Top-Notch Advertising Strategies to Promote Your Brand

Every business needs to advertise its products and services to attract customers and make them purchase. Without advertising strategies, it would be tough for any company to make a place for its products in the market. Businesses are constantly competing in the global market by coming up with creative ads and slogans. Tons of money is spent on the different media for advertising by the various industries and economic sectors.

These are the times when online advertising is more effective than offline advertising. As every business strives to establish a solid online presence for its brand, online advertising services keep gaining more and more popularity. There are many avenues available for companies these days to market and advertise their products over the Internet. These avenues, when appropriately used, enable businesses to develop effective advertising strategies.

The best ways to advertise online allow you to build a website for your brand and channel traffic to it. Your website functions as a landing page with content that influences the visitors to buy your product eventually. Half of your job is already done if these visitors end up on the page due to effective advertising strategies. Now they only need to be pushed through the last stage of the marketing funnel before making their buying decision.

Today, we’ll be discussing six advertising strategies that you can use to promote your brand.

6 Superb Advertising Strategies

Most of these involve online advertising, as that is more common than the conventional means of advertising.

1. Web Design

Among the most common advertising strategies is developing a website and using it as your point of sale. But merely having a website for your brand is not enough. You need to build your site using a web design that is appealing, user-friendly, responsive, and goes well with your brand image. You needed to hire a web designer to create an attractive and effective web design in the olden days. These days you can simply save time, cost and effort, and choose among the numerous ready-made web designs available in the form of website templates in website building tools.

One such website-building tool is called Strikingly. Strikingly enables individuals and organizations to create a full-fledged website without hiring a web designer or web developer or writing any code at all. It has various website templates available for you to choose from, based on different categories of websites. You can choose among the following types of templates in Strikingly to make a website on your own:

  • Business
  • Store
  • Startup
  • Portfolio
  • Organization
  • Service
  • Personal
  • Fun
  • Event
  • Blog
  • Company

Variety of Strikingly website templates

Image taken from Strikingly

A good web design makes site visitors browse through the website longer. The effectiveness of advertising strategies depends on how long a website can entice its visitors to stay on its web pages. If you do not update your website in a long time, your regular visitors would probably notice that. They might get bored of your website content, i.e., the information you’re giving out on your site, and reduce their browsing time or the number of visits altogether. Every brand needs to have a professionally designed and regularly updated website for its online advertising to succeed.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Once you have a well-designed website, it is crucial to optimize its search engine to make your advertising strategies work. You need to be aware of your SEO checklist at all times. A website that is not optimized for search engines is like a book that consumed a lot of time, money, and effort to be written and published, but now lies on a bookshelf in a house or library, and nobody ever comes to pick up and read it. Doesn’t that sound like such a waste?

Only when your website has good search rankings can it generate a good amount of traffic that you can track in your website analytics. If you use Strikingly to build your website, we give you access to Strikingly website statistics straight from your dashboard. You can see the number of people who visit your site on any particular day and the basic geographical details of each of those site visitors.

Strikingly Analytics

Image taken from Strikingly

Advertising strategies are only effective if the right people are shown your ads at the right time. You need to pull these people to your website or landing page where your products are displayed and your services are described.

If your website is built in Strikingly, we offer features that help you increase your site’s search engine optimization. Some of these features or tactics are as follows.

  • Writing a descriptive title for your site
  • Adding proper page meta descriptions
  • Adding keywords to all your headings
  • Producing good quality content
  • Adding thorough descriptions for all uploaded images
  • Connecting a domain to the website
  • Sharing your website link on social media sites
  • Verifying your website with Google Search Console
  • Using the analytics accessible from your Strikingly dashboard

Screenshot of Strikingly settings showing where to enter the HTML tag for verifying the site with Google

Image taken from Strikingly

3. Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click is among the most common online advertising services used by businesses these days. This is a method of online advertising whereby ads are placed to show up in search engine results when specific keywords are searched. This method contrasts with search engine optimization, in which a website is ranked higher in search results through optimization of its content. In other words, good SEO helps you make your website searchable on Google in organic ways. In PPC, on the other hand, you essentially pay for placing your website high in search results for your specified set of target keywords.

The best PPC advertising strategies are those that involve Google Ads. Google Ads are a good place, to begin with, PPC online advertising because they are self-descriptive to set up and place your ads within Google search results. Pay-per-click follows a bidding system, which means your ads compete with those from other advertisers for being shown to your target audience for your selected target keywords. If you bid among the highest, your ad will be placed higher than organic search results. When someone clicks on your ad, you are charged the bid amount.

A good thing about PPC advertising strategies is that you are only charged by Google (or any search engine that you use) when someone clicks on your ad. This saves your budget from getting wasted on those who are not interested in your ads at all or are not part of your target audience. The effectiveness of your PPC ads can, to some extent, be determined by your website statistics in Google Webmaster Console. PPC is among the most effective advertising strategies because it allows you to generate results as soon as you launch your campaign.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is among those advertising strategies that can get your brand into your consumers’ minds and phones in the quickest possible way. Social media content has a greater impact on consumers’ mindset because it is perceived as friendly messages shared by their peers and friends, the opposite of biased content coming from marketers who push consumers to buy their products.

One of the best ways to advertise online is to use social media influence in integration with other forms of marketing. One way to do this is to add social media icons on your website’s footer so that the content published on your site works in conjunction with the information shared on your brand’s social media pages to influence your consumers’ buying decisions. If a brand has a good following on social media, it is easier for the company to make sales organically without spending much on paid advertising strategies.

Showing social media icons on a Strikingly user's landing page

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered to be one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies. It is more like an indirect form of online advertising, whereby you promote your brand and products by posting industry-related content on the internet and establishing yourself as an expert in the field in the eyes of your consumers.

Many businesses do content marketing by starting a blog of their own. At Strikingly, we also have our blog where we regularly publish articles related to website development and effective advertising strategies. We often mention Strikingly users in our articles to give them a boost in their website traffic. If you build a website in Strikingly, you can also add a blog section to it where you can post content about the industry you’re operating in.

Screenshot of the blog of a Strikingly user's website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

6. Email Marketing

This is one of the oldest forms of advertising strategies. It is usually done in the form of sending newsletters to your subscribers. The most common way to go about it is to create a simple sign-up form on your landing page. When your site visitors submit that form, their email address gets added to your subscribers’ list. You can then send them regular newsletters to remind them about your website and brand, enticing them to revisit your site and consider purchasing from you.

Having a website in Strikingly enables you to build an email list easily. Our newsletter feature allows you to send emails to your contacts or subscribers list through website forms. All the form responses you receive are compiled on the Audience page, where you can view them and select those to whom you want to send a newsletter.

Showing subscription form on a Strikingly user's landing page

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

If you are interested in creating a website in Strikingly, you can sign up for your free Strikingly account today. Our features make it easy for you to implement your advertising strategies and build your brand awareness in the shortest possible time. We do not require you to know any programming language for creating your website with us. Our live chat customer support staff is available to help you with your queries 24 hours a day, should you have any technical difficulties or need support in understanding our tools. Do not be left behind in the competition for online advertising, and get your awesome website launched today!