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When you are trying to create a business website or a website for your personal use, you must have all its tools and necessary credentials right at your fingertips. Strikingly is a phenomenal website builder that enables small entrepreneurs and working individuals to set up professional websites so they can understand how to create an online presence. By creating these websites, they can share their experiences with the rest of the world.

You don’t need to be experienced in creating a web presence strategy to build a website from scratch on Strikingly. It makes the website development process easy by allowing you to create a webpage without doing any coding associated with it. The best thing about it is that you can create your webpage for free. Most importantly, you need to invest in your partners or web designers as the beginners may not have enough resources for reaching out to them.

Tips for Creating an Online Presence

If you want to know how to create an online presence, you must know all the credentials of a professional website. If a professional website does not have a unique presence on Google analytics, it doesn’t look ‘professional’ by any meansYou must create a strategy to ensure that your personal or business website has a unique online presence that doesn’t just attract visitors but also manages to retain the current ones. Here are eight tips that ensure you can create an online presence for your website.

1. Have a Presence to Build On

It may sound funny, but if you want to create a web presence strategy, you must have some sort of website presence in the first place. After all, it is at least better than having no online presence at all. Even in the world of website development, something is better than nothing. A Facebook business platform is only one of your business constituents, but a professional website is your bread and butter.

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You must buy a domain for your website, no matter how small or big your business is. Moreover, you must make sure that it is not a free domain that tarnishes your business credentials. Once you have the domain, you must have your business name on it, and your priority should be your business and its objectives. It doesn’t matter how great and fascinating your services are. If they are not part of your website homepage, your customers won’t get to know about it.

2. Improve on Your Presence

Once you create a website for your platform, you must find ways in increasing your web presence. For that to happen, you must keep your website updated. There should not be any negligence regarding the outdated tools or old news on your homepage. If you have a news section or a blog section, you must post regularly. If you cannot maintain regular posts, either remove the blog section or invest in a partner that takes care of the blogs. Website updates are essential for creating an online presence for your website.

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If you abandon your website, it is worse than having no platform at all. If the customers get to know about its website owner, it will only harm your reputation. Therefore, you must prove to your customers that you care about them. Basic maintenance enables you to work on the backend of your website and maintain an online presence. Otherwise, it is nothing but an empty chair in a crowded area.

3. Connection with the Real World

Now, as you have increased your web presence, you must ensure that you keep your professional website up to date. If you want to get anything out of your website, you must connect with the real world. Customer feedback of a website depends on whether he knows what to do when they come to your platform. Similarly, once a potential customer comes on your platform, does he know how to proceed or what to do next?

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When you create an online store, you don’t have to market yourself or your products online. However, you must have adequate contact information. You must tell your visitors about your location and how customers can reach out to you. Address, Phone Number, and Email are some of the ideal contact details that you can give out to your customers.

4. Answering Main Questions

Now, you can ask yourself about the queries people encounter when you answer their call. It can be out your services, products, menu, pricing, and so much more. If you want to know how to increase web presence, you must make a functional website. If you are offering take-out, make sure that you attach the menu, phone number, and delivery radius on your platform.

If you are only offering consultations for your customers, make sure that you give the details for appointments, their duration, and the expectations customers must have from it. Most importantly, you must be proactive with your customers. Even before they ask the question, you must anticipate them and ensure that they have their answers at their fingertips.

Strikingly provides innovative social media integration strategies that enable the website owners to create a unique presence for their website. They can add a live chat feature via Facebook Messenger to answer the queries of their customers. You can also use social feed features to keep your customers updated about your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Moreover, you can also check out Quora to answer the questions about your website. Suppose you are organizing a seminar or any related event. In that case, you can connect with Eventbrite or Peatix to help you out.

5. Impress Your Visitors

An ideal web presence strategy is incomplete without good content. However, the content won’t be of any use if it is not presented appropriately. Therefore, you must create great website content to add to your business’s online presence. Moreover, you must develop a good layout to coincide with your good content.

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A good layout alongside good content will only generate positive perspectives from your potential visitors. You must design a clean and crisp professional website. You can also customize your website character as per your needs. However, you must not compromise on the quality and the usability of your website.

You must ensure that your content is easily findable and readable. The crucial aspects of your content must either be in the header or the website’s respective homepage. Your customers must not look around to search for their desired content. Eventually, they will lose interest and walk away from your blog section and, potentially, your website. You will receive extra marks if your website has unique features that do not interfere with the website’s usability.

6. Show Flexibility

Once you have an established and well-maintained website, you must look at it through different operating systems. If you want to know what is web presence, you must know that every operating system plays a part in the platform’s online presence. After checking the website on your laptop or personal computer, try to look at it on your mobile phone.

Your website can appear in many different ways. However, you must make sure that you go through the best website layout ideas to ensure that it responds at all costs. Regardless of your operating system, screen size, or browser choice, your hard work must not go to waste.

7. Be a Part of the Community

As you have done everything required to build a user-friendly website, the next step is to bring effective traffic. A Facebook business page is not enough for your business. However, it can be handy in generating traffic on your platform. Generating traffic is vital for your web presence.

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Apart from Facebook, there are other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. After creating marketing posts on these platforms, you must navigate your website traffic accordingly. You shouldn’t just be responding to the messages of your customers. Instead, create innovative posts that start conversations with them.

8. Create Advertisements

Finally, it is time to put your platform in the spotlight. For that to happen, you must get to know the best website advertising tips. Advertising online will help in increasing your web presence once you have a competitive website with appropriate landing pages. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a brilliant marketing strategy that enables you to put your platform in front of the eyes of thousands of customers.


Now, as you know what is web presence, why not give it a try on your personal website? If you are experiencing any problems, don’t worry. Strikingly has 24/7 live chat support that enables you to interact with our Happiness Officers. Many customers around the world get their issues resolved when they get in touch with our support team. Therefore, they don’t experience any setbacks when it comes to building an online presence for their website, products, or services.

If you are serious about your website’s presence and know how important it is to create an online presence for your website, make sure to create a Strikingly account today and go for it.