs that speak about how you can represent a brand. Most importantly, know what they’re looking for and find out how to put an awe on their faces by merely looking at your photos.

Whether you are a freelance model or someone with a modeling agency, you need to know these top things about building a model portfolio website. We’ll share with you the best characteristics of a killer modeling portfolio and why you need to build a model profile online. Of course, we will also show you the best model portfolio example in case you are looking for inspiration to create your own website now. To top it all, discover the advantages of having an online portfolio for model. If you still need fresh ideas about starting your own model portfolio website, we’ve listed the most important features that modeling portfolio websites must have. If you’re excited to grind these cool ideas from us, let’s go! But, don’t forget to sign up to discover our collection of pre-designed templates for your personal website.

Barett Lucak model portfolio

Image taken from KarenLo website

Advantages of having an online modeling portfolio

• Adds professionality

In the world of modeling industry, having a modeling portfolio website can give a model a leg up on the tough competition among other models and brand ambassadors. Although social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can give you an instant web presence, having a ‘book’ or an online model portfolio can give you a professional impression. It simply gives your audience a hint on how serious you are in taking the path in your modeling career. Hence, you can attract agencies and brands that are sure to give you a break.

• Fast and easy customization

Unlike having a physical book or a PDF file of your projects, an online modeling portfolio is super easy to edit with just a few clicks. With Strikingly, you can even use the drag and drop feature on our website editor that lets you move around things with ease and speed. Digital images can be easily updated on your gallery section while you’re at the cafe with your smartphone. Imagine you can take rad photos of yourself while having a cup of coffee and reading a good book at an al fresco setting and upload it to your online portfolio in minutes. Your lifestyle and personality can add some spice to your model profile.

• Takes you to a larger audience

Your online model portfolio can help get a wider reach. It can take you to a larger audience. Since anyone can access your portfolio website anywhere and anytime, your opportunities are also limitless. You can easily share your model portfolio to your social media posts. Who knows how many managers, talent scouts, and casters can see it?

Miss falcon modeling portfolio

Image taken from Miss Falcon website

What should an online modeling portfolio contain?

1. Mobile-friendly design

A website design that works well with desktop, smartphones, and any mobile devices is pretty much getting favorable results in Google search engine. Another good thing about making your online model portfolio mobile-ready is that you are most likely to get more traffic because online users opt to use their mobile devices to search for anything. It comes handy anytime and anywhere. As a model, you should treat every opportunity as a gem.

2. Professional template design

Most of the model portfolio websites that you can see have modern and minimal design. It aims to give emphasis on your portfolio rather than the web design itself. A clean design can give your site an air to breathe while highlighting your best shots. Keep us in mind once you decide that it’s about time to create your online model portfolio website.

3. Excellent loading speed

It is important that a model portfolio website loads images fast, otherwise you might lose some visitors who don’t have the luxury of waiting for your pictures to show up on their screen. Excellent loading speed and fluidity of website navigation gives your online portfolio a plus factor and extra edge in the competition.

4. Gallery images

Pro tip: you can showcase your images in grids or collage to give your audience a quick overview of your portfolio. Each thumbnail should enable viewers to enlarge images to have a closer look of your killer images as a model.

5. A killer ‘About me’ page

Include an “About Me” page that tells about yourself, your personality, brands you’ve worked with, and the story behind your gorgeous photos.

6. Add a contact info

A clear and complete contact information will help you to get into real projects. You can also encourage your visitors to get in touch with you and ask questions about your modeling career. If you really want to take modeling seriously, you should find ways on how potential clients and brands can contact you by email or phone number.

7. Social media links

Your social media account is a great way to promote your model portfolio online. Add a blog content that tells about your story, your modeling journey, and inspiration. Also, tell them how passionate you are with your modeling career. Social media contacts can add traffic to portfolio websites.

Choosing the right images for your online model portfolio

Did you know that you only need 10-20 photographs to build a model portfolio? Yes, you don’t need anything beyond that number to wow your audience. In building a strong model profile online, you should always choose quality over quantity. Keep in mind that in modeling business, no one will take time to look at a hundred photos in your book. Let us be honest, unless that person is an avid fan or a stalker, most agents don’t have the time to spend over five minutes on a model portfolio unless they find one or two pictures are interesting.

model portfolio online

Image taken from KarenLo website

Remember that choosing the right images will help you wow your audience. In doing so, you have to consider the type of genre you want to express in your photos and make sure you communicate with your photographer about the specific impression you want to get. The quality of the images is significant to your online model portfolio success. Aside from achieving an eye-catching pose, make sure all images are high-resolution. Above all these, you can only make sure that you’ve got the right images if you work with a photographer who understands what impression you want to project on your shots. Get a photographer who knows how to catch the style and personality you are carrying in a photoshoot. Whether it is for an agency or for your freelance work, the right images will bring you positive results.

Examples of model portfolio websites

• Angela Larotonda

grid style photos by Angela

Image taken from Angela Larotonda website

• KarenLo

modeling portfolio by KarenLo

Image taken from KarenLo website

• Miss Falcon

Miss Falcon model portfolio

Image taken from Miss Falcon website

Ready to create a model portfolio website with Strikingly?

Here at Strikingly, we are so excited to welcome talented individuals who know what they want when it comes to building their own website. But, if you still need ideas and insights about creating a modeling portfolio online, we’ve simplified it into five easy steps to get you started.

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1. Sign up for free

There is no need for a 1-2 week trial because you can set up your own website absolutely free. You can create your own brand as a model and take your online portfolio to a higher level of professionalism. You can also get our Limited or Pro plan access with big savings if you choose our yearly option.

2. Choose a clean template design

You can choose from our multiple templates and give your model portfolio a touch of simplicity and beauty at the same time. Highlight your photographs with a clean background that does not take away the spotlight to your lovely shots.

3. Add 10-20 images on your site

The first 10-15 should be the best and the sweetest pictures if you want to entice your audience. Sometimes, agents could not go beyond five to ten pictures if they didn't seem to catch any attention at all. Make sure to show what you got on the first ten photos otherwise there are a bunch of other models on their list.

4. Add your contact info

We are pretty sure by now that you understand how important it is to put your contact info on your site. With Strikingly, you can purchase your own domain name and email to give your online model portfolio a strong branding and web presence.

5. Publish in just a few minutes

Go live as soon as you’re ready to rock the modeling industry.

model portfolio example

Image taken from KarenLo website

It is always a pleasure to share good and fresh ideas that will help our users establish a strong online presence. Making your own website portfolio isn’t that difficult to do, especially that we have a team of web designers and developers to back you up. All you need is to focus on quality shots and show the best version of yourself online with your photographs. Strikingly will take care of the rest. Are you ready to create the best portfolio website for yourself?