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Ecommerce has brought massive changes in the field of trade and business. It made many tasks easier to do in less time. Before, you needed to travel long miles to sell your products and earn money. Now, you can get more customers even by just staying in the comfort of your own home. In just a few clicks, you have the chance to earn more without having much trouble.

Getting curious? To give you more ideas on how such things work, we’ve compiled everything in this post on how to effortlessly ace eCommerce. How? Through the healing wonders of website hosting.

What is Website Hosting?

Website hosting, in simple words, is a superb online service that allows you to publish your own designed website on the Internet. When you host a website, you put all your website hosting files on your server. This web host then manages your files and uploads them online, making them accessible to the public eye. Anyone can visit your online files whenever they want when you host a website.


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Ever since businesses learned the wonders of how to host a website, everything seemed to be more accessible. From starting an online store easily, gathering more audience, getting more sales even without a physical store, and even conducting online product launches, learning the steps to host a website does become a holy grail.

Why Get a Web Host?

There are many reasons why mastering how to host a website service is essential. To let you get a better glimpse, we listed down below the most important reasons why you must host a website for your online business.

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1. You’re the Boss

Owning a business means taking risks. When you host a website, you have all the power to design and manage your own website. Website hosting can help you connect to your audience faster. By choosing to host a website service, you can efficiently respond to their concerns and provide them with the best solutions. It is like running an actual company when you host a website—only that website hosting will surely make everything much more manageable.

2. Freedom to Customize

Another reason you should learn how to host a website is that it gives you the freedom to customize your own page. When you host a website, you are the one in charge of everything. You can customize your website as much as you want. You are only limited by your own creativity, nothing more. Many website hosting platforms give you the power to build your very own website. We in Strikingly let our users do their branding however they want them to be. We offer our users only the best web host services, which will allow them to be more adept in eCommerce. Achieving a top-notch website is never impossible with our collection of free designer templates and excellent website hosting tools.

3. Website Safety

If there is one sure reason why you should host a website service now, it’s that it keeps you safe from troubles. The internet is a cruel place. Everything you’ve been treasuring in your business could be gone in just one minor mistake. When you host a website for your business, it’s just for your own sake but also for your clients’. When choosing where to host a website service, pick someone who knows what you need. Ensure that your chosen platform to host a website lets you pick the best web host CMS, website security plugins, and other website hosting features that’ll strengthen your website.

We ensure that our users are secured when they host a website with us. Aside from our web host security features, we also offer 24/7 expert live chat support. Through this, users can have someone they can contact immediately once they have a concern or encounter a complicated issue.

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How to Choose the Best Web Host

After learning why understanding how to host a website service is essential for your online business, let’s now get to a more exciting part—learning the important characteristics of the best website hosting platform fitted for you.

1. Reliability

Each time your website malfunctions, it affects your website traffic. Your website’s functionality can either help you gain or lose visitors. If you lose website visitors, you lose profit and even affect your reputation. To prevent this, choose to host a website service on a reliable website building platform. Host a website where their users have already established a solid trust. Don’t hesitate to do thorough background research on your web host candidates. Do they have reliable customer support? Are there many complaints made about them? You can also ask other users about their experience on your prospect website hosting platform to broaden your knowledge about their history.

2. Accessibility

An accessible web host is your business ‘ally. Accessible web host means they are equipped with the best features your website must-have. When choosing where to host a website, ensure that they can provide you with all the necessary website hosting tools you need. You can look at their web hosting plans offered and see if they have what it takes to help you effectively host a website service. Check every single detail from website hosting pricing to all the features, including assessing if it's worth the try or not.

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Steps to Host a Website

Finally getting the grip of how to host a website? Well, for the next part, let’s get you more hyped up. If you got zero clue on the basic steps to host a website, you don’t have to worry because we got your back.

1. Research Web Hosting Platforms

The first step in finding where to host a website is research. Several website hosting platforms are emerging on the internet today. Each has its own unique way of providing the best web host services you could have. When choosing the best platform to host a website, it is crucial to do thorough research first. Know what these website hosting platforms can offer you. Is their pricing reasonable? Do they have a good history for you to host a website with them? What do they specialize in? Is this web hosting provider good for small businesses like mine? How do they respond to customer inquiries? Ask yourself these questions because, realistically speaking, many web hosting providers are better than others.

2. Know Your Budget

Budget is undeniably among the top concerns of users when choosing where to host a website. Honestly, this is inevitable because, as business owners, you can’t just risk your finances to something you aren’t sure of. There are tons of website hosting providers which offer quite unreasonable web host plans. But you don’t really have to be scared because many website hosting platforms get the job done at less cost.

Creating a website with Strikingly is free. You can easily host a website for your online business, publish it in 20 minutes or less, and gain more sales faster. Want to upgrade? We got you! You can choose from our other affordable plans and enjoy our excellent website hosting tools and features.

3. Choose Your Web Hosting Type

There are different types of web host. Before picking where to host a website, it is important to understand these types to find the most suitable website hosting platform for you. Among these types are the following:

A. Cloud Web hosting

Cloud website hosting is the newest and most popular compared to the other web host types. Cloud website hosting plans are ideal for websites that are still growing. If your online business needs to scale different server resources, host a website under cloud web hosting. If you think that your business website will surpass at least 50,000 online visitors per month, it is best to consider cloud website hosting.

B. Shared Web Hosting

If you are someone new in the world of eCommerce, the best option is to host a website under the shared web hosting category. Why? Simple, shared website hosting is affordable and user-friendly. This type of website hosting does not require you to be a professional in website building. You don’t need pro-skills in coding to host a website service of this type. This web host type is ideal for websites that won’t receive high-volume website hosting traffic.

4. Select Your Hosting Plan

After knowing what type you’d want to host a website, it's now time for you to choose your web hosting plan. Find a website builder with the best offers that you’ll surely need and will fit your current budget. To help you make better decisions on picking where to host a website service, here are some features their plans must at least have:

  • Free website hosting domains (usually for the first year)
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited web email accounts
  • Free website builder
  • Free cPanel license
  • Automatic backups
  • Google Ads credit
  • Easy website transfer

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Host a Website with Us!

The business world is an ever-changing industry. If you want to last long, you must know how to adapt to these changes—including changes brought by modern technology. Website hosting does sound a lot, especially if you are someone new in this field. It’s nerve-wracking and might sometimes pressure you to make decisions. But you don’t really have to be scared of taking risks. All you need is the willingness to do what you want, passion for continuing what you started, and the right partner to help you accomplish your goals—just like how we do it in Strikingly.

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