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If we are advertising our web design services and putting in a lot of work in this regard, it doesn’t guarantee that we will be getting simultaneously. It doesn’t matter whether we are freelancers or doing an in-house job. However, if you have a well-structured design proposal, you will get noticed. Your potential client will be highly impressed by your innovations and may give you a job.

Having a great design proposal increases your chances to land a job. Your client has got no concerns about your educational history or your work experience. All he considers is your website design proposal samples and current status. If he finds your proposal fitting, you will be considered by him at all costs.

In this article, we will be talking about how you can attract clients with a design proposal. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the important sections that we have discussed.

What is a Website Design Proposal?

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A website design proposal is an agreement between two parties (service provider and client). It gives all the details about the reasonings that the client wants that service provider, and the services that he can get from him. It will also include the cost of the provided services. If you look at any web design proposal template, you will see it has all the constituents that ensure the agreement between the service provider and the client.

As a freelance web designer, you must have a project roadmap for a particular project that satisfies the demands of your client. Make sure that you include that roadmap into your website design proposal so that both the service provider and client can relate to it. It is different from a contract, which is a legally binding agreement between the two parties. You can look into different web design proposal templates for better understanding.

Ways of Attracting Clients with a Design Proposal

If you want to have a good relationship with your current client and want to attract further clients, you must know how to write a website design proposal. If you understand it, you will not just retain your current clients, but also build on them by attracting new clients. When you write a design proposal, make sure that you do not miss out on the following sections:

1. Problem Overview

If you look at any website design proposal example, you will see that it starts with an overview of the specified problem. Therefore, you should follow the same wavelength. In your design proposal, make sure that you start with the problem. In this part, you must make your client understand the problem that your business is facing. Or, you can also highlight the opportunity that your client must be missing.

Having an appropriate problem overview will allow you to have your client’s attention immediately. To build a strong relationship with them, you must agree on their terms and conditions. You must show them that you understand their business, its deficiencies, and strategies in place to work on them.

Most importantly, if you understand the client’s demands, Strikingly will allow you to feel comfortable with them. We will ensure that our platform is the most engaging when it comes to working and can solve their problems simultaneously. Apart from having a great working experience, a problem overview will also give you an understanding of your responsibilities and the project’s magnitude.

2. Given Solution

In the second section, you will add the services that you will provide and all the strategies that you have in place to solve the problems within the business. The problem could be anything, from the web designing procedure, web pages, graphic design, and the requirement of web development (if necessary).

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Any web design proposal template is incomplete without the proposed solution section. Therefore, a website design proposal must contain the services that you provide so that the client builds trust in you. You must elaborate on the solutions that you will give and how they will benefit the company.

For example, if you are focusing on a design solution, the company will see an increase in conversion rates or an increase in traffic on your website. By using your design, the company will increase brand awareness. You will see more engagements on mobile devices and attract new clients to your platform.

3. Price

As a rule, we can let you know that when you are getting interviewed by your client, even before you begin working on your design proposal, you must ask your client about the total budget of the project. Profit management is crucial for you to decide whether to continue with a particular project or business or not.

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If you want to know how to write a website design proposal, you must be aware of the importance of the project’s budget. If the budget fits your demands, this section will allow you to break down all the costs. It will give a comprehensive breakdown of the overall costs. This isn’t ideal for creating a positive perspective from your clients, but it will also you to assign the right price for your project, without making any tweaks to it.

There is no need to add the number of snacks and meals that you have taken during the working of your project. So make sure not to add unnecessary details. You just need to determine that your price quote is justifiable and affordable.

4. Call to Action

Once you get the pricing out of your working curriculum, there is another section that you must have seen in various website design proposal samples i.e. Call to Action. You must not create complications for your clients, which may result in them pulling the plug with you. You must make it easy for them.

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Usually, the procedure of printing the proposal, doing your signatures, scanning it before sending it to you may disturb many of your potential clients. Therefore, you must create the best user experience for your proposal.

Once your clients read the last section of your proposal, they must say ‘Yes’ to giving you a job. Some of the methods include the following

  • Option of signing on a PDF file. There are many available online services
  • You could ask them to send a confirmation email to start the work
  • There are numerous tools for you to start the project. All your client must do is to click on the ‘Accept’ option and he/she will kick start the project

Strikingly understands how important it is for you to build a solid foundation for your online presence. We allow you to create the best call-to-action on your landing pages that will coincide with their digital marketing requirements.

5. About Us

Most of the people like to add ‘About Us’ as the final section of the proposal. If you want to know how to write a website design proposal, you don’t need to be told about this section. However, you must not take any risks when it comes to the quality of your proposal. Who knows that your client would only be looking for this section, and may choose to ignore you because of your proposal not having the ‘About Us’ section.

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In this section, we bring our team’s talent, expertise, and the benefits of choosing our respective services. Apart from that, we would also suggest that you add your online portfolio link. Here, you can add your social media links and testimonials from other clients. However, you must make sure that it is not forced upon your potential client.

Regardless of our decision to add the ‘About Us’ page to our design proposal, the last thing we should forget about is the contact information. We believe that it is such a small aspect of a design proposal. However, it is usually one of the most common things that people forget when writing it.


You need to know the important sections that you must include in your website design proposal to get a job. Most importantly, you should know about the ways of pricing your services without losing any money from your pocket. You cannot build a great personal profile website if you don’t know the ingredients required to make it. Therefore, you must be careful in your approach.

When you are at the initial stages of your career, your objective is more to be a professional than a person who is in search of getting a job. If you rely on Strikingly, we will ensure that you understand the time you should spend, the prices that may incur during the procedure, and plan according to the situation. You can look at the web design proposal template that we have shared on our platform.

Strikingly aims to offer comfortable solutions for a service provider and a client. We want to ensure that you have the best experience when writing the design proposal on our platform. You can add, remove and modify certain elements in your design proposal with Strikingly. All you need to do is head over to the layout section settings and update your proposal.