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The number one item on every business owner’s wishlist is to get more customers, which could also lead to more sales. The same thing goes for someone who writes blogs and online content. The goal to have more readers and website traffic is natural. If you sell digital products online, it is ideal for getting more website visitors to check them out, right? Many are fascinated by increasing web traffic because it pulls a trigger to different online opportunities. The key to achieving success is driving online traffic to your website in terms of profitability, branding, and marketing techniques. You may have read some articles about growing website traffic to help you achieve business and personal goals online. But, we have gathered comprehensive ways to increase your web traffic and convert website visitors. First, let us take a deep dive into the meaning of web traffic.

What is Web Traffic?

As defined by BigCommerce, web traffic or website traffic refers to online users who visit a certain website. Thus, online traffic is measured by the number of website visits or clicks. Other terms may refer to website visits as ‘sessions’ which is a usual way to determine or calculate a specific site's effectiveness at getting more audience.

Nowadays, the importance of increasing web traffic is totally understood by many businesses and content creators online. On the other hand, website traffic doesn’t just end with the number of website visits. There are a few metrics to interpret successful web traffic. Most analysts don’t just ask, “how many website visitors do you have?” This time, they are taking a deep dive into interpreting web traffic and asking additional questions:

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∙ How long did a website visitor stay?

There are important metrics to consider that bring high conversion to your website. Bounce rate and time on page are two crucial metrics determining users’ behavior. It simply means that driving web traffic is totally meaningless if they did nothing and abandoned your web page in seconds. And there are ways to bring down your website’s bounce rate that we will share in a bit.

∙ What is the percentage of website visitors who shopped?

The conversion rate determines if web traffic has been successful or not. As a business website owner, you have your target customers from the very beginning. Getting a wide range of audience is not enough. The right audience should purchase your products, read your blogs, and do more interaction on your website.

∙ How much did it cost you to get a visitor?

Although some web traffic is free or organic, as others refer them to, many business owners use paid online traffic. Paying for more audiences to visit your website is absolutely helpful for a business to achieve its branding and marketing goals. To support online business, some do it with affiliates. It is stated at BigCommerce that the two most crucial eCommerce metrics are Cost of Acquiring Customers (CAC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). When balanced with Average Order Value (AOV) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), a business can adequately assess and plan for its advertisement expenses.

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10 Ways on How to Increase Your Web Traffic

Whether you have a business or personal website, it is essential to know some of the best ways to increase web traffic. Building your own website is great, but making a high-conversion one is what you really need. Here are the ten ways how to grow online traffic easily.

1. Get More Online Traffic with Ads

Advertise. This is one of the most common and effective ways to drive more visitors to your website. Advertise and promote your website through blogs, video content, and online campaigns. Building a solid brand online is the key to getting the right audience. Thus, your website visitors are more likely to take action instead of being simply viewers.

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2. Do More on Social Media Pages

You can create a social media page and link it to your website. This way, your social media visitors can also check out your site and do shopping or anything you cater to. People spend more time on social media than going directly to a website. The link between your website and social media page is significant to business success. With Strikingly, this is possible. You can even set up a live chat feature that goes directly on your messenger, so that customer inquiry goes straight to your inbox.

3. Make Your Call-to-Action Clear

Did you know that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all marketing? But clear call-to-action information will lead your customers to the right decision on your website. Keep in mind that a CTA should be visible enough and enticing to make it more effective. Driving more customers to your site could also mean more sales – but you must do something to make the two coincide with each other.

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4. Create Eye-Catching Content Headlines

First impressions are crucial for your website. You must create eye-catching headlines that will entice your readers or visitors to do more than just browse. Contents with irresistible headlines are most likely to be read or shared online. For blog writers, news reporters, and publishers, this is the key to getting your target readers’ attention.

5. Try Some Referral Web Traffic

Going after referral traffic is an intelligent way for a wide range of website audiences. This is far easier than persuading other sites to link to your web page. Online content allows collaboration with other websites and does referral traffic work. Their existing readers can check out your website. In most cases, this kind of website promotion grows organic.

6. Use Internal Links

Keep an eye out for internal links when creating and publishing content on your website. It’s helping your SEO and also promoting other content you have. Aside from having other sites link back to yours, it is good that you have built a foundation inside your own website wherein some content leads to one another.

7. Don’t Forget Sending Out Newsletters

Yes, email marketing still works these days. In fact, if you don’t underestimate the power of sending out newsletters to your website members or subscribers, it will drive web traffic that can convert visitors to customers. You can include the latest updates on your website in your emails, such as having a new product launch, enhanced brand logo, and even hot deals. Some eCommerce business owners send out coupons to their loyal customers, and it helps them get more web traffic plus sales, too.

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8. Make Your Website Responsive

Having a mobile-first or responsive design website can help your web traffic because most people use mobile devices to do things online. They often use smartphones for purposes such as finding the nearest restaurant, booking a hotel, buying stuff online, and even ordering food. This is why here at Strikingly, all websites are responsive or mobile-friendly. We can’t just compromise the time, money, and effort you’ve put into coming up with beautiful landing pages.

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9. Join Forums and Enable Comments

Be heard online. Joining online communities with the same niche can increase your website traffic. The people you meet and interact with there have a common interest in what you offer online. Moreover, with your Strikingly website, you can enable comments that can help you engage with your audience.

10. Monitor Your Web Traffic Analytics

With Google Analytics on your website, you can have real-time reports about your site's performance and activities. Set it up quickly with Strikingly. Get updates about your site viewers who purchased on your online shop. When you have a real-time report about your web traffic analytics, you can do something to lower bounce rates and promote the page that drives more visitors.

Know what you need to know about your website traffic and do something to keep good numbers.

Final Thoughts

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As your key takeaways, it’s vital that you don’t simply rely on driving more people to visit your website. First, you need to align the right audience to your niche. Second, you must have clear call-to-action information on your site. Then, connect with your target customers. Finally, follow up with your existing customers and send them good thoughts via email. Aside from the technicalities that we have shared with you, these are simple ways to grow web traffic. Take care of your customers by promoting your brand online. Connect with your social media followers. You can use affiliate marketing if possible. Collaboration can also help with brand awareness campaigns. Organic web traffic plays a significant role in building a solid brand for small businesses and startups. It takes your target customers to the right place where they will surely buy something or read your content. Remember, don’t just drag people on your website. You have to amaze them. We’ve got the brand and marketing tools you need. Having the right features plus exceptional web services, you can never go wrong with your business, just like our millions of users worldwide.