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If you can time travel at least two decades ago, you would be surprised at how people showcase their skills in order to get discovered and monetize their craft. There are musicians performing in the streets, some artists were painting live or they needed to hold an art exhibit, architects and businessmen had their business cards ready in case they came across with potential clients. When you come back to the present time, you realize how easy and powerful it is to show what you got with the use of digital technology. Thanks to the best personal websites and online portfolios out there that inspired us with creative designs and examples. Nowadays, you won’t run out of cool ideas because you can see lots of personal website examples from prominent to ordinary people.

Here at Strikingly, we have a bunch of personal website examples to share with you. We even made a list of our top ten best personal websites, and we’ll tell you why we chose them. This will inspire you to pick the personal website design that will fit your own preference.

After all, in creating your personal website, you don’t just simply tell people about what you do, but you’re showing your personality too. Keep in mind that it’s okay to come up with your own ideas in building a personal brand website. With Strikingly, although we’ve got pre-designed templates and personal website design, we make sure that you can tailor-fit them according to your style. We will give you inspiration to start your own website with these ten best personal websites made by creative and talented individuals like you.

Best Personal Websites Examples

Are you on a mission to create a website for yourself? These ten best personal website examples from our users will put you in awe with their unique personal brand website design.

1. Sarah Caroline Muller

Sarah Muller website

Image taken from Sarah Caroline Muller website

What we love about Sarah Caroline Muller personal website is the collection of photographs shared on its gallery section. She did a great job in organizing the photos in category sections. The photos from her projects show her in depth skills as a photographer. The projects range from wedding to commercial to food photography to adventure and travel to music and fashion up to the film industry shows so much talent and versatility.

2. Samir Goel

Samir Goel website

Image taken from Samir Goel website

The thing is that Samir Goel portrays a strong personality already once you land on his personal website homepage. Being an entrepreneur, consultant, and a public speaker, Samir has made such an amazing presentation of his milestones by sharing his background and experiences in life. For us, the best personal websites created with Strikingly are made by individuals who are passionate and serious about their craft.

3. Mark Tse

Mark Tse Conductor

Image taken from Mark Tse website

Mark Tse is a conductor, and what we like about his personal website design is that it has a straightforward approach in presenting his achievements. The dark background creates a professional impression to his profession as a conductor. He even shared some of his videos while conducting. A list of the prizes and awards can tell anyone that Mark Tse has gone through a successful journey as a conductor. Truly, the best personal websites we have here stand out.

4. Dan Makoski

best personal website

Image taken from Dan Makoski website

A person who leads innovation, Dan Makoski is a Chief Design Officer at Lloyds Banking Group. Interestingly, Dan has a series of blogs on his personal brand website. Adding blog content to your personal website can help your audience understand your inspiration and relate to your personal experiences.

5. Luka Lesson

Luka Lesson website

Image taken from Luka Lesson website

A rapper, storyteller, and poet, Luka Lesson’s personal website has a minimalistic design. A black and white with a touch of yellow tone on the banner of his downloadable CV, shows an artistic concept. Also, the logo on this personal brand website shows a strong brand identity that exclusively belongs to Luka Lesson.

6. Nays Baghai

personal website design

Image taken from Nays Baghai website

Nays Baghai is an independent filmmaker and underwater cameraman who lives in Sydney, Australia. One of the reasons why we’ve selected this as one of the best personal websites created with Strikingly is the way he presented the information about himself and his work. Looking at the menu bar, you can see the homepage, services, testimonials, clients, reels, and a site search icon. A site search is very important to help your site visitors find what they’re looking for when they’re on your website. A photo of Nays holding a camera with a bright smile on his face shows a glimpse of his personality. This definitely one of the best personal websites here at Strikingly.

7. Amy Chambers

personal brand website

Image taken from Amy Chambers website

Amy Chambers personal website has a sleek design. It welcomes visitors with a photo of Amy and her pet while the background image tells about what she does as a mechanical engineer and a racecar driver. Girl power is overflowing on Amy’s personal website design. Just like the best personal websites, you can also create one for yourself. Just select the template that fits your taste and personality.

8. John Fang

personal website examples

Image taken from John Fang website

Okay, John Fang made it simple for his site visitors to know who he is and what he does. A short description of himself and his career followed by a series of his works and adventure makes his website one of a kind. A white background highlights the images and texts on his personal site. Being a manager, a marathoner, a muralist, and a backpacker, you have so much to discover on his website.

9. Gary Sheng

best personal websites

Image taken from Gary Sheng website

Gary Sheng plays it cool on his welcome page but he bears a powerful movement for American democracy. His personal website design with an image background of him smiling at anyone who lands on his page is a go-getter of supporters. He made it clear that getting in touch with him through LinkedIn is the best way to catch his attention. An important tip when creating the best personal websites, you should add a link to your social media accounts. Give your audience a hint about where you can be found and where you hang out.

10. Oriana Castro

personal website design

Image taken from Oriana Castro website

Oriana Castro shows the best version of herself by putting all her works and engagements in a form of blogs and image gallery. A personal website with simple design yet powerful copy. Well, a visible call-to-action will definitely encourage anyone to explore her works. Just like Oriana, you can also create one of the best personal websites that can catch attention.

Personal Brand Website Templates

Here are some of our pre-designed templates to give you ideas on what to put on your personal brand website. This will allow you to easily create your own site, edit texts, and upload your best images to capture the world with your great talent.

• Sleek

Sleek design template

Image taken from Strikingly website - Sleek template

• Perspective

Perspective template

Image taken from Strikingly website - Perspective template

• Profile

personal brand website

Image taken from Strikingly website - Profile template

Best Personal Websites Key Takeaways

If you’re caught between using a template and starting from scratch, don’t worry, we’ve been there as well. There are certain things that we can only discover once we try them out. To guide you in making one of the best personal websites that will rock online, here are some key takeaways on how to build the best personal website for yourself.

  • You’re building your own personal brand website that’s why you need to have personal inputs on it. The color you choose, layout designs, and graphics show your personality. Make it personal.
  • Keep it simple and focus on showcasing the best version of yourself. Remember that you’re trying to sell and share your expertise with the world. The simplicity of design will not overpower the message that you want to portray to your visitors.
  • Highlight your milestones and be proud of your achievements, but don’t overdo things. A glimpse of successful projects, your work designs, and brands you have worked with will tell your audience about your skills and talents. Make sure you don’t bore them with a long list of your past works. Just give your audience a sneak peek of everything.
  • Fly with colors - this saying should remind you to keep it cool and colorful in building the best personal websites. Enjoy what you do and continue to hone your talent.

Wonder why we love seeing individuals shine through the best personal websites they make? It’s simply because empowering people with the best tools and services to showcase their skills is our ultimate mission as a website builder. Strikingly embraces the creativity and authenticity that each personal brand website wants the world to see. If you’re ready to be one of our amazing site users, create your best personal website now for free.