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When you start a career in digital marketing, there are many things for you to configure. The factors involved in digital marketing include blogging, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, graphic designing, etc. To take care of all of these elements, you must choose a quality website builder, such as Strikingly. You will likely work on a limited budget in the starting phase of your career. Therefore, the best option for you is to look for a free web hosting platform.

In trading and business, eCommerce has brought various changes in recent years. It has helped the businessmen do various things in just a couple of clicks. They no longer have to travel the world to sell their products or commercialize their services. Now, they can see the surge in their website visitors despite being in the comfort of their house. Within just a couple of clicks, they will have a chance to earn more money.

What is Website Hosting?

Before we get into the features and essential elements of a website hosting platform, it is important to know what website hosting actually is. When you create a professional website, you store all of your website content in a system called ‘web server’. The web server holds the responsibility for storing and delivering the website content whenever required by the user. A web server can either cover a single website, or accommodate multiple websites.

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Web hosting is defined as the procedure of creating space in the server for a particular website. Once you start hosting a site on one specific server, your website will appear worldwide. Ever since businessmen learned about hosting a website, everything has become easy for them. It doesn’t just help them attract online traffic and enables them to participate in online product launches. Strikingly is one of the best online free web spaces for storing and delivering website content to visitors.

Features of an Ideal Website Hosting Platform

1. Drag-and-Drop Editor

When you try to get your website up and running within a limited budget or a tight deadline, you wouldn’t like to be in a position of a steep learning curve. If you go through all the lengthy video tutorials for just building a website, you would require a lot of patience before ensuring that your hard work pays off. Strikingly doesn’t believe in shortcuts, but it does believe in smart work. Make sure that you go for a free server hosting platform that enables you to build a website without having any technical expertise.

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Strikingly is the kind of web hosting platform that provides its website makers with an exceptional website editor. When you start building a free website, you will see this editor on the left of your screen, and you don’t need to go through any manual or documentation to learn about using it. The website editor will provide you with all the required options for designing your website. You can add new sections to your website with just a single click.

2. Security

One of the ideal features of the best free web hosting platforms is website safety or security. Even though we have seen an evolution of the internet over the last decade, it still has negative aspects. It takes a lot of time to create and publish website content on your website, but it takes a couple of seconds to waste it. To handle them, you must rely on a quality website builder, such as Strikingly. Hosting a website is beneficial not just for your website but also for your client's sake.

When choosing an online platform for web service, consider that platform that knows exactly what you require. You must ensure that your selected website platform lets you pick the best web host CMS, security plugins, and other innovative hosting features to strengthen your website. Strikingly enables you to create HTTPS websites that help you save critical website data.

3. Advertisements

If we talk about one of the most important features of free website hosting sites, we will talk about advertisements. Nowadays, Google AdSense is one of the most prominent ways of getting advertisements related to your website. When you consider your web hosting platform, you must see whether your selected platform has the option of google advertisements. If your website builder has that option, you can take your advertisement campaigns to another level.

Strikingly Google Ads

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On your Strikingly website, you can easily upload Google advertisements by copying the needed HTML code from your Google AdSense account. After copying the HTML code, you can paste it into Strikingly’s website settings. You also have the authority to create free advertisements via buttons with links to other websites.

4. Upgrade Options

When we talk about free web spaces, you must look at their upgrade options before making up your mind about the best available web hosting platform. There are numerous reasons why Strikingly is the best fit for upgrading options. Firstly, we enable our website makers to create a functional website without coding experience. You can select the best website template related to your niche and customize it as per your creativity skills.

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Here in Strikingly, we help you create these websites under a free plan. If you feel that your design doesn’t suit your business idea, you can consider another template. However, if you want additional features related to your website, you must upgrade your features. If you upgrade your subscription plans, you can expect improved eCommerce features. Our paid plans are as follows:

  • 96 USD per year (Limited)
  • 192 USD per year (Pro)
  • 588 USD per year (VIP)

Important Considerations for Website Hosting

1. Personalization

There are many reasons why an entrepreneur builds a website. Before you look around for free server hosting, you must consider the purpose of your website. When you identify your website goals or create a mission statement, you will be able to streamline your options and make much more informed decisions. When selecting your web hosting platform, ensure that it has all the components related to your business idea.

effective mission statement

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If you want our opinion, we would say that you should go for Strikingly as a website hosting platform. Despite having a free plan, Strikingly provides you with all the features required to build a professional website without any expenses. There are numerous categories for the website template you would like to choose, such as blog, portfolio, personal, etc.

2. Branding

Through free web hosting, you can share your web space with the web host. You will be able to see the website logo as part of the brand identity. The website name will also be shown in your browser’s address bar. As a website maker, it can be quite tricky for you to maintain consistency within your brand and convey your message to the visitors. This is where you can go for paid website hosting and explore numerous benefits. A customized URL will bring more strength to your brand in terms of awareness and visibility to your customers.

Most importantly, effective brand management strategies indicate your business's products and services to its customers. Similarly, conducting marketing strategies via paid website hosting will give you a competitive edge in the eCommerce market.

3. Page Limits

You will find numerous websites that share website content regularly on the internet. The content can be in blogs or regular updates related to the website. As vast as the internet has become nowadays, it has limits. Similarly, every eCommerce or blogging website has page limits. Apart from the limited customization options, free web hosting can limit the number of pages you can build within a single domain.

If you are a beginner, you can go for a single-page website to start your website-building career. A one-page website is just about the pragmatic approach you have related to publishing your website content. If you have a lot of content to upload, a single-page website will have limitations. You can generate spaces to showcase your eCommerce products through paid website hosting.


If you are looking for the best web hosting platform, you don’t need to look any further than Strikingly. We provide numerous templates for you, especially if you are a beginner. Make sure that you select one of the templates out of our collection, edit it and publish your website. It just takes a couple of clicks. Building a website has become that easy in 2022. Even more ideal is that you can go to Strikingly right now and build your website in their free plan.

If you are not satisfied with the free plans of Strikingly, you can go through the monthly plans that we provide. You can expect more features and website tools by upgrading to a premium plan. So without wasting any further time, select the best domain name for your website and make it popular.