Coming Soon Landing Page

Nowadays, the best form of digital marketing is when you get your point across related to your online business or project. Speaking of marketing, there is one forgotten promotional tactic in the digital world i.e. a coming soon landing page. A coming soon page isn’t just about informing the audience about your upcoming products but also creating hype. Many marketing people around the world do not take this landing page seriously.

Consequently, they cannot create an attractive website related to their eCommerce idea. If you start to use this promotional tactic to its full potential, it won’t be long before you see your desired results. These landing pages have proved beneficial to many business ideas. If you look at the examples of these landing pages on the internet, you will realize that they are used primarily for new product launches.

What is a Coming Soon Landing Page?

Sometimes, a coming soon page can also be classified as a “pre-launch” page. If you look at the best coming soon landing pages globally, they are used to promote new launches related to a business idea. Whether it is an entire business or a product line, these landing pages are associated with them. The templates related to this landing page are usually empty or incomplete if you look at the templates. Most developers make mistake using an incomplete landing page, which causes many problems for their business in the long term.

coming soon page

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These landing pages should create an urgency within your customers. They should provide anticipation within your people by providing minimal information about your upcoming product. Like a high-quality trailer creates hype about an upcoming movie, these landing pages create hype about upcoming products. It is totally up to the business owner to ensure that their eCommerce products live up to that hype. After giving minimal information, the rest of the process is nothing more than a domino effect of this action.

Ways to Use Coming Soon Landing Page

1. Creating a Brand Image

A coming soon landing page has a huge influence on your brand reputation. If you have an ideal landing page, your visitors frequently come to your website. It also helps you create a perfect brand image for your website. Even if your website is empty or incomplete, you don’t need to tell everything to your audience. It is just about finding how you can attract many audiences.

If the audience finds out that your website is generic or a carbon copy of some other website, they won’t think twice about leaving your website for good. Even if they find your website in a draft state, they would understand that your business idea isn’t substantial enough. Having poor preparation before launching your product is the last thing that you would want.

2. Building Your Audience

When you create a coming soon landing page, the best feature in this regard is the newsletter signup forms. Even if your website is incomplete or empty, people have the tendency to come to your website just for the sake of having an idea. As a business owner, you are responsible for not letting them down. You can send invitations to them through newsletters, which would keep them updated about your future product launches.

3. Building SEO Ranking.

When you go through numerous coming soon landing page examples on the internet, you will realize that almost all of them play a huge role in building the website's search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. If you have just established your landing page, you shouldn’t stop until you find your feet in the search engine rankings. Once you start getting recognized by Google and other search engines, you can feel that the dirty work is done.

Strikingly is an effective website builder when it comes to SEO strategies. Once you create a website on our platform, we believe in implementing SEO strategies to maximize your website’s potential. For this matter, we provide our web developers with an SEO checklist, which enables them to look at different parts of the website from an SEO perspective. This includes the website images and the content. If they upgrade on their subscription plans, they will see improved features in this regard.

Benefits of Coming Soon Landing Page

1. Quality First Impression

As there is a saying that the first impression is the last, you will see many best coming soon landing pages resembling this great quote. Even if your business idea is new in the market, your landing page will contain only a few words that would create the first impression in the eyes of your customers. If you have a question about what the first impression can be about, it can be related to your business or the product that you are promoting.

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If you build a website on Strikingly, we can guarantee to provide you with a handful of responsive website templates. Our mobile-friendly templates allow great reading for your website's mobile traffic. Gone are the days when you just have to prioritize the desktop traffic of a particular website. Considering that mobile users are increasing daily, you must give them equal importance.

2. Subscriptions

If you look at the coming soon landing page examples across the board, all of them play a part in email marketing. It helps you create an email list before your business finds its feet under the table. One thing that is so special about this email list is that it contains all the email addresses of those people who have trusted your business idea. You have to add a subscription button on your website landing page, and you are good to go.

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There are huge chances that whoever visits your website will just get the subscription rights because they would like to know about your business or the products you are promoting. As they have shared their email address with you, your sent emails will not be in their spam folder. The marketing emails that you send must be crisp and thorough.

3. Time Information

When you provide limited information on your coming soon landing page template, make sure that the date and time information are two of the constituents. Providing this information will make it easy for the customers to understand where they should be during the launching time. This will also mean huge chances for effective eCommerce sales on your website. By having a successful launch label and reputation, you will have the chance to attract further audiences.

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This reputation may also play a part in the advertisement of your successful new product or business idea. Usually, businesses use these landing pages for their new product launches as part of their integrated marketing strategy. They include timers and even use certain quotes to give their customers an idea about their upcoming product. This means that they conduct their promotions based on a particular website page or brand announcement. This creates hype about the entire launch event.

4. Google Ranking

As a website developer, you must create a coming soon landing page so that it is visited frequently. If your landing page is visited many times, it will make a strong case for your Google ranking. Once your website is launched, a high Google ranking will enable you to appear in the automatic form of advertisement.

strikingly google ranking

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Strikingly strongly believes that if you want to make a mark in the digital world, you must work hard on your Google ranking. Google ranking helps you to determine whether your website or landing page can be considered the finished article or not. As an SEO expert, you must ensure thorough keyword research. Keywords are phrases used in search engines to get information about a specific topic. It is not always good to use a commonly used keyword because it will be extremely competitive and difficult to rank.


If you don’t have an eCommerce website today, waste no time and build one on Strikingly. While creating a website, we will provide you with effective coming soon landing page templates to make your platform memorable. Even if your customers forget your website’s URL, your landing page will be good enough to bring them back to your website.

Strikingly will ensure that you add your content comprehensively on your website. It is not just about adding text to a website. It is also about making sure that it is visible for all the visitors landing on your website. It takes hardly a couple of hours for a web developer to add the entire content. Most importantly, Strikingly’s website editor is user-friendly and doesn’t make you feel stuck or puzzled in any technical stuff related to website development. If you have problems creating your website, you can contact our Happiness Officers, who are available 24/7 for your help.