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Having unique and creative content is key to your website’s success. But, here is the thing -- your job doesn’t end after posting one blog, photo, or video content after another. You need to promote website content to bring it into action. It may take some time to get the results you want, but pushing some buttons and setting up website content promotion strategies to create traffic to your site is a must. You need to understand that when you decide for your website to go live, people won’t get there without you showing the way. When we say ‘showing the way’, you make your site visible online. There are several ways to promote your website content after you go live.

ways to promote your website content

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Here at Strikingly, we are fully-equipped with the tools and web services you need to manage and promote your content online. We have thousands of users who have discovered such a great platform to showcase their works and share brilliant ideas with the world. This time, we love to share the best ways to promote website content and outsmart the competition on the internet.

You may have the best product or a unique and useful service nobody has ever thought of before. But without an effective advertising strategy that leads to website content promotion, no one will ever know what you have to offer. Launching your website on the internet is not the end of your digital marketing work. Technically, it is just the beginning of a long journey to achieve your goals. You need to start creating strategies ways to promote your content and make your online space appear to a wide-range audience. We have sorted some of the most effective ways to promote website content. You’ll be surprised to find out that some of them are for free or at least cost-efficient.

Best Ways to Promote Your Website Content Online

1. Promote Website Content with SEO

One of the most cost-effective ways to promote website content is to focus on search engine optimization. Rolling out an SEO strategy starts at the onset when you’re just in the process of building your website. To promote your website for free on Google, begin using the search engine’s SEO tools such as the Keyword Planner for identifying popular keyphrases used in your niche industry, and Google Analytics for obtaining accurate traffic data. Create content around these keywords to increase your site’s relevance. With Strikingly, you can monitor website activity based on unique visits. This is a helpful tool to give you a quick overview of how your website is doing. At the end of the day, you’d want to know which of your contents are driving traffic to your site. Thus, you have the opportunity to enhance some content that isn't getting much attention from your visitors.

promote your website

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2. Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social media is changing the digital marketing landscape with its ability to make information viral and promote your website to a wider audience. At the core of social media platforms is communication - the ability to share content. Leverage this by using your social media page to reach out directly to your target audience and promote your website for free. Interestingly, more and more business owners are seeing the potential of social media platforms to deliver a solid brand to their customers. They can use it to create the best campaigns for launching new products and even important updates on their website. This kind of networking strategy is incredibly helping to promote website content.

3. Use Consistent Branding Strategy

Another tip on how to promote website content is to create consistent branding across all types of online media. Consistency is a very important term in building a strong brand. Start with your website design and be mindful of the colors, the text fonts, and even the images you use around it. If you have the budget for it, create a custom logo that perfectly reflects your brand’s image. Use a Strikingly style editor to edit your site’s color scheme and typography. From there, use the same branding guidelines for your social media pages. Add your website and branding to email signatures, text messages, and forums that include your site address. Send out Newsletters with these unique branding you have. That way, you can tell your customers or members how serious you are with your business—simple things yet crucial details enough to outsmart the competition online. You can also explore ways on how to promote your website through mobile services. Strikingly ensures that all our user’s sites are mobile-ready. Thus, you have the peace of mind that your audience will see a stunning site on their smartphones.

ways to promote your content

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4. Apply Link Building Strategy

Another way to promote your website is to build relationships with other reputable websites in your industry. We can say that it’s a form of collaboration between website owners and team members who want to promote website content. Inviting trusted websites to link to your site is a good way to promote websites on Google, boost your credibility, and increase traffic. Quality links are like votes of confidence on your site content. The more “votes'' you get, the better your standing becomes in Google’s search engine rankings.

A few ways to build inbound links include guest blogging, forum posting, news article contributions, and link exchange. Be cautious about building links with low-ranking or low-quality sites, however. Search engines can be very particular with the quality of links that your site gets. Your associations with shady websites can be considered a red flag. Link building is a good strategy to promote website content free of charge, but you also need to be smart about it.

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5. Use Google My Business

Capture the local audience and promote website content on Google by getting it listed on Google My Business. The search engine can give you some other promotion ideas and let you list your business information on its platform for free. Add pictures, build promotional content, and use the platform for mobile ad submissions. Google My Business also provides customers with directions to your physical location, so keep your address and contact details accurate.

6. Continue Creating Quality Content

Finally, the most important strategy on how to promote website content free of cost is to continue creating quality content on your site. Add a blog section to your Strikingly website to continue serving your audience with relevant and helpful information. Learn what your audience is looking for, the kind of answers they need, and make sure to give it to them through your content.

promote website content

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Final thoughts

These ways to help you promote website content to your audience are proven effective. Many of our users have achieved desirable results in Google ranking and drive more traffic to their sites. When you start building your website without a firm direction on where you want to take it, the brilliant ideas you’ve put into your content become useless. Nevertheless, the content, as well as your website, becomes invisible to many online users. Make sure you have realistic goals and high hopes to bring your online space to a more diverse audience. They’re simply waiting for creative ideas and innovative individuals to stand out. Regardless of the users’ taste and preference in delivering quality websites, anything that makes the viewers relate to their day-to-day life is useful enough to watch and spend precious time with. The more you make your visitors stay longer on your website, the closer you achieve your goals.

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Strikingly has the best tools and web services to back up our users in their journey to achieve their goals. We’ve got cool product features to gather as many visitors as they can. Adding a simple blog, uploading videos, and sending out newsletters are some of the things you can do with us. While many popular website builders offer the same features, we ensure that the results are tailor-fit and aligned to our user’s branding requirements. We have heard so many great stories about promising talents, charitable advocacies, profitable business ventures, and unique personalities from our multiple users across the globe. We welcome fresh ideas for people who want to deliver the best works and engage with a competitive passion for sharing their best knowledge. Nowadays, we need more people to step up and make a change. As a startup website builder, we know it would be such a tough job to cater to everyone’s desire to make something happen. This is why we make website building a piece of cake that will empower any individual to bring their dreams to life. Make it happen at the tip of their fingertips. This is how we make it here.

Like the best stories told by our users, we hope to hear your thoughts about creating a website. Head on to Strikingly sign up page so that we can help you to get started asap!