impact your business growth via customer feedback
In today’s day and age, an online business has numerous factors involved in its growth. One of the factors is the online reviews submitted by the customers. Nowadays, an online business is only as good as customer engagement. If you are not collecting feedback from your website, you are not giving any chances for your business to evolve from time to time. Customer feedback has become a huge factor in the long-term growth of a business, and is on the lips of every businessman in the world.

Many entrepreneurs go with the mindset of thinking that they are their own best critics. Even though it is not a wrong thing to do, there is a high probability that you will show negligence in some areas. As a supposed customer, you cannot pinpoint all the mistakes in your website like your viewers can. Therefore, you must consider your customers' opinions and use them for the welfare of your business website. In this article, we will give you a complete insight into the feedback of customers and its role in the growth of your business.

What is Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is asking different questions or taking opinions that cause the customers to create judgments. The judgments can be based on the products, services, brand, or website. Entrepreneurs must collect feedback because it gives them an update about their products and services status. For example, if the customers love their products, they will tell them about them through their feedback.

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Feedback on your business website can be positive or negative. As a business owner, you must have the personality to resist both sides of the feedback. If you are getting lauded by your customers, you must thank them and encourage them to return to your website. If you are receiving negative feedback, you must have the personality to resist criticism and resolve your queries urgently. By paying attention to customer reviews, you can adjust your business decisions per your customer's demands.

Importance of Customer Feedback

1) Improvement in Products and Services

When you introduce a new eCommerce product or service into the market, you must have an idea about the customer's demands. Therefore, it is essential to conduct market research so that you have an idea of whether your customers are interested in the products that you are selling. If your customers are interested in your products and services, it will give you an insight into how you can improve them. However, your market research analysis can only be implemented if the customers have actually used your products.

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Once the customers have used your products and services, you must create notes of what they want or don’t want. Customer feedback lets you understand what your viewers like about your products and what steps can be taken to improve their experience. Whether you have knowledge or expertise regarding your business niche, feedback always has more significance than personal knowledge. Gathering feedback will ensure that your business meets the customer's expectations, such as solving their queries or responding to their demands.

2) Customer Retention

If your website has a high customer satisfaction score, there is no reason why your customers won’t stay loyal to your platform. However, if a customer is unsatisfied with your customer service, they will look for another website of the same niche and exit your platform for good. By collecting customer feedback, your business will determine whether your clients are satisfied with your services and identify the areas that require improvement.

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For example, if you own a mobile store and a customer is not satisfied with some of the accessories, you must be able to identify its replacements and find out whether there are many more accessories that have the same defects. Just because the customers are unsatisfied with your services doesn’t mean they will never return to your website. However, the ball is in your court to win back their trust. If you can retain your customers, you will not just improve your credibility as a businessman but also be able to attract new customers to your website through them.

3) Valued Opinions

When you ask for customer feedback, it indicates that you value their opinion. There is no point in taking customer feedback just to make up the numbers on the review section of your business website. As we have said before, feedback can also be harmful, and it may have information through which you can improve your website. You must prioritize your customers’ opinions; the best way to do that is by responding to them instantly.

Regardless of whether their feedback has come in the website contact form or any of your social media platforms, you must reply to them urgently. You can even make improvements according to their demands and reply by saying that you have completed all the changes so they can be satisfied.

Use Feedback to Impact Your Business

1) Insights

Customer feedback doesn’t have a huge role in buying decisions but also helps you identify vital information regarding your products and services. You can use this information to improve your business assets even further. It is up to the business owner regarding how they use feedback to increase online sales and improve their business products.

For example, if you own a tennis company and a customer isn’t satisfied with the type of strings you use in your racket, you shouldn’t just throw that stock away. Instead, you should come up with better ways to address these issues. You can give a compilation to the customers about the types of strings you are using. As a result, they will choose the best-suited strings for their racket. When collecting customer feedback, you should always prioritize an intelligent fix rather than a quick fix for their queries.

2) Contact Form

If you want to know the best way to collect feedback regarding your business, it is to add a contact form or a poll to your website. For example, set up a poll if you have added a new product line extension of clothing items. Apart from the polls, you can integrate a comment section in your contact form to collect all the incoming feedback from your customers.

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Strikingly enables you to add a contact form to your website, which will allow you to gather customer feedback from your viewers. Usually, the contact form gets added to the last section of the website. However, there are many examples in which the contact form is added on the landing page itself.

3) Obtaining Data for Business

In a highly competitive market like today, the margin for error in business operations is deficient. If you look at successful businesses worldwide, they only make long-term growth by collecting valuable data to develop their future strategies. As part of this data, they should be collecting customer feedback to impact their business growth.

The collection of feedback will be vital in the decision-making of your business plans. It will help you understand clients and monitor what they want or don’t want. However, it is not always the case because product development is not necessarily the center of attention. Once you know your product cannot be improved further, you can shift your focus toward brand promotion. Even though the collection of feedback is essential, you must convert your extracted data into vital key points for your business.

Customer Feedback on Strikingly Website

As you have understood the importance of collecting customer feedback, it is important to start implementing these plans on your Strikingly website. Strikingly enables you to share public opinion through the “Share Product Reviews” feature. This feature is only available to the Pro users of Strikingly or the individuals with a higher subscription plan. You can share the reviews of your customers via this Strikingly feature through the following steps:

1) Enable Product Reviews

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You can find this button when clicking on “Product Reviews” in “Store.” When it gets enabled, our system will send an email within a week after the completion of the order, telling the customer to write a review.

2) Complete the Order

Make sure you click on the “Complete” button so that the customer can be invited to the product review section. You will find the “Complete” button after clicking the “Pending” button in the “Orders” section.

3) Manage Product Reviews

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When a customer sends a preview, you will get notified via email. You will see new reviews coming in the “Pending” section.

4) Disable Product Reviews

You can click on “Disable Product Reviews,” which means that your customers won’t be able to send reviews until you turn it back on.

5) Customer Review

Your customers will receive the request for online review seven days after completing the order. After clicking “Write Email”, your customer will be brought to the website. Once they have submitted the review, they will be published after your approval.


A business cannot evolve without the perspective of customers. Regardless of how big a critic you are in your business, you cannot have the same critical analysis as your customers. Therefore, it is essential to collect customer feedback and ensure you don’t get leapfrogged by your competitors in today’s market.

Strikingly’s “Show Product Reviews” feature is a brilliant way of considering the customer’s perspective. Make sure you create a fully-functional eCommerce website on Strikingly before adding a contact form to collect all the required feedback for your business growth.