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Ever since the top website designs have become a trend on the internet, people value these designs a lot. People believe that web design best practices are extremely influential for their online business. With every year passing by, web designers are finding innovative ways to make their web designs more attractive and interactive for users. Nowadays, modern websites are unique and effective, which allows them to convey their business message to the customers.

If you are a beginner in web designing, you must understand all the dynamics of marketing your products and services. You must effectively communicate your business message. User engagement is one of the big talking points related to any web design. If the visitors don’t find your designs engaging, they will walk away from your website before you even know it. An appropriate website layout gives the visitors an idea about what you want to sell.

Moreover, it will help you in expanding your business idea.

What is Web Design?

If you want to create an online presence for your plan, you must know everything about the web design best practices for business. However, firstly you should understand what web design actually is. It is defined as a holistic process under the supervision of a web designer. An ideal web design aims to create a successful website that matches the users’ demands. If you browse the internet today, you will find thousands of website builders that support web designing.

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One of the website builders that makes developers embrace web designing is Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that enables you to create websites as per your creativity skills. Once you register on Strikingly, we don’t impose anything on a developer in design development. Instead, we trust our developers to build the right web designs that suit their customers. Strikingly enables you to create a web design without writing a single line of code. The users can pick one website template from our collection and customize it as per their requirements.

Best Website Design Practices

1. Trending Designs

The best website designs are always those designs that are trending. If you look at the social media trends or the search engine trends, you will go through many website designs that have become a hot topic among the public. There even comes a time when developers start having debates as to which website templates are the best and which of them shouldn’t be used at all costs. However, first things first, you should also be on the same wavelength and look into the trends to decide on the website designs you prefer.

trending web designs

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The web design best practices always revolve around those designs that become a hot topic on social media and other platforms. If the audience believes that the design is worth using, you shouldn’t waste a second and try to use that web design as part of your business website. It is also important that you give your share of fair assessment as to whether that website design is worth investing in or not. It is also unnecessary to close your eyes after the audience’s approval and don’t do your analysis in this regard.

2. Desktop to Mobiles

The switching of a website template from desktop to mobile (and vice versa) is extremely important. Gone are the days when your website template should only be associated with desktops. If you look at the stats in the IT world today, mobile users are leaving desktop users far behind. By the end of 2022, this statistic of mobile users will only increase. Therefore, having mobile-friendly website templates is considered one of the significant website design tips.

If you want to customize mobile-friendly website templates, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. We support web design best practices by providing our users with a collection of mobile-friendly website templates, which allows them to choose one and customize it to suit their business idea. Once they are done with the customization, they can start adding their website content on their website. Moreover, we also give the authority to our developers to change their website version from desktop to mobile (and vice versa).

3. Bold Fonts

When you go through the guide to web design best practices, you will understand it is not just about including the entirety of the website content. Website content isn’t ideal, just based on good grammar and tone. It is also valued based on how it is presented. Therefore, we encourage you to include bold fonts in your website design. If the text font is small and isn’t bold, your visitors will likely find it hard to go through the entirety of your content.

use bold font

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Soon, there will come a time when they become frustrated by your website design and move over to some other website. A lackluster texture font may increase bounce rate and lower online conversions. Therefore, you must prioritize readability while selecting your font type. You won’t have any luck with your customer base if you don’t make life easy for them.

4. Video Content

Nowadays, the top website designs also prioritize video content. The developers believe that website content shouldn’t just be limited to the written form. There should be an inclusion of images and videos to support what is written. For example, if you have created a podcast website, the videos will be one of your website's web design best practices. Reading the podcast is totally different from seeing the podcast through videos.

use video content

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Similarly, an adventure website will only be a classic if you share your experience of certain locations through your added vlogs. Strikingly enables you to add YouTube videos to your website. However, you must create a YouTube channel and publish your video on your YouTube channel before you think about adding it to your website. You cannot upload your video on a Strikingly website directly.

5. Split Screen

If you want to communicate multiple ideas on your website but don’t want to make your website, you should consider a split-screen. For those who don’t know, a split-screen is a website layout that enables you to convey more than one message of your website to the customers. A split-screen is classified as one of the web design best practices for business because it maintains engagement with the customers.

Moreover, the split-screen layout encourages visual flow and explains the theme of your website to the audience. The format of your website usually remains the same for both the desktop and mobile versions. Similarly, this layout enables you to disregard all the unnecessary or less important information on your website. Therefore, the most relevant content ideas appear on the split-screen layout.

6. Concentrate on an Individual Minor Aspect

In the guide to web design best practices, it is likely that you will come across Hick’s law? For those who don’t know what Hick’s law is, it gives an assessment that the scale and variety of options are directly proportional to the time taken to make a decision. It can be difficult to conceptualize your website design as a web developer when too many things are on the plate. The lack of uniqueness within your website design may also harm your brand identity. As a result, it is important to narrow your focus while building your website design.

Influence of Strikingly

Suppose you have an existing website or have already established a professional website on Strikingly. In that case, you can consider the web design best practices and improve your design and online business even further. Strikingly enables you to implement an effective website navigation system. Once you have created the best website design, you can include navigation elements on your landing page.

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We provide our users with a drag-and-drop feature, which allows users to add, modify, remove, or alternate elements in a specific website section. We also enable you to add a blog section as part of your website. You can now enjoy a smooth experience while writing your blogs. Strikingly enables you to add images, videos, and GIFs, and include other flexible formations to make your life easy. We also enable our users to include forms as part of their website. Through forms, you can get critical details about your visitors.


It was just a few decades ago when web designing was considered one of the hardest skills in the world. People thought that creating web designs were similar to climbing a mountain. However, with years passing by, the world of IT has made life easy for web developers worldwide. In 2022, things are so easy that you don’t even need an IT degree to create a web design.

To improve your online conversions, you must follow the web design best practices for business. By relying on Strikingly, you can make the most out of your online business. With the updates we have provided on Strikingly features, you can give yourself a chance to increase engagement with your visitors. If you have any troubles related to website development, you can contact our Happiness Officers today. So, create an ideal website design for your business and make your mark in the digital world.