Tips & Tricks to Effectively Boost Ecommerce Sales

If you are running an ecommerce website, your first goal would be to boost ecommerce sales. Although you can use several marketing tactics to promote the sales of your business, certain strategies you can apply specifically to your ecommerce site that work more effectively in boosting ecommerce sales than any other way.

Today we will talk about 10 ways to increase ecommerce sales.

10 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Whether you are doing an ecommerce business as a dropshipper, or making your own products to sell, these ways will help you boost ecommerce sales.

1. Choose a Fabulous Platform to Build Your Ecommerce Site

This goes without saying. Assuming that you have not yet built your ecommerce website, you can try out Strikingly.

Strikingly landing page screenshot showing a client's positive testimonial

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But even if you already have your website built on some other platform, make sure it is offering you all the features that you need. There are certain factors that you need to be careful about.

  • How much customization does the platform offer?
  • How many and how appealing are their web design templates?
  • What are their prices and are the packages really worth the price?
  • How is the quality of their customer support?

At Strikingly, we have a lot of website templates for an online store that you can choose from. Once you select a template, you can add your website content and launch your site in just a couple of hours. Our drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for our users to insert text and images, and get their web pages up and running in no time. From uploading product photos to setting prices, or from showcasing products to offering multiple payment gateway options, we have everything you need to run a simple ecommerce site and boost ecommerce sales.

2. Maintain a Proper Order Management System

The key to being able to deliver your orders successfully is to maintain a proper order management system. When you deliver all your orders on time, it creates a wonderful impression on your customers. When your customers are happy and satisfied, they will come back to buy from you. Having repeat customers is more cost-effective than having to invest time and money to get new customers. In other words, if you want to boost ecommerce sales, it is important not to disappoint your existing customers.

If there is any issue with an order and you cannot deliver it on time, it is better to inform the customer beforehand. You can only do that if you have an order management system in place.

If your website is built on Strikingly, you can use our feature to track orders. It allows you to view the date and status of every order you receive. If, for instance, you have an order that you cannot deliver on time due to lack of stock, its pending status will keep you alert to first inform the customer, and then arrange for the stock urgently.

Screenshot of Strikingly editor showing the order management page

Image taken from Strikingly

3. Promote Your Ecommerce Website on Social Media

The importance of social media marketing cannot be underestimated. Social media has become more influential for businesses to promote their products and websites than any other means of marketing. It is, therefore, also very powerful to boost ecommerce sales.

It is even quite easy to integrate a website with social media pages these days. For instance, if you build your site on Strikingly, you can add a contact section on your landing page, where you can insert social media handles that are linked to your social media pages. This way you can drive traffic back and forth to each of your marketing platforms.

Showing social media handles on a Strikingly user's website

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On the other hand, on your social media pages, you can insert your ecommerce site’s link, and regularly post updates about the products that are available on your site. This will give multiple channels for your audience to learn about your brand and the products you are selling. The best part is this will all work as organic marketing for boosting ecommerce sales, which means you wouldn’t have to spend any money to get the attention of all your social media followers by running paid ads.

4. Upload Excellent Quality Product Photographs

The quality of your product photos plays a crucial role in influencing the buying decision of your site visitors. When people shop online, they cannot touch or feel the product before they buy it and it is delivered to them. Therefore, their feelings or image about the product that they want to buy depends totally on the pictures that they see. Even if you take pictures of your products with your smartphone, make sure that the background is clear, the image is not blurry; the surroundings are neatly cropped, and the image resolution is reasonable.

Showing quality product photos on a Strikingly user's website selling different kinds of herbs

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Good quality product photos increase the chances of boosting ecommerce sales. A good idea is to upload snaps of your products in unique positions and from different angles. Take a separate photo in each of the colors and sizes. The more photos you show, the more your site visitors will be enticed. To boost ecommerce sales even further, write catchy product descriptions. Do not leave a chance for your customers to question your brand’s integrity by missing out on any important piece of information.

5. Provide Good Presale and Post Sale Customer Service

If you provide exemplary customer service, it will help you boost ecommerce sales in multiple ways. When your customers are happy with the service they get, they will not only come back to buy more from you but also tell their friends and peers about your ecommerce site. This word-of-mouth marketing that they do can go a long way in boosting ecommerce sales for you.

For an ecommerce business to run successfully, you constantly need an influx of new people hearing about your website and visiting it to check out your products. This can only happen if your existing customers go around spreading the word about your site. That’s why providing good customer service is extremely critical.

Customer service can be offered through multiple channels. For instance, Strikingly users use our live chat feature to allow their customers to contact them anytime by simply typing in a message or query into the chat window.

6. Offer Multiple Ways to Customers to Make Payments

This is again critical because your customers need to see options for ways in which they can pay when they shop online. Different people are more comfortable with different payment methods. To boost ecommerce sales, you need to make sure that you have every method available that you know is preferred by your target customers.

At Strikingly, we allow our users to select from a range of payment gateways. Websites built on our platform can be integrated with Paypal, Stripe and a couple of other popular payment methods. We also allow our users to accept credit card payments on their ecommerce site, which helps them to increase ecommerce sales.

Screenshot showing selection of payment gateways in Strikingly edito

Image taken from Strikingly

7. Produce Good Quality Website Content

Besides your product photos and product descriptions, the content on your ecommerce landing page should also inspire and be influential. You can hire professional copywriters or web content creators to do this job for you. Use a balanced combination of text, images and embedded videos on your site. Great website content can go a long way to boost ecommerce sales.

8. Enhance Your Website’s Search Rankings

If you want to know how to increase ecommerce sales in a single powerful way, then just learn how to enhance your website’s search rankings. In this digital age, whenever someone hears about your brand, the first thing they will do is search for it on Google. If your website does not show on the first page of search results, people cannot find it. We all know that nobody bothers to look at the second page of search results. So if your ecommerce website’s SEO is not good enough, it will not be discoverable.

It is important to work on the on-site and off-site SEO in order to boost ecommerce sales effectively. Some actions you can take for this are as follows.

  • Write a precise and catchy site description.
  • Use meta tags and keywords in all your headings and on all web pages.
  • Do guest posting to get backlinks to your site.
  • Link your website with your social media pages.
  • Product great content and update it regularly.
  • Use marketing and explainer videos to promote your ecommerce store.

9. Take Customer Feedback Seriously

When customers leave a product review or write a testimonial for your brand, you need to take it seriously so that you can identify points of improvement that will help you in further boosting ecommerce sales. Customers usually give honest feedback on ecommerce websites, and it is based on their shopping experience from the site. Using it constructively can be beneficial to increase ecommerce sales.

10. Set Your Prices Competitively

Your pricing strategies also play a major role in determining how many sales you make. Your prices need to be competitive, but at the same time, enabling you to earn a good profit margin on each sale.

To summarize, when you have products in ecommerce for sale, there are many strategies that you can adopt to boost those sales. By combining the use of a good website builder and creative marketing tactics, you can really boost ecommerce sales and generate as much, or even more, revenue through an ecommerce website that you can from a large retail outlet.